Safety Inspection Processing

Increase workplace efficiency with jobsite inspection report software from MHC Automation.

Safety Inspection Processing

From jobsite inspections to OSHA compliance reports, when you and your employees are responsible for safety inspection processing, you know that the accurate collection and organization of data while in the field is what the job’s all about — not to mention, you’re expected to produce all required reports with speed, precision and efficiency.

To support you in this effort and make your job significantly easier, MHC has developed eMobile: a powerful mobile data collection and workforce document management app. It makes cumbersome paperwork and all the delays and errors that go along with it a thing of the past.

Increasing Workplace Efficiency With eMobile

Do you remember the first time you saw a delivery person with a handheld device collecting electronic signatures? Maybe you even paused to admire the efficiency of the process. But did you ever consider how much paper waste it eliminated or how it enabled the company using it to put an end to problems associated with lost documents and incorrect filing?

Now, if your job involves conducting inspections and/or ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies such as OSHA, DOT or ISO, eMobile jobsite inspection report software is here to revolutionize how you carry out everything from safety audits to filling out work inspection forms. It’s also easy to use, completely customizable and, because it’s a mobile app with full iOS and Android system functionality, you don’t need anything more than your mobile phone to run it.

Imagine a workplace safety inspection checklist software that fits in the palm of your hand, or how about a system of OSHA recordkeeping that never loses a file? Well, with Vanguard Systems, you have all that — and more!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to conducting an OSHA inspection or safety compliance report, the ability to snap a photo and have it seamlessly incorporated into your final report can be priceless — especially when you consider the time savings and increased accuracy eMobile gives you, regardless of where your job takes you.


  • Elimination of Paper Waste: For anyone who has worked with paper forms and had to fill them out while in the field in all sorts of conditions, going paperless is more than a welcome thought — it’s the way of the future!
  • An End to Data Entry Errors: Take the guesswork out of data collection and eliminate data entry errors. Now, you have immediate access to whatever you need to get the job done — and done right. From price checking a work order to getting a part number, your mobile device is now fully connected to the data you need.
  • No More Lost Documentation: It’s imperative that the inspections you complete are on file and accessible to everyone who needs them, especially when they’re requested by a client or as part of an official audit. That’s why, with foolproof enterprise content management (ECM) provided by eMobile, your inspections and reports are uploaded immediately. If an inspection isn’t completed by the time it should be, an automated alert is sent to the appropriate personnel.
  • An End to Filing: Once uploaded, there’s no need to manually file any paperwork, which of course, also puts an end to problems occurring as a result of incorrect filing.
  • Better Supervision: If you’re tasked with overseeing mobile employees, eMobile allows tracking with real-time GPS location. From now on, you’re fully informed at all times of where your field personnel are and what their progress is.
  • Increased Workflow: Put an end to having to return to the office because a work order or some other important document wasn’t received. With mobile access to all the documents you need to complete on-site inspections, you can forget about having to make return office trips. Instead, you can move on to the next job and remain on-schedule.
  • Automated Report Generation: With customizable checklists and the ability to include images, you’re never left writing out long, time-consuming descriptions again. Your reports work seamlessly with the task at hand. Best of all, when you’ve collected all the necessary data, your reports are generated automatically. Stop transferring paperwork to a digital format at the end of the day. Instead, work digitally from the very beginning and save yourself tremendous amounts of time.

Customizing Your Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist

Every industry has its own unique safety and compliance concerns. From checking the proper assembly of scaffolding for a construction company to sanitation inspections of medical device manufacturing equipment, everything from OSHA to FDA regulations require special attention. Also when not only the products and/or services you provide, but also the health and well-being of your employees depend on some form of work inspection checklist, it’s good to know you have a powerful jobsite inspection checklist software at your fingertips.

Fortunately, MHC understands that different industries require different checklists. That’s why the eMobile app allows you to customize your workplace safety inspection checklists to suit your needs and those of your industry. Put it all together, and through customized jobsite inspection checklists, eMobile quickly uncovers opportunities for business process improvements.

In addition, MHC’s intuitive work inspection checklist software can help companies win more bids, eliminate fines and lessen jobsite stoppages by reducing accidents and operating with a measurably higher level of safety and efficiency.

See MHC and eMobile in Action for Yourself

At MHC, we provide cutting-edge solutions to enterprise content management. So when your business relies on remote employees to conduct safety inspections and submit compliance reports, you can rely on our software to ensure the entire process is seamless, secure and accessible.

From construction and manufacturing to distribution and retail, there isn’t an industry we can’t assist. Find out for yourself how going paperless can help your business. Fill out our contact form or call 1-800-445-1418 for a free, no-obligation demonstration today.

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