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Electronic Proof of Delivery Apps

eMobile’s proof of delivery app allows you to manage deliveries in the best way for your business.

Electronic Proof of Delivery Apps

MHC eMobile workforce management app includes a signature and proof of delivery app that allows your team to manage deliveries in the best ways for your business. With it, you can add items, edit quantities, capture photos, add GPS locations, and capture signatures at the point of handoff and more, all with the tools and devices you carry with you everywhere you do business.

It is our goal to digitize every piece of paper content so you can spend more time running your business and less time on emailing, printing, filing and then searching for those old documents. Few pieces of paper are more crucial to proper management of your business, from completing orders to audits, than the proof of delivery.

To help businesses grow and move into the digital space, while keeping this document ready and easy, we’ve put together sophisticated electronic proof of delivery software that is accessible across our entire enterprise and comes with proof of delivery mobile solutions to capture information as soon as an order is delivered.

Electronic POD Features and Benefits

Mobile proof of delivery apps for iOS or Android-enabled smartphones allow you to extend existing order management systems to create, track and validate deliveries. Our eMobile solution provides an electronic POD that is emailed directly to the receiving party with access to all the data your team needs. Push each POD to the appropriate driver’s workbasket to manage business as you need.

As a result, your business stays secure and drivers have an easy tool to ensure the client checks off on everything — including the ability to adjust quantities as needed. Our system captures a wide range of information, including:

  • Goods quantity and type
  • Driver name and eMobile ID
  • Additional products or services ordered by the customer upon delivery
  • Price book information
  • Custom notes on orders
  • Pictures taken via smartphone
  • GPS location tracking
  • Time and date stamps
  • Authorization signature capture

MHC created a proof of delivery app designed to capture everything you and your customers need to verify the receipt of a shipment, goods, services and more. We empower your drivers to operate as a complete team whenever you need them to and wherever they go.

Need to provide customer records on the spot? Our eMobile solution is compatible with any Bluetooth printer to allow your team to leave a physical record with the customer while their data is also backed up to your back-end solution.

Once everything is processed, the data and an executed proof of delivery are transmitted back to your office for immediate retrieval. Data alternations and management are automatic so your order management system accounts for the deliveries in everything from accounting to inventory management.

Plus, you can deliver customers verification and validation as soon as your system processes the order.

Issues We Solve

Work orders and dispatch services face many challenges when your team gets to the customer’s site, from improper paperwork at the start to claims that work was never performed or goods were improperly delivered. A smart electronic proof of delivery platform is your best tool to stay above board and ensure customers do, too.

Work orders and deliveries are provided to appropriate personnel and rely on an eMobile ID that is unique for each of your employees. This mobile app allows them to access inventory for deliveries, repairs and more, creating a log and audit trail as the employee completes their tasks. Room for comments and photos safeguards your company and staff at each step of any project.

With eMobile’s dispatch support, you can also schedule consistent work or respond to emergencies utilizing the best assets closest to the need.

One of the more significant problems we can address with this mobile proof of delivery app is for field service companies: how do you ensure you’ve got the right records to account for new services the customer requests on the spot?

How do you ensure that the new request is proper, approved and going to be appropriately paid for when the work is complete?

Simple: you create a new service agreement that uses the same electronic proof of delivery software to start the new order with a customer signature and authorization. For service companies, we offer the same functionality as traditional POD but customize it so you can operate for service delivery and approval.

We think mobile POD is the simplest way for you to ensure your team is doing authorized work and that they won’t be compromised after the work is done. We’ve seen it successfully used by HVAC, equipment repair, mobile mechanics, installation crews, industrial plumbing and waste specialists, and many more.

With eMobile electronic proof of delivery on your side, you get to make sure every new work order is valid and can be authenticated to protect your daily operations.

When you’re ready to eliminate common business challenges and create an audit trail that’s easy to verify for you and your customers, contact MHC for a free eMobile demonstration.

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