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Intelligent, professional document templates

Documents are critical in supporting many business processes, from on-boarding to invoicing, correspondence, and reporting.

Publisher, the first member of the Ecrion Design Studio suite, can help Business Users and Software Developers alike create professional document templates. These templates are used at runtime by Ecrion server software to generate documents dynamically from data in high volumes.

Using simple drag-and-drop operations, designers build templates with advanced features, such as reusable content, complex pagination, barcodes, graphs, and charts. Publisher can easily accommodate both conditional content (show/hide content depending on data) and repeated content (such as tables generated dynamically from data that can span across multiple pages).

Multiple languages can be added in a single template, making it easy to target diverse audiences without rebuilding the templates from scratch. In addition, the capability to use a single template to generate documents for both print and on-screen viewing (responsive on both mobile devices & PCs) means fewer templates to manage and faster deployments.


Map, Retrieve, and Process Data

In many cases, developers prefer to use XML or JSON data, which is supported natively in Publisher. However, in more complex cases when you need to retrieve and correlate data from and between multiple sources, the Modeler is an invaluable tool.

Modeler provides the functionality needed to retrieve data from wherever it resides in the enterprise, perform joins regardless of type (for example, SQL tables and Salesforce data can be joined together), and apply filtering and sorting logic. Having the ability to view where your data is coming from and change mappings also helps speed up the development process.

Diagrams built in Modeler are used as a source of data for both Document Templates and Analytical Dashboards.


Visualize, Filter, Analyze, and Predict

Build next-generation, intelligent documents that provide additional insight and value for your customers. In many cases, traditional print documents are not useful when the volume of data needed to be presented is significant.

For example, if your statement has thousands of transactions, a customer may benefit from viewing this information in a traditional fashion (sorted by date), but they might also want to view the transactions sorted by amount.

Analyst, part of Ecrion Design Studio, helps you accomplish this within the documents generated for your users.

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