How Insurers Can Deliver a Great Digital Experience via CX Strategies

  Taylor Pettis    May 29th, 2020 

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In the realm of insurance, satisfaction equals sales. Take the automobile sector, for example. Research shows that U.S. auto insurers that provide a best-in-class customer experience generate two to four times1 the new business growth of their counterparts. They also enjoy 30% more profitability.

The impetus behind this growth? The same research shows that satisfied insurance customers are 80% more likely to renew their policies than ones who are put out with their carriers. As your agency strives to keep pace with competitors and earn the attention of your target audience, how are you prioritizing your customer experience strategy?

Today, we’re sharing a few CX strategies that leverage the best of today’s digital age to deliver your clients the value they’ve come to expect. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!


A solid CX strategy hinges on knowing your customer touchpoints. At which times do they engage with your agents? How many interactions or conversations does it take before they sign on as a client?

Use advanced CX software to map your customer journey. Then, monitor it as clients interact with your agency in real-time. You can even set automatic events to trigger when customers reach a specific touchpoint so your agency always stays top of mind.

Along the way, equip your sales team with the tools and resources they need to increase conversions and maintain visibility. With both short-term and long-term journey management, you’re never too far from your prospects and clients.

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One challenge that insurance agencies face is managing and maintaining client engagement. They must do so amid changing regulations, tightening compliance measures and a shifting industry landscape.

As more clients embrace the digital insurance experience, forward-thinking agencies are looking to innovative software and CCM tools to help them stay current.

From new customer acquisition to underwriting and claims processing, there isn’t a facet of the industry 2 that automation hasn’t touched and improved. What happens when you automate ongoing CX as well? It provides an end-to-end customer experience that remains consistent across various channels of communication.


To reduce operating costs, speed up turnaround times and improve usability, insurers are moving away from paper-based communication. Now, they’re opting to digitize their processes instead. Moving these operations onto a comprehensive digital platform helps leaders make simple changes as required.

For example, leaders can update a clause to meet a new standard without reprinting stacks of paperwork. That same change then updates across the board, so everyone is on the same page.

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It’s no secret that today’s customers are more empowered and discerning than ever before. This also applies to insurance policyholders.

With so many resources and options at their fingertips, they’re looking to give their business to agencies that offer a simple, direct and personalized experience.

In other words, they don’t want to jump through hoops and navigate tomes of complex jargon. They also don’t want to be met with a generic approach that leaves them feeling like another number.

Research shows that 70% of prospective clients 3 make a decision about an agency before they even meet with an agent. At the same time, 21% want products and services personalized to meet their needs and 22% are looking for online and offline engagement touchpoints.

How does your agency stack up against these expectations?

With an automated Digital Experience portal, you can exceed them.

Use journey mapping and integrated data analysis tools to better understand your client base. Then, leverage document and correspondence automation to send them what they need, at the right time and in the right format.

Let’s review that last feature a little further.

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While document automation relieves the burden of managing policyholder correspondence by hand, the reality is that insurance agencies still manage tons of documents every day.

How can they maintain a focus on CX while still delivering clients the data they require?

The answer lies in digital correspondence management.

DX platform makes it a cinch to deliver personalized, targeted messages to agency customers in the format and channel they prefer. Users can send correspondence on an individual or batch basis. This makes it easy to handle even the most complex high-volume, on-demand document processing.

Not only does this make the communication stage quicker and smoother, but it also helps reduce the risk of human error. With built-in review capabilities, back-end users can rest assured that clients will receive top-quality correspondence.

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With CCM tools, users can define rules and set standards for document processing, then tailor those rules around each customer.

For instance, they can automatically populate forms around a policyholder’s data, then send them via SMS message, email, PDF and more depending on the client’s preference.

The best part? The software optimizes all documents for omnichannel delivery, meaning they look and operate the same regardless of the device used to access them.


While this is a helpful tool for policy-related documents, its use is far-reaching. Insurance agencies can also use correspondence management and CCM to produce and distribute agency-wide communication, including:

  • Claims Correspondence
  • Insurance Policies and Quotes
  • Legal Contracts
  • Marketing Newsletters

The inherent scalability of the software saves both time and money, as you only use the features as required rather than paying to maintain them year-round. This is especially helpful during periods of influx.

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The insurance industry has always centered on providing a robust client experience. That aspect is nothing new, though the method for delivering it is.

As policyholders around the world embrace a more modern approach, insurers are following suit. Looking forward, successful agencies will be those that are able to take advantage of today’s digital communication and documentation solutions.

Ready to transform the way your agency does business? We can help.

We offer a comprehensive, scalable digital platform that’s ideal for future-focused insurance agencies. From document automation to customer correspondence, we make it easy to digitize your processes. We’ll also help you keep up with high-volume demand and provide streamlined client communication.

Contact us to learn more and take the next step toward transformation.


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