Best-in-class Document and Transaction Output

MHC Document Express is our longest-standing product offering, known and loved by customers across the globe.

Unlimited Capabilities for Distributing Information

MHC Document Express enables teams to easily configure and deliver content to meet the exacting specifications each organization demands.

How MHC Document Express Works

Customized Documents

Document customization made easy. Ever wish you had control over the look of documents produced out of your business system? MHC Document Express lets you create legible business-facing documents to enable clearer communication – and less confusion – with customers, vendors, employees, any audience.

Positive Pay & Payment Plus Integration

Tired of paper documents being lost, stalled or misrouted? MHC offers an optional component to MHC Image Express, called MHC Image Express Workflow, that provides flexible and easy-to-use routing and approval functionality. Resources throughout the organization benefit from increased visibility and empowered decision making.

Secure Remote Print

Does your organization require centralized control of decentralized check or sensitive document printing? MHC Software’s Document Self-Service Secure Remote Print functionality allows administrators to control sensitive and negotiable document printing (such as AP checks and payroll checks) at remote locations. Eliminate cumbersome coordination and costly delivery!

Electronic Payments

Planning to add or increase electronic payments? Making payments electronically saves time and money and allows organizations to hold cash longer. However, migrating from paper to electronic payments can be challenging. With MHC Document Express, you can match bank file format requirements effortlessly, keep your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system standard and combine payments to increase savings.

Electronic Remittance Advices

Close the electronic payment efficiency gap. Electronic payments increase productivity, but migrating vendors from paper-based payments to electronic payments is not always easy. Non-EDI vendors are more inclined to adopt electronic payments when they can instantly view remittance advices delivered to them via email or online via self-service website. The result? Reduced vendor calls and increased automation.

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How Document Express Can Help
Automate Routine Tasks


Looking for an easier way to pay vendors and manage payments?

MHC Document Express automatically interfaces with your ERP system to collect data and convert it into legible business-facing documents (such as AP checks and 1099s) or secure financial transactions. The software then distributes the output electronically or to a fax server or printer.

Enjoy the convenience of effective communication:

  • Leverage electronic payment options – Save paper, mailing costs and time with MHC Software’s standardized transmissions to banks
  • Manage many bank accounts easily – MHC Software’s master account management functionality allows you to manage the details of all of your financial institutions in one place
  • Communicate clearly with your vendors and internal resources – Whether you want to replace a complex and unpredictable AP check printing process or want to increase payment automation, MHC Software offers solutions to make life easier for AP organizations


Looking for a more efficient way to create and manage payroll documents?

MHC Document Express automatically interfaces with your payroll system to collect data and convert it into legible employee-specific documents, such as pay stubs, W-2s, compensation statements, wage theft notices and more. Manage ever-changing compliance regulations with a flexible solution that can change quickly.

Communicate shift differentials and pay rates clearly with document customization features. Then send documents to the printer if needed or better yet, send them to employees electronically using MHC Document Self-Service.

TAX DOCUMENTS: W-2s, 1095-Cs, 1099s, T4s and more

Looking to eliminate end-of-year tax document stress?

Let us help you get your work done faster and reduce your tax document processing stress. MHC Document Express interfaces directly with your ERP system data to quickly generate W-2s, 1095-Cs, 1099s, 1098-Ts, Canadian T4s and 20 other tax documents.

Key features:

  • Enables authorized administrators to access documents easily via filtering and querying functionality with the ability to reprint documents at any time
  • Ensures perfect form and data alignment when printed on forms ordered from our authorized forms providers
  • Handles tax form corrections as easily as creating the original

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See MHC in Action!

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