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Spend too much time handling documents and want to provide digital access to employees, vendors, members or other external audiences?

Enable Your Team and Audience

MHC Document Self-Service enables human resources, payroll, accounts payable and other administrative professionals to process and deliver user-specific documents and content electronically to the user audiences they support. MHC’s automated delivery reduces print and distribution costs, satisfies complex document and compliance requirements and empowers employees, vendors and other users to manage their information. Imagine the power unleashed when audiences can access their own documents when they need them.

Key Features of MHC Document Self-Service

Increase Productivity​

Give employees, vendors and other users online access to their documents with just a few easy clicks of a button. Spend less of your valuable time printing, reprinting and distributing documents and content of all types.

Robust Compliance​

Document Self-Service meets or exceeds compliance with IRS , United States state, and Canada Revenue Agency regulations. A full audit of all employee and administrative actions is available in the click of a button.

Automated Email Notifications​

Email notifications are sent to opted-in employees, vendors and other users automatically.

Engage Inactive Employees

As employees move through the lifecycle with an employer, one thing that is consistent is their desire for flexible solutions. Deliver content online to active employees as well as those on leave, working offsite or those who have been terminated or retired – no need to track down and maintain their physical addresses.

Secure Online Access​

Secure online document retrieval and delivery methods for active and inactive employees, as well as external audiences, such as vendors and members.

Reduce Costs With Online Delivery

Eliminate costs associated with printing, reprinting and distributing employee documents, including forms, check stock, printer toner, envelopes, postage, and paper document storage fees.

Streamlined Access to Employee, Vendor & Supplier Content



MHC Buyer’s Guide

Find out how MHC solutions can help your business accelerate automation. 

How MHC Document Self-Service
Optimizes Organizations

Employee documents

Waste too much time and money managing and delivering employee documents? Eliminate the hassle and cost of paper document distribution: deliver employee-specific documents electronically for online document retrieval.

Common uses:

  • Total rewards statements
  • Benefit statements
  • Annual compensation forms
  • Wage change notices
  • Employment contracts
  • Personalized communications
  • Retirement statements
  • and more!

Key features:

  • Deliver documents via an extension to your employee portal, standalone website and/or email
  • Differentiate document delivery and viewing based on your business rules
  • Alert employees when documents are available for viewing and printing with automatic emails
  • Allow employees to opt in or opt out of electronic document delivery
  • Include disclosure statements to effectively communicate with your employees

Vendor documents

Provide vendors and suppliers digital access via MHC Vendor Document Self-Service, which allows for greater visibility into your vendor management process, while reducing print – saving both time and money.

Vendor Document Self-Service can be used to manage:

  • 1099s
  • AP payments/remittances
  • purchase orders
  • and other related documents.

Another solution our customers opt for to expedite vendor data management, along with Vendor Self-Service, is our web forms product.


Payroll documents

Reduce the time and money you spend printing and distributing payroll documents. Improve payroll efficiency and productivity with online pay stub delivery. MHC Document Self-Service offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to inefficient and time-consuming paper-based pay stub printing and distribution.

Key Features:

  • Secure delivery of password-protected PDFs via email and/or online via a web portal
  • Automatic emails alerting employees when online pay stubs are available for viewing and printing
  • Compliance with state labor laws for electronic delivery of pay stubs online and/or via email
  • Added disclosure statements on payroll documents to effectively communicate with employees
  • Past pay stub viewing to eliminate time spent handling reprint requests

Faced with complex payroll requirements your ERP does not handle? Let us help you meet them with ease:

  • Create detailed reordered pay codes, deductions and hours
  • Segregate pre- and post-tax deductions
  • Suppress unwanted pay codes
  • Eliminate payroll questions by providing more descriptive, reformatted pay advices


Tax documents

Bogged down with calls asking for reprints of last year’s tax documents? MHC Document Self-Service supports web delivery of a variety of tax forms, including W-2s and W-2cs, 1095-Cs, 1098-Ts and Canadian T4 and T4As, for easy online document retrieval. Employees opted-in to electronic tax delivery can view both current and prior tax forms online via an intuitive web and mobile-friendly user interface.

Complies with all IRS regulations for delivery of electronic W-2s and 1095-Cs:

  • Authorization and revocation of consent
  • Mandatory IRS-compliant notices to employees
  • Full audit trail of all activities (visible only to authorized administrative users)

Save on tax document delivery costs:

  • Studies suggest it costs an organization $2.00 on average to print and mail an original W-2 document – electronic tax document delivery is a fraction of the cost!
  • Give employees the option to securely send W-2 information to Intuit’s TurboTax to ease their tax preparation and increase their participation in employee self-service offerings

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