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MHC Document Express is our original product offering, helping organizations across the globe to become more efficient.
MHC Document Express

Maximize the Power of Information


MHC Document Express transforms a tangle of information into branded content that your business can be proud to distribute.

What MHC Document Express Does

MHC Document Express automatically transforms information into customizable documents or transactions. Customers can opt to use MHC Document Express alongside MHC Image Express, imaging documents for storage and easy retrieval. Here’s a small handful of ways Document Express can turn information into clear, actionable processes:

Customized Documents

MHC Document Express lets you create branded, ready-to-distribute documents, enabling clear communication with customers, vendors, employees – any audience.

Electronic Payments

MHC Document Express automatically customizes electronic payment transactions like AP checks to individual bank requirements, and distributes them via a secure FAP. All straight from your ERP. 

Automated Document Distribution

With MHC Document Express, documents such as remittance advices are automatically delivered to payees or employees, via email or self-service. Productivity increases as time-consuming queries are minimized.

Remote Print

Remote printing of AP checks (and other sensitive and/or negotiable documents) can be costly and tricky to coordinate. MHC’s remote print solution features user authentication, data encryption and secure release methods, enabling administrators to print sensitive information, wherever they are. 

Financial Transactions

With MHC Document Express, you can match bank file format requirements effortlessly, keep your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system standard, and combine payments to increase savings.


MHC Document Express Guide

Find out how MHC DE can help your business accelerate automation. 

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How Document Express Can Help
Automate Routine Tasks


Looking for an easier way to pay vendors and manage payments?

MHC Document Express automatically interfaces with your ERP system to collect data and convert it into legible, business-facing documents (think AP checks, purchase orders and 1099s), or secure financial transactions. The software then distributes the output electronically, as needed.

Enjoy the convenience of effective communication:

  • Leverage electronic bank payments, saving paper, mailing costs and time.
  • Manage multiple accounts easily from one place.
  • From AP check printing to increased payment automation – communicate more clearly with internal and external audiences.


Looking for a more efficient way to create and manage payroll documents?

MHC Document Express automatically interfaces with your payroll system to convert data into customizable, employee-specific documents. 

  • Pay stubs, W-2s, checks and more can be sent for printing if needed, or better yet, sent to employees electronically for self-service. 
  • Descriptive documents mean fewer queries for payroll to field.


Looking to eliminate end-of-year tax document stress?

MHC Document Express automates your front-end tax document processing. Interfacing directly with ERP system data, it generates W-2s, 1095-Cs, 1099s, Canadian T4s and 20 other tax documents.

Key features:

  • Enables authorized users to access and reprint documents, at any time.
  • Ensures perfect alignment when printed on forms ordered from our authorized forms providers.
  • Handles corrections as easily as creating original tax forms.

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