Here’s How Customer Engagement Software Connects Your Company to People and Helps It Make Profit

  Taylor Pettis    February 13th, 2020 

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Did you know that companies with a customer engagement and experience mindset drive revenue four to eight percent higher than the rest of their industries¹ ? That’s a lot of money that can be gained by improving your customer engagement. Have you considered using customer engagement software to help improve your experience?

To build a company people want to do business with, you need to perfect your company’s customer engagement software. To learn what it is, why it’s so important, and how to embrace the technology read the article below.


Customer engagement is often described as many different things. It usually centers around developing client relationships and fostering existing ones. It is the goal of almost every company to grow customers into loyal patrons.

Customer engagement can also be described as the emotional connection a business has with a customer. When your customers are highly engaged they are more likely to buy more goods and services from your brand. This often starts with great customer service within the customer’s journey.

Customer engagement is only going to become more important as Gen Z has more buying power. Gen Z expects the companies that they buy from to be engaged with them. It’s important to connect with this generation and make sure they feel like they are making a lasting impact through their purchases.


You know that customer engagement is important, but how should you go about improving it? It may seem daunting, however, it shouldn’t be. First, you need to focus on your current customer engagement and establish where you are.

Let your customers choose how they engage with you. This will help increase their satisfaction. To do this you need to offer multiple channels for your clients to engage with you.

These channels may include, but are not limited to:

  • Website
  • Chat Bots
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Survey

Do you have multiple feedback and engagement channels set up? This is a great place to start on your journey to improving customer engagement. Customers appreciate being able to contact you on their own preferred channel of communication.

Next, you should think about how your customer engagements add value to the customer’s experience. It is not enough just to engage with the customer. Customer engagements should hold an emotional value that deepens a client relationship.

Make sure to personalize your customer engagements. This will increase the connections you hold with your clients. Put the customer first every step of the way.


A simple way to increase your customer engagement is to employ customer engagement software or technology. It’s 2020, why not let technology do the hard work for you? Customer Experience Automation tools by MHC enable enterprises large and small, across a broad range of industries, to map their customer journeys, monitor and proactively manage their customers’ experiences, and interact with their customers in a way that builds true engagement and long-lasting loyalty.

By using an automation software you are able to focus on other aspects of your business while the technology takes care of the customer engagement process. As a business owner, we know that your days are already booked. Time is money and with a customer experience automation software you will get more time back in your day all while building better customer relationships.

There are many benefits to the use of customer engagement technology. We’ve broken down some of the highlights below. These are just a few of the many exciting tools to come with your customer engagement software.


As part of their customer engagement strategy, businesses need to map out their customer’s journey. Customer journey mapping is the process of identifying milestones and pathways that the customer takes throughout their buying journey.

A customer engagement platform can assist you in setting up personalized triggers throughout the entirety of the customer’s journey. Analyzing this data will help you to identify where customers convert and where they exit the purchasing process.


Customer engagement monitoring is another benefit of using automation software. This allows you to have better insights into customer service and all of the communications your customers have had within your business.

Engagement dashboards are great tools that you can use to continuously benchmarks and record your progress.


Have you ever thought that something would be easier if only you knew what your ideal customer wanted? Well with customer communications management you can track your customer’s preferences and deliver personalized messages directly to the consumer.

Communications can be synced with the journey map to reach out to customers at exactly the right time. These personalized messages can have a positive impact on your customer relationships and your business’s sales.

View our Infographic on the 9 Ways You Can Personalize Customer Communications Using CCM


Data can become overwhelming if you don’t know how to store it, sort it, or learn more about it. Our digital customer engagement software uses customer analytics to measure successes and pivot when necessary. You will be able to identify trends and make predictions for your future business projections.

Use your customer analytics to tweak and better your customer engagement journey. These analytics can also give you much-needed insight into what your customers want and expect from your company.


Now that you know what customer engagement software is, how to improve customer engagement and the benefits of this technology you’re ready to start using it for yourself. Take your customer experience to a whole new level with MHC’s customer experience automation software.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your company’s customer engagement, you can start by establishing genuine connections with your customers. For a free, no-obligation demonstration of MHC’s Customer Experience solutions click here.


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