Inspection and Work Order Processing Application Services

Seamlessly manage work orders, inspections, and jobs with eMobile from MHC Automation.

Why Choose eMobile?

Adding a separate work order processing application to your existing services, apps, interfaces and customer portals can be daunting and confusing — especially for the technicians who are out performing inspections and trying to complete those work orders. Keep things simple and secure withMHC eMobile.

We provide a complete work order processing application designed to meet your needs, whether you perform inspections and audits or do a full repair and restock through field service teams. Dispatchers in any service industry can see work orders and automatically or manually route them to the most appropriate person to complete tasks on-time and efficiently.

When you’ve got a job with a specific requirement, like a home inspection or something that needs an electrician’s expertise, we’ll empower your team to send the job to the right person. Field service technicians and other users can look through your inventory and ID parts and equipment they need to fix the problem, pulling them from the truck and fixing the job or putting in an inventory request.

Our eMobile platform also supports full picture capture so you can monitor and measure the initial problem, the work progress and final resolution with room to add comments and notes. Tell the customer what you did and record the warranty timeline so your marketing also knows when to follow-up and to mention your stellar job with that last repair or service. eMobile can also dispatch preventative and scheduled maintenance jobs based on the assets schedule.

Work Order Processing & Documentation App

Every job your team performs requires a variety of checks and verifications along the way to completion. You’ll need to review the work order and have the right inventory on-hand before going to the job site. Then, you want to document the problem with photos to show proof of damage or misuse, especially if you’re performing warranty services. As the work progresses, you need an uncomplicated way to record the most important parts of any maintenance, inspection or other work order:









To help you meet these and many other tasks for your field jobs, our work order processing application includes a variety of modules designed to meet individual needs and collection requirements. The best news is that we work hard to automate as many services as possible so you don’t need to do direct user data entry in most cases — for example, technicians can easily scan barcodes into the system, rather than recording them manually. Here are just a few of our most popular features for keeping your work orders flowing and your customers happy:

Unlimited Picture Support

Capture photos on your mobiles through the eMobile app and add an unlimited number of pictures to each task or customer file.

Annotate Any Picture

Don’t just snap a photo. Add a note to it or draw arrows right on it with our built-in editing and comment tools.

Simple Fields And Forms

eMobile portal allows you to easily use a variety of pre-made forms or customize them for your own It’s simple to add or delete fields and associate required actions with no fields, all with no programming skills needed.

Admin-Free Reporting

Generate reports from activity as soon as it happens, meaning your admin staff doesn’t need to manually move reports to clients or record them in your own


From forms and photos to completed reports, everyone with the right permission can see data, activity and more as soon as it is generated within the system.

Less Manual
Data Entry

Reduce errors and time to complete tasks by automating as many processes as possible with digital forms and photo capture, barcode scanning and even signature capture.

Optimize Your Field Service Operations

Most of our customers realize a positive ROI within 6 to 18 months, depending on the size of their field team. And if you factor in our digital breadcrumbing — allowing managers to track employees and monitor productivity — you can achieve that positive return even faster.

MHC’s eMobile is designed to make your field operations run smoothly and reduce the likelihood of operator error — both in the field and back in your central office. We reduce tasks at multiple interaction points, allowing you to move between delivering service and invoicing quickly. If your staff is overburdened or your invoices get out the door too slowly, see how MHC can help you with a free demo.

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