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MHC EngageCX

Automate Your Way to Easier Document Control

Easier Document Control

Your company needs to communicate with customers at scale (not to mention suppliers, vendors and stakeholders). The day-in, day-out creation and distribution of clear, accurate documents is an ever present challenge.

Stop reinventing the wheel with each document, and start building automated workflows that make interactions easier, quicker, and more effective.

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MHC EngageCX Delivers a Better Experience,
from One Place

At MHC, we know that end users demand 100% delivery of documents, at the click of a button. No unresolved issues. No open tickets. Introducing EngageCX – our CCM and automated communications platform. EngageCX plugs directly into existing systems, giving you an easier way to:

Create Flexible, Automated Workflows

Critical document processes may have complex steps, with thousands of potential variables to integrate into each workflow. Across all of your core functions. Enter EngageCX. Our drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for anyone to create and manage dynamic workflows, for on-demand or batch communications.

Distribute Documents with Ease

Whether a document needs to be shared by email, SMS, print and more, you can build your choice of distribution right into your automated workflow.

Live Previews

Edit with Live Previews

Our side-by-side editing functionality allows teams to see changes as they make them, reducing the need for screen switching.

Make Better Use of Data

Our low-cost, low-weight data modeling solution aggregates data directly from multiple sources, ready for teams to use in the publisher tool. Moreover, EngageCX can do the heavy lifting before importing data back into your systems – enriching core processes without impacting your own storage.

Forget It

Set It & Forget It

Authorized users across the business enjoy the freedom to create documents and set workflows, while the enterprise retains strict control of everything needed for ease of auditing.

Future Proof

Future Proof Your Solution

The EngageCX platform scales with you. Users work autonomously from the same infrastructure, immediately – so you’ll benefit from a fast ROI. As you grow, customized components move forwards with you. EngageCX also brings smart documents functionality for companies looking to edge ahead in the CCM space.


MHC EngageCX Guide

Find out how MHC solutions build compelling and engaging experiences, and put customers front-and-center in your communication strategy.
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Our Goal is Your Autonomy

At MHC we believe that an educated customer is a good customer. We design flexible, intuitive solutions that integrate with native systems, so you can manage and control critical processes your way.

EngageCX offers full functionality from day one, backed by flexible training and the level of  support that suits your organization.

Our platform enables teams at enterprises of any size to:

Create Illustration


Need to create a customized document, fast? No extra graphic design or developer resources on hand? The Create functionality is the foundation of EngageCX, enabling anybody in the organization to build professional and configurable templates. Think of it as your publishing engine, assimilating data and transforming it into branded documents that customers love.


Your organization needs to communicate with customers and stakeholders all over the world. With EngageCX, you can speak to each recipient as a valued individual. Our single, centralized solution handles updates and changes across departments and regions, and supports 20+ outputs. Using the Converse element of our platform, you’ll be able to interact with everyone you need to, with confidence.

Converse Illustration
Experince Illustration


When you invest in customized content, you want to know how your communications are landing. It’s time to listen. Experience is your CX tool, tracking customer behaviour at key touchpoints throughout their journey. You’ll identify what’s working (and what isn’t) and remember preferences for future interactions, building trust and loyalty.

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