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Create Better Documents

Automate Your Way to Easier Document Control

Your company needs to communicate with customers at scale (not to mention suppliers, vendors, and stakeholders). The day-in, day-out creation and distribution of clear, accurate documents is an ever-present challenge – especially when your content needs are varied and complex.

Enter MHC EngageCX, the platform that grows with you. Built in-house and refined over two decades, our all-in-one solution has evolved to support a range of functionalities while retaining the safety, agility and reliability our customers depend on.

Stop reinventing the wheel with each document, and start building automated workflows that make interactions easier, quicker, and more effective.

Maximize Every Interaction with MHC EngageCX

The MHC EngageCX platform comprises three component parts, each of which delivers a key function, enabling teams at enterprises of any size to:

Create Illustration


Need to create a customized document, fast? No extra graphic design or developer resources on hand? The Create component is the foundation of MHC EngageCX, enabling anybody in the organization to build professional and configurable templates. Think of it as your publishing engine, assimilating data and transforming it into branded documents that users love.


Your organization needs to communicate with customers and stakeholders all over the world. With MHC EngageCX, you can speak to each recipient as a valued individual. Our single, centralized solution handles updates and changes across departments and regions and supports 20+ outputs. Using our platform, you’ll be able to interact with everyone you need to, with confidence.

Converse Illustration
Experince Illustration


When you invest in customized content, you want to know how your communications are landing. It’s time to listen. Experience is the CX function of MHC EngageCX, tracking user behavior at key touchpoints throughout their journey. You’ll identify what’s working (and what isn’t) and remember preferences for future interactions, building trust and loyalty.

Aspire Names MHC a Leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Aspire Leaderboard Names MHC a Leader in CCM

MHC EngageCX by Feature

At MHC, we know that end users demand 100% delivery of documents, at the click of a button. No unresolved issues. No open tickets. Introducing MHC EngageCX – our CCM and automated communications platform. It plugs directly into existing systems, with a multitude of features broken down here by their impact on Documents, CX and your Platform experience.

CC Features

Set It &
Forget It

With MHC EngageCX, authorized users across the business enjoy the freedom to create documents and set workflows, while the enterprise retains strict control of everything needed for ease of auditing.

Make Better Use of Data

Need to process several types of data from multiple sources? You’ll love our data integration component: it pulls info from wherever it lives (the cloud, databases, xml, websites and more) to create a golden data source. Moreover, it correlates this data across the enterprise with no custom code or third-part solution required. (Not to brag, but it’s not even a special feature – it’s standard MHC EngageCX capability.)

Create Flexible, Automated Workflows

Critical document processes may have complex steps, with thousands of potential variables to integrate into each workflow. Across all your core functions. Our drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy for anyone to create and manage dynamic workflows, for on-demand or batch communications.

Omnichannel Communications Icon

Omnichannel Communications

The importance of omnichannel communications can’t be overstated in this modern landscape. Give your customers a well-rounded experience with your company utilizing MHC EngageCX and enable your customers to decide how they interact with you – be it print or electronic delivery. Our technology offers your customer in-the-moment optimization of their interactive communications, regardless of their preferred device.

Future Proof

Future Proof Your Solution

The MHC EngageCX platform scales with you. Users work autonomously from the same infrastructure, immediately – so you’ll benefit from a fast ROI. As you grow, customized components move forwards with you.


Stand out from the competition with documents that deliver a powerful interactive experience. Think bills, invoices and statements that are responsive, interactive and can even include targeted promotional information. We’re proudly leading the way in smart documents, enabling our customers to edge ahead in the CCM space. Are you ready to level up your customer-facing documents?

Customer Engagement Monitoring Icon

Customer Engagement Monitoring

Your company must know how your customers are interacting with your communications to obtain full awareness of their experience through the customer journey. MHC EngageCX provides this through the ability to track how customers engage with your communications via user-friendly engagement dashboards – giving customer service agents the ability to see what works and what can stand to be modified. MHC EngageCX gives you the full picture of how your customers see your company.

