How Current Customer Service Technology Is Shaping the Future of Customer Communication

  Taylor Pettis    July 14th, 2020

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These days, it can feel like it’s more difficult than ever to connect with your customers. People are confined to their homes due to the pandemic and your customer service team may feel like their usual avenues for connecting with customers aren’t available. The good news is we live in an age of futuristic customer service technology.

Tools like video communication, artificial intelligence, and self-service portals can help you to provide an amazing experience to your customers. Read on to learn how technology is changing the customer service industry.


In our post-pandemic world, you won’t be surprised to learn that video communication is the tool of the future. Platforms like Zoom and Teams have become a routine part of our work and social lives.

And in the coming months and years, they’ll be important customer service technology tools that representatives can use to connect with their clients.

With face-to-face video communication, customers can get the benefit of connecting with a representative of your company from the convenience of their homes. They can share screens and show representatives what issues they’re having.

And the personal connection provides an opportunity for your representatives to more directly address customer frustrations and provide a stellar support experience.

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AI has already become a central part of all of our lives. From the smart home assistant sitting on our coffee tables and counters to your phone map recommending a route home at the end of the workday, AI makes many small things in our lives easier. Soon, AI will become key customer service technology that will help representatives to work more efficiently solving customer problems.

Many aspects of customer service are repetitive – troubleshooting routines, answering FAQs, and tracking shipments.

Turning those tasks over to AIs can free up representative time to more quickly respond to more complex customer issues. And with recent advances in computer language processing, customers may never realize a bot helped them to resolve their shipment question.

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Strong companies help employees to use their strengths effectively. One employee may be more skilled at calming angry customers down, while another excels at finding solutions to obscure problems.

So why do companies use a one-size-fits-all approach to training these employees? As we move into the future, customer service training will become more personalized.

Not only will CS employees be able to develop their strengths, but they’ll also be able to spend the time they need to improve their weaker areas.

Using a more tailored employee training approach will ensure that every customer gets the best experience possible.


Social media has been a powerful tool for companies to communicate with their customers digitally for years now. Everything from sales and promotions to changes in business hours to statements on public movements can go out on social media platforms. And now, innovative companies are turning to social media as a way to connect with their customers.

Companies can connect with their customers through instant messaging services like Facebook Messenger. They can also keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram direct messages.

Not only does this allow companies to meet customers where they are, but it can also encourage customers to engage with social media posts.


A couple of decades ago, email was the hottest new way for companies to communicate with customers. It certainly beats snail mail, and it took less customer time than sitting on hold with a helpline.

But as our world moves faster and faster, live chat is taking over email as the preferred way to manage customer questions.

When a customer sends an email, they have to wait around for a response, which can increase their frustration.

Live chat can be a powerful customer service technology tool because it allows CS representatives to respond immediately. This kind of instant access can improve overall customer satisfaction.

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In an ideal world, customer service employees would work themselves out of a job. All customer issues would be solved before they ever arose, and the only customer service a company would need would be ways for customers to ask how they can get more of what the company was selling. And while we live in a world that’s far from ideal, more customer problems are being solved automatically.

If a company finds a problem in a piece of software its product uses, their team can push out an update that automatically resolves the problems for all their customers.

Design teams can learn from previous mistakes and make sure all future versions of a product are even closer to being perfect. This frees up customer service representatives to handle more complex problems and find all-new ways to improve their company.


Although self-service may seem like a self-defeating avenue for customer service departments to pursue, it is undoubtedly the method most customers prefer. As many as 84 percent of customer issues are handled through self-service portals when possible. You need to make sure your company is providing this type of customer service technology to your customers.

Even better than self-service options are proactive service solutions. If you can anticipate customer problems before they arise and offer them solutions, you’ll be able to head off frustrations at the root. Extensive testing and customer research can help you tackle this kind of proactive service.

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Although human interaction will always stay the same, the customer service industry is constantly growing and changing. The customer service technology of the future will allow us to solve problems before they arise, engage with our customers in convenient and meaningful ways, and focus support team efforts on the direst problems. Start using the tools available to raise your customer experience to all new heights.

If you’d like to discover the best tools to keep your customers happy, check out the rest of our site at MHC. We provide a smart, modern solution for better customer experience. Contact us today to start making every customer count.


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