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  Taylor Pettis    November 4th, 2020 

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Optimizing your company’s workflow is one of the most important steps you can take toward making your business more successful. But, there are plenty of nuances that many people may not take into consideration. Automation software, particularly form automation, comes with a large number of benefits that small business owners typically aren’t aware of.

Not sure how it can help you? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the info you need to know. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about how using form automation software can help grow your business.


It should come as no surprise that improving your company’s overall efficiency is one of the main benefits that is able to provide.

Not only will you be able to generate documents faster, but you’ll also be able to incorporate auto-fill options for those who are responsible for signing them. For example, particularly long documents such as leasing agreements require a large number of signatures. The auto-fill functionality that comes with digital forms can turn this into a seamless process.

Since all of this information is stored digitally, you’ll also drastically reduce the amount of time you spend looking for particular data in the future. Since the alternative is manually sorting through hard copies of documents, it’s easy to see how significant this attribute is.


With form automation software, employees will spend less time managing documents, and they will have more time to perform the core responsibilities that comprise their role. Those who are able to use this type of software to automate a large portion of their work they may even begin to expand their skillset into other areas.

Since handling these obligations without automation is generally tedious, form automation can also significantly help you improve the satisfaction of your employees. From here, your workers are far more likely to enjoy their roles at your company— something that often directly translates to better performance.

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Manual form processing comes with two major costs:

  • The number of employees required to handle this obligation
  • The extended amount of time it takes these employees to do so

By using form automation software, you’re able to significantly reduce both of these factors. You’ll also have the added benefit of ensuring that your finalized documents are free of any errors.

This is a particularly important attribute to keep in mind, as misfiled documents can cost your company large sums of money in lost productivity. Additionally, you can also save money on necessary materials if your company makes the transition to digital integration as opposed to always distributing physical copies.


Generating fewer hard copies of your documents will instantly make your business more environmentally-friendly. This is especially true given how many paper documents are discarded throughout a typical workday.

Proper digital form management has a significant impact on one other major factor: the number of materials required to create paper.

This means that fewer trees will be harvested and less oil will be consumed in order to do so. Since it’s been proven that becoming environmentally-conscious as a business comes with a handful of benefits, it’s always a practice worth pursuing.


Many entrepreneurs are often unaware of the nuances associated with form automation software. But, this type of software provides significant potential in terms of customization.

This allows business owners to take advantage of features like electronic signatures, cloud storage, and automatic categorization. You’ll also have the capability to automatically scan and process attributes like images, text, bar codes, QR codes, etc.

As you may expect, these features save a significant amount of time and can drastically improve your company’s overall productivity. This is especially true for those who work in industries that deal with a large number of documents on a regular basis, such as the legal or medical fields.

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Form automation software is an important component of a document automation solution. This type of platform isn’t limited to the generation and analysis of your company’s documents. It can also easily help improve the general workflow at your company.

For example, you can use form automation to input duplicate information into the required fields of a larger document. Files and agreements associated with the onboarding process are perfect candidates for this functionality.

You’re even able to automate processes that require multiple steps before completion. These scenarios typically involve submitting a document, waiting for multiple levels of approval, and then having the document filed appropriately.

Approval can occur automatically based on certain criteria. Similarly, the document can then be stored in a database afterward.

When looking for the type of software that’s best for you, you’ll need to take into consideration whether or not your team has the technical skills to customize the software on their own.

Sometimes, form automation requires a certain level of knowledge. So, if your workplace is filled with those who only have a basic understanding of how the software works, it’s best to find software that’s easy to use and manipulate.

Similarly, you’ll need to determine how your company is able to benefit from this type of software so you can figure out how customizable you need your form automation to be. Once you’ve taken care of these nuances, you’ll be able to optimize the amount of increased productivity that your business experiences.


But it doesn’t have to be.

With the above information about form automation software in mind, you’ll have all you need to determine whether or not this decision is right for you.

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