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Turn a document – any document – into something that means so much more to your customers.

Create Quality Documents Quickly

Got customers? If your answer is “yes,” then your business is in the business of creating and distributing documents to your customers. From paperwork and PDFs to emails and Excel spreadsheets, documents must be created that are clean, clear, and capable of educating and supporting your customers and how they interact with your business.

Are you great at creating documents from scratch? If your answer is “no,” you’re not alone. And you are why MHC offers EngageCX for easier and effective document creation.    

Explore the MHC EngageCX Modules

MHC EngageCX Functionalities

Send your communications to the masses or craft one-off, personalized communications that are generated from data already within your business systems or captured from an on-line form.

Document Print & Distribution Solutions

Stop reinventing the wheel and start designing and building comprehensive communication workflows you can use and reuse for effective customer engagement.

Capture your customer’s attention by personalizing each communication with their name, their language, their preferred channel (print or electronic) and even the tone of voice that they respond to best.

Listen to what your customers are telling you through how they interact with every touchpoint your business provides. Learn which methods and communications work better than others and optimize accordingly.

Use the full spectrum of communication channels your customers prefer today—email, SMS, social media, messaging apps, PDFs, images, video, fax—to create and track multiple touchpoints for maximum impact.

Make the creation process more streamlined through a system of easy template creation, template management, data integration, document rendering, and automated distribution to recipients.

Produce documents that do more than empower customer interaction: they offer interactive data analytics as touchpoints are tracked to provide deeper information and insights through a single document rather than multiple attachments.


CCM Buyer’s Guide

Find out how MHC solutions build compelling and engaging experiences,
and put customers front-and-center in your communication strategy.

Make MHC EngageCX Work for You

By using EngageCX to generate documents, you can do so much more than ever before to connect with your customers. With the Create, Converse, and Experience modules of MHC EngageCX, your business documents take on new life, new purpose, and new results.


When you don’t have a graphic designer or additional resources dedicated to document creation, you may wind up settling for standard or even substandard quality for your customer communications. With Create, any person in your business is capable of quickly transforming any content into a customized document that’s ready to wow your customers. Create is the perfect tool for enterprise teams of any size to help them:

Build and use Create’s configurable templates with your business branding that can assimilate information from multiple sources.

Use Create’s digital assembly capabilities to bring several documents into one that conveys everything your customer needs and nothing they don’t.

Integrate Create with your existing apps using standard APIs that make it easy to sync up systems.


When your customers and stakeholders are from all over the world, you want to deliver customized communications wherever possible to help them feel connected from afar. And, as you prepare and deliver those communications across so many teams, departments, and boundaries, using a single, centralized solution can be crucial when sweeping updates or changes need to be made. Using Converse, every communication you send out can feel like it was custom-made for every single recipient by allowing you to:

Remember individual customer preferences that Converse automatically applies to each recipient’s messaging, right down to language and even tone.

Deliver messaging via the mediums each individual customer prefers through Converse’s omnichannel capabilities.

Track every single touchpoint with customers to maintain visibility on when they interact with you and in what way.

Work with both digital and remote printing systems when you need to ensure documents are delivered in the appropriate format.


As you put for the effort to really wow your customers with your documents and customized communications, your next need is to learn if their reaction really is “Wow!” Just like with any good conversation, listening is just as important (if not more so) than talking, and the Experience module of MHC EngageCX ensures that you are all ears when it comes to your customer experience.

Use Experience for the customer engagement aspect of CX to:

Orchestrate every step of the customer journey for your business, coordinating every layer and touchpoint into a cohesive matrix.

Use actual data, rather than assumptions or guessing, to learn what your customer is telling you they want from your business.

Track your customers down to single interactions, such as with interactive documents that record heat maps and every unique click.

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