When your business invoices are reams of paper rather than single pages, you need something a bit bigger to handle them. Enter BDA AP Invoice Automation by MHC.

AP Automation for Large-Volume Invoices

Your Unique Invoices Need a Unique Solution

Invoices come in all shapes and sizes, and in most industries we’re used to seeing a single-page invoice or even ones that are a few pages long. What would happen if we suddenly received a full ream of paper that comprised a single invoice?

Large-volume invoices are every-day life for certain industries. Telecom, satellite, utilities, rentals, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), and UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) are great examples of businesses that must manage mountainous volumes of paperwork due to the nature of the services they provide.

Line items are lengthy, page numbers get into the double- or triple-digits, and all of that data must be captured and processed accurately. And many companies are still using manual labor, manual data entry, and manual quality checking to stay on top of these complex invoices.

How BDA AP Automation Benefits Your Invoice Processing

Thanks to technology and MHC’s innovations in AP processing, there’s a solution ready and waiting to help make mass volumes of invoices more manageable and less likely to be full of errors or, worse, susceptible to fraud. Take a look at how BDA AP Invoice Automation by MHC comes to the rescue of your unique business.

Capture Complex Invoices

When the volume of your company’s invoices is far greater than other industries and businesses, tracking all inbound documents feels like an insurmountable task. Yet it must be done, and often the work is managed through manual efforts. This approach unfortunately leaves much room for error: invoices may be lost or misplaced, another company’s formatting may cause crucial data to get missed during intake, and one out of every 10 invoices may have mistakes which impact up to 25% of the cost they’re billing. BDA AP Invoice Automation steps in to take this entire process over from your team members to ensure every single page of every single invoice, wherever it’s coming from, is scanned and the data they bring is accurately extracted and put where it belongs for your business to resolve.


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Process All of That Paperwork Accurately

Invoices come in and go out, and every single one must adhere to your business standards for accuracy and governance. Rather than attempting to accomplish this manually, automated invoice processing using MHC’s BDA technology transforms every high-volume invoice by applying your company’s governance and formatting. As for accuracy, with only 15% of invoices on average being audited before payment, you can get to 100% as automation technology reviews every single character before a payment is issued. You’ll find that shifting these cumbersome tasks to automation frees up your employees and their skills for more strategic and business-building projects. Employee morale will also get a boost once they can give their eyes a rest from combing through pages of line items.

Integrate Invoice Processing into Your Systems

Using a tool that actually works doesn’t have to mean major upheaval from what your teams are already used to working with. The beauty of MHC’s BDA AP Invoice Automation is that it can seamlessly be added into the mix of your existing workflows and systems. Whatever ERP your enterprise uses, incorporating the powerhouse of BDA automated invoice processing is so simple to bring into your business that no technical IT knowledge is needed to make it start working for your invoicing today.

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