The Importance of CRM Document Generation

MHC Marketing    April 1st, 2019 

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Creating high volumes of compliant customer-facing documents can be challenging in a regulation-heavy, fast-paced, customer-centric world. That’s what makes CRM document generation so important. With the right Customer Relationship Management software, organizations in different industries are finding ways to capitalize on their investment, time, and customer satisfaction.

The issue of customer data raises a challenge that CRM systems exist to address. Every time someone picks up the phone and talks to a customer, goes out to meet a new sales prospect, or follows up a promising lead, they learn something new and potentially valuable. Traditionally, all this data went into analogue or unconnected media such as notebooks or laptops, or even just stayed in people’s heads.1

Today, thanks to CRM document generation and the right document generation software, it’s easy to manage all of your customers’ information in real time.


A CRM system essentially provides a hub where your organization can store customer and prospect data, track customer interactions, and share this information with colleagues. It allows businesses to manage relationships with customers, helping the business grow.

With a CRM system in place, every question, every service request, every preference, and every past contact detail about every customer is instantly available, which means that every new interaction with them should always be personalized, relevant, and up to date.

As well as tracking every phone call, email sent, meeting held, and presentation delivered, CRM systems can also be used to add notes, schedule follow-ups, and organize the next steps that need to be taken. This ensures that opportunities to close deals or grow customer accounts won’t be missed.


Imagine a simple form loaded onto a tablet, a computer, or even a mobile device. Your customer inputs their information into the form. If you have the right CRM document generation software, that information is immediately pulled from the form into the CRM.

Once your customers’ information is in the CRM, many different types of documents can be created based off the information that’s pulled from the CRM and any other software solution you might have running. This helps with CRM document generation, or if you have the right software, the ability to use a Salesforce document generator.


While CRM document generation can help create everything from invoices to insurance quotes and more, there is more to document production.

In order to provide an excellent customer experience, some document assembly constants – now and in the future – will be choice, appealing visuals, and personalization in customer documents. All of these constants can be provided in some measure by cutting-edge tools.

Some software allows for seamless integration of software you already use. This helps if you want to use a Salesforce document generator. Since Salesforce is one of the world’s most-used CRM solutions, it’s good to have software that works in unison with it for CRM document generation.


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