How to Improve Customer Service with 6 Simple Steps

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1. Practice Positivity | 2. Be Patient | 3. Keep Things Simple | 4. Actively Listen |
5. Remain Composed | 6. Be Confident

Customer service is the heart of any successful business. It ensures that your customers have an excellent experience every time they come into contact with someone that works within your company. Even the best companies find themselves needing to improve in the customer service department every now and then.

It may leave you wondering how to improve customer service throughout your company? We will provide you with a step-by-step guide that will help you get your customer service skills back on track and aim for success.


There will be days when the last thing you or your staff want to do is interact with customers or work closely with customers who may need your help. And that’s where our first step will come into play, and that’s practice positivity.

Instead of approaching a situation with a negative attitude, redirect your focus, and think about the positive aspects of what you’re about to do. Think about how grateful the customer will be to have your help locating a product or using a service.

You’re going to remove the stress and frustration that the customer may have felt trying to accomplish something on their own.And once the task is complete, you can walk away with the satisfaction of having done your job.

Practicing positivity is the first step to improving your customer service skills because it helps you control the emotions you’re exuding when working closely with your customer base.

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You may get annoyed when people don’t know as much about the products you offer as you do. But you’ve got to keep in mind that your customers have come to you for help because they don’t have the knowledge you have.

And that’s why our next step in improving customer service is practicing patience. Patience will go a long way, especially when working with a customer who seems to have an endless stream of questions to ask you.

At the end of the day, your job is to help and inform the customer, which means answering questions. Plus, when you lose your patience, it doesn’t help the situation; in fact, it makes it worse.

And no one wants to be called into a meeting with their boss or find themselves fired because they lost our cool when assisting a customer. Remember, your attitude not only reflects you as a person, but it also reflects the company and can make or break the company‘s reputation and the customer experience it offers.

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You may feel as if a long-drawn-out explanation sounds excellent, but in actuality, all its doing is confusing the customer. This means they will spend more time asking you questions, and you run the risk of escalating the situation.

Instead of using complex language to explain products and services to the customer, keep things simple. Use simple phrases and words that the customer will be able to understand.

Once you explain it to the customer and they leave the store, they will be able to repeat and easily remember the information that you’ve told them while you were assisting them in the store, which will actively help you improve your customer service.


If you’re in a business that focuses on resolving customer issues over the phone listening is a needed skill. The best step that you can take to improve your customer service skills is to actively listen to the customer. Active listening means solely listening to what the customer is saying without thinking about what your response is going to be.

When you actively listen, you’re able to get all the information you need. Without asking the customer to repeat themselves multiple times. Active listening also helps you to better implement a remedy for the situation that the customer is calling about.

This will reduce the number of times that the customer has to call your business back and reduce the customer’s likelihood of becoming frustrated with a persisting problem.


Never break character whether you’re feeling frustrated or angry; never let the customer see that. There will be some situations where a customer says everything that they can to press your buttons.

And as the professional in the situation, it’s your job to remain “professional.” This means not breaking facing and remaining composed no matter what the situation calls for.

If you find yourself ready to take a go at a customer, take a moment to pause and collect yourself before responding. Or you can ask one of your colleagues to step in and assist the customer until you’re able to compose yourself and return to your post.

Making an effort toward conflict management will help you boost your customer service. It’s always better to take a moment for yourself than to go off on a customer and hurt the company in the process.


There are tons of people who struggle with their confidence, especially in the workplace. And if there’s any place where you need to be confident, it’s when you’re doing your job.

When you’re confident, it reinforces the customer’s confidence in you. Especially when you’re relaying information to them and assisting them with the needs they have. Even if you don’t know everything that there is to know about your company’s services and products, that’s okay. You can still provide a confident answer and find someone who does have the answers you’re looking for.


When asking yourself how to improve customer service, all the steps that we’ve provided above will help you do just that. You’ve got to take the time to actively listen to your customers to better assist them and remember to remain composed at all times.

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