Customer Analytics

The creation of a customer journey map is essential to understanding the experience of your customers, but even more crucial is the ability to gauge the success of that exercise. MHC EngageCX gives you the tools to evaluate the overall picture at-a-glance  – with executive dashboards containing custom analytics and the ability to ascertain trends, in both your population of core customers and the market at large. Gain forward momentum with this vital information, leveraging it to enhance the effectiveness of campaigns and to ensure a greater impact in your customer communications.

Forget It

Upgrade Your Customer Journey Mapping

Some providers simply map what happens along the customer journey and where. While our competitors track the basics, MHC EngageCX customer journey mapping enables execution, sparking meaningful engagements at critical touchpoints. Leverage our in-depth reporting (via a beautifully simple, configurable dashboard) to identify and resolve points of friction – and build superior engagement.

Live Previews

Edit with Live Previews

Side-by-side editing functionality within our visual designer allows teams to see changes as they make them, reducing the need for screen switching.

Omnichannel Communications Icon

Distribute Documents with Ease

In a world where consumers switch fluidly between channels, meeting them with omnichannel communications is a must. MHC EngageCX is adaptable, so whether a document needs to be shared online or offline, via email, SMS or print, you can deliver it to any channel from a single template. Goodbye third-party software, hello omnichannel autonomy.

Create Documents of Any Size or Complexity

While competitors handle simple documents like letter and invoices, with MHC EngageCX you can create print-ready, magazine-quality documents with pages in the hundreds. You’ll also be able to produce documents that feature a diverse range of elements – including the highly complex sort. Hundred-page tables? No problem.

Forget It

Manage Templates Simply

Our integrated template management solution makes it easy to render a single document in any format and deliver it by the desired medium. No more template chaos. No more burdening IT departments with new template creation for each feature (think translations or local customizations). With MHC EngageCX, you can manage and build any communication yourself, in the same template.

Live Previews

Maintain Consistency Across Communications

Create reliably consistent documents with the reusable components feature of MHC Engage CX. You can create reusable content fragments (or common elements like headers and footers) to use time and again, with confidence that updates will be applied to every communication necessary.


MHC EngageCX Guide

Find out how MHC solutions build compelling and engaging experiences, and put customers front-and-center in your communication strategy.
MHC EngageCX Whitepaper Cover

Master All Your Production Needs

We understand that you need to produce different types of correspondence at scale and often in a limited time frame. Let us help you create the personalized communications that represent your business to the people that matter.

Batch Communications

Producing large volumes of transactional documents such as statements or invoices is a complex enough challenge. Add the pressing time frames and volumes of end of year tax documents, say, and it’s little wonder companies struggle to create crisp, clear and consistent outputs. MHC EngageCX batch communications enables you to treat each customer (within millions) as an individual via their preferred communication channel. So you deliver a superior customer experience and company costs are reduced. What’s not to love?

On-Demand Document Production

As business processes and customer needs change at pace, many companies want a more agile way to produce documents outside of fixed schedules. On-demand (real-time) communications let you deliver flawless documents to order, as part of a best-in-class CCM solution. Customers get their updated document at the touch of a button, delivered via their channel (or channels) of choice.

Interactive Documents

We can help you create interactive documents with a variety of elements. Think PDFs with clickable elements like buttons, hyperlinks and ads. Users select elements of the PDF to trigger a personalized view of the information they need. Meanwhile, our self-service component makes form-filling a breeze – generating multiple auto-populated documents from customers’ information. Transcend the limitations of static documents and deliver a truly engaging user experience across channels and devices.

Our Goal is Your Autonomy

At MHC we believe that an educated customer is a good customer. We design flexible, intuitive solutions that integrate with native systems, so you can manage and control critical processes your way.

We work very closely with our customers, and we’re proud to offer them four distinct perks:


We educate customers thoroughly in how to get exactly what they need from the EngageCX platform.

It’s not just our platform that is superior. Our support is too. We deliver a 24/7 white-glove service that promises to meet your needs by season and by volume, however complex they may be.

Following from the above, we promise to support all our customers with specific needs relating to volume, complexity, throughput, sector-specific issues or anything else.

While other companies react to change by adding functionality or managing fixes as they happen, at MHC we proactively predict what our customers need in a fast-moving content ecosystem. Then we provide the advanced technology that will give them more autonomy and better experiences in their workday.

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