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Digital Quote & Proposal Signing

eSign from MHC Automation allows your organization to send actionable documents via email for signature, and supports legally-binding approvals digitally. Our solution will mark and require a variety of input fields to be completed with relevant data as well as capture an authorization signature to allow you to get to work. Stop waiting for weeks on legal approvals and paper signatures. Get to work sooner and make customers happier with a platform that supports signatures from anywhere on almost any modern device. The eSign platform also automatically archives executed contractors in the MHC ECM, allowing for quick and easy retrieval of the documents that are most important to your business.

Features & Benefits

Close Leads Quickly & Easily

eSign from MHC Automation allows you to make the most of your contract quote and proposal management systems. Our quoting software is the safest tool to help run your business because it automates a wide range of processes known to generate errors when done manually. For example, view your eSign dashboard to monitor all quotes that have been sent, or filter sent quotes by their status – whether they are sent, completed, or in-progress. Then, configure an automatic quote resend to follow up on unresponsive leads, and ensure you get an authorized signature for each quote delivered. All of this can be automated by the eSign platform. MHC’s eSign lets you turn leads into clients when delivering bids and quotes and helps you protect your budget by verifying what you’ll pay with our online quote signing application.

Accepting Quotes and Bids Digitally

The biggest issue with bids tends to be keeping everything connected and stored in the same location as you move data between different applications and files to get your contracts in order. eSign simplifies all of that by pairing our existing MHC systems with eSign that automatically consolidates records for your quotes. You no longer need to jump to different PDF editors or word processors — just one solution that automatically generates and accepts signatures for your quotes. And you can ensure that all forms are filled out correctly and completely thanks to our smart fields that are required to be filled in before any document can be viewed by a system as “complete.”

Boost Your Business

eSign is designed to increase your team’s productivity and help customers enjoy working with you even more. You’ll save significantly on time spent managing quotes and contracts. Empower your sales reps and field teams to close the deal faster by reducing workloads and eliminating duplicate forms. Apply a signature to a quote then immediately follow up with proposals and contracts, all tied together and available so everyone can see the clear path forward. Plus, you’ll always know who signed and when, making audits and verification simple and secure.

Automate Your Quote Processing System

Our smart online quote signing application tool is built to boost your business. Integrate it with your online quote system so that each time you generate a quote, eSign will automatically package that quote with required forms and send it to the client, customer, partner or prospect by the email saved in their contact information. When you receive a signed quote back, eSign will automatically file it within your existing quote system so approvals are tracked and available to all parties that you allow. We’ll even help you figure out how to extend it and route it through workflow automation modules we offer. Workflows can trigger order processing and other actions with our optional support tools.

Send Proposals and Quotes in Minutes

The biggest difference eSign can make in your quotes is in helping you streamline your entire process. We’ll be your partner from quote generation through sending, tracking, signature capture and starting your work orders or fulfillment operations. MHC’s eSign platform integrates with your existing quoting systems and automates the distribution of important documents. No manual intervention is required to get your documents sent to and authorized by your customers, which means fewer processes for your sales team to learn and worry about. Increase your close rates with a simple system that prompts leads to finalize deals. That means less busywork for your staff and more time to focus on service, shipment and going after new leads with additional proposals. We’ll keep you accurate and help you stay compliant with tools that mandate forms be completely filled out to accept signatures in a process that integrates with many existing quote and contract applications. We also power contract signature capture, making it easy to get legally binding agreements in place.

Save with Paperless Quote Systems

It’s time to cut your costs. We’re starting with paper, toner, staples, postage, envelopes and even manhours. Whether you’re a one-man shop, SMB or a growing enterprise, you’ll be able to see a significant reduction in your auxiliary spend when you replace paper contracts and quotes with digital versions. Plus, your customers get to save on the same things, too. That means you instantly become a value-add to their organization — even during the bid and proposal process. Include everything you need in our paperless quote systems, from initial contracts and asset purchase agreements to NDAs, document approvals and detailed vendor contracts. Everything can benefit from the simple power of our eSign online quote signing application.

Take Control of Your Documents

Become the master of your own document domain with the right tools to help you secure the approvals and quotes you need to run your business. Tap and sign on almost any device, capture in almost any location and share with almost any client or team member when you need it. MHC eSign software is your compelling solution for maintaining a clear record of every type of business you engage in, from continuances of operations to securing new vendors or providing a service to a brand-new client. Contact us today for a free demonstration of our eSign platform, or to learn more about how MHC can create a solution customized to your business needs.

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