Ecrion Ranked an Overall Global CCM Leader in Mid-Market According to Aspire Leaderboard

MHC Marketing    May 21st, 2020    Leave a Comment

Ecrion is thrilled to announce that it was ranked as a global leader in the mid-market for Customer Communications Management (CCM) by the Aspire Leaderboard, an annually updated vendor comparison tool.

The Aspire Leaderboard highlights a number of Ecrion’s strengths, including the flexibility and modularity of the platform.

“The depth and breadth of the Ecrion platform – especially considering their size – is quite impressive,” said Kaspar Roos, CEO of Aspire. “In reviewing the platform, we see that Ecrion allows customers to automate their communications in a way that is much more meaningful than previously.”

Ecrion is the only provider on the market that offers customer communications management and customer journey in a single modular platform. This combination is the key to automating communications as part of the customer journey, ensuring a high-quality customer experience.

Because the platform is both comprehensive and flexible, Ecrion customers implement individual components if and when they are ready, and with the confidence they’ll work together seamlessly when they do.

In addition, Ecrion was recognized for leveraging AI to improve both the customer journey and individual communications.

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