Field Service & Warranty Service Management Software

Provide the best service to customers and better manage your mobile workforce with eMobile.

Power Your Mobile Team

Any team that provides warranty work and services needs a smart platform that’s strong enough to dispatch the right professional with the right skills for each new service request. Our eMobile platform powers your team with a robust mobile workforce management app that allows you to provide the best service to your customers as soon as they need it. You can understand the job and dispatch the best-suited professional, taking and tracking logical steps for your development. eMobile can integrate with your existing applications and services, and is installed on the common smartphones and tablets your team uses already, which helps deliver the right information to your team as soon as they need it. All they must do is download the app and register it — then they’ll join your system and be ready to receive work orders and requests on the go, wherever they are.

Mobile Invoice Generation Software

Any time your customers request service, eMobile’s GPS Dashboard allows your dispatch team to identify the closest driver, with the right skills for the call and provide them with any necessary information. Then, your team member will head to the home or business to perform the work. Your team can turn any smartphone or tablet into a mobile workspace, providing all the functions the back office needs to finish the job. From parts selection to invoicing and even accepting payments, we’ve got you covered with a simple and smart system.

Within eMobile, your professionals can take notes, request supplies or parts, indicate time and services performed and automatically generate an invoice on the spot. Your customers get to see the work and information right when it is fresh in their mind, authorizing charges and asking questions with the technician who performs the service. Delivery tickets are uploaded into your accounting application, which can be set up to trigger the creation of an invoice upon submission.

Additionally, the eMobile platform will transmit real-time transactional data into your accounting app, to ensure all invoices are up to date and accurate based on work completed. If desired, the EliteMail platform will then facilitate automatic email distribution of the invoice. This process allows your accounting team to promptly process the accounts receivable and collect payment quickly, with no turnaround delays typical with paper invoicing. We can also automate the accounts receivable tools and invoices, allowing you to send invoices via email or mail automatically, and tracking it all back to the specific work order and technician.

eMobile Uses

  • Job allocation
  • Arrival and work begin notifications
  • Inspections and verifications
  • Price book access
  • Billable time tracking and timestamps
  • Proof of delivery
  • Service orders and work orders
  • Warranty verification
  • Invoices
  • And more

Plus, you get support for the barcodes and signatures you need to capture as well as taking photos, so you can visually provide proof of issues and work completed. Keep customers happy with an open, honest approach to your warranty service.

Mobile Payment Processing

Our eMobile solution also gives you the option to collect payments at the customer’s home or business without sending an invoice later. You have the chance to finish work, get approval and get paid without having to process an invoice through your accounts receivable department, significantly reducing your payment delay time. Every technician and service professional is empowered to be an active part of growing your business and improving the customer service you provide to deliver value. Your mission is to complete warranty and service work correctly as quickly and efficiently as possible. Vanguard Systems helps by reducing the paperwork and accounting efforts in this process. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to start the process, finish the work, approve it and then have the customer sign off right away.

The Best in Field Service Management

MHC offers a unique way for field service companies to deliver the best service while protecting their bottom line. We’ll help your back office and teams manage new orders from start to finish, linking to your existing software and order platforms. Everything starts with real-time data and communication with your business systems and teams. You’ll be able to track everyone and everything relevant to each work order and service order in your backend as well as on your mobile devices. Get everyone on the same page with a smart system that updates continually. To build a better field service company, you need to eliminate and reduce business challenges and frustrations. Our initial focus is to remove the paperwork from operations by creating a digital ledger that keeps your workflows smooth and even. Instant document and data collection allows your team to capture what’s needed as it’s done, making it less likely that there are forgotten items or errors in transcription back at the office. We’ll also help you generate instant accountability with signature capture tools that increase the speed of job completion and customer approval. Want to see it in action and learn how your business can be better? Contact us for a demonstration now.

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