Guide to Automating Your Business

Conclusion: Capitalize, Don’t Compromise, on What Your Daily Operations Can Be


Business as usual doesn’t need to mean business that’s burdensome. Too often, that’s still the case.

  • If you’re tired of simple, everyday office tasks encountering constant confusion, it’s time to consider business process automation.
  • If you’re tired of the smallest jobs requiring the largest efforts or the most tedious filler steps, it’s time to consider business process automation.
  • If you’re a manager or executive leader looking to remain positioned as proactive, purposeful and strategically process-oriented, it’s time to consider business process automation. There’s too much to gain to remain complacent. 

Begin automating your business today with Vanguard’s complete suite of enterprise content management systems for business process automation. We’ve worked with dozens of industries, companies and individuals alike to deliver automated systems that make it easier for them to run their business — not be run by it.

See what you stand to gain from specialized, automated solutions across any of our six product offerings: ECM, Workflow Automation, eSign and eMobile, Document Management, ID Protect and EliteForm.


Begin automating your business today with Vanguard’s complete suite of enterprise content management and business process solutions:


Our ECM systems provide the building blocks for a company to finally cut ties with manual paperwork. From OCR and ICR-using central databanks and document captures and retrievals to full-text search capabilities and portable briefcases, our ECM package can make your business documents modern, meticulous and manageable.

2. Workflow

Simplify and streamline your business-critical back office with automated solutions for accounts payable, accounts receivable and human resources.

3. Elite Forms

This entire electronic-form creation and processing system is customizable for in-house and field applications.

4. eSign and eMobile Tools

These two partner systems work together toward another paperless solution. eSign lends you a central signature suite perfect for today’s digital world, where human-resources documents, contracts, business quotes, proposals and more get the managed digital signatures they need with just a few clicks. Take it one step further with eMobile, built for managing remote and geographically-dispersed personnel or business locations from one central system.

5. ID Protect

This cutting-edge PII protection, storage and client-data management system keeps you in full compliance with regulatory standards — topped with some much-needed peace of mind.    

A Complete Guide to Automating Your Business

Get in touch with us today online or at 800.588.3676 x1241 to request a free product demo or quote on any of our systems. We want your “business as usual” today to be business progress tomorrow.

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