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Automate Your Way to Greater Profitability with MHC BDA

Minimize your chance of errors and fraud. Maximize your profitability. MHC BDA is the solution to your invoice, inventory and auditing needs.

Your Invoice Issues End Here

Your invoice issues end here

Whether your business has to deal with a handful of paper invoices or gigabytes of digital files, one thing’s for sure: you want to make sure you can track and pay every single one. The problem is, many businesses still use manual processing to manage it all – increasing their chance of error, delays and even susceptibility to fraud.

What if you could automate end-to-end invoice management, and enjoy the benefits of consistent reporting and predictable financial results?

MHC BDA Offers a Better Way

For decades, MHC has been helping businesses master their AP Invoice Automation, and investing in technology to handle their paperwork. If that’s something you need, MHC BDA gives you a better way to:

Capture All Your Invoices

If you’re processing invoices in multiple formats, we feel your pain. We know that one out of every 10 invoices can have mistakes that impact up to 25% of the cost they’re billing. BDA AP Invoice Automation steps in to take this entire process over from your team members. It extracts the data from every page of every invoice and presents it in concise workflows, ready for teams to action.  

Capture all your invoices
Process and standardize the data

Process and Standardize the Data

Your organization has accuracy and governance standards for a reason. But humans are…human. We all make mistakes. MHC’s BDA technology applies your company’s governance and formatting, enabling you to audit every character in 100% of your invoices (on average only 15% of invoices are audited before payment). Transform your people’s lives – and free them to concentrate on high-value work.

Integrate Automated Invoice Processing into Your Business

You can transform your processes without overhauling your systems. The beauty of MHC’s BDA AP Invoice Automation is that it can seamlessly be added into the mix of your existing workflows and systems. Whatever ERP your enterprise uses, incorporating the powerhouse of BDA is so simple that no technical IT knowledge is needed. So you can start making automated invoice processing work for your business today.

Integrate automated invoice

Your Invoices. Your Way.

Invoices come in all shapes, sizes, and formats. Tariffs change, and inventory is always moving. But with MHC BDA, you get peace of mind knowing you’re on top of it all.

Any and all invoice types – 3,000 formats, and more being added

You set the rules – around geo-coding, auditing and more

Custom workflows – for approval routing that fits your unique business

Automated exception handling – to cut manual work except where it’s needed

Inventory and tariff checking – giving you confidence in your numbers

Ultimately, you get the benefit of significant cost savings, consistent reporting, and greater control of your corporate governance.

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