The Benefits of Building a Solid Customer Relationship: How CRM Can Help

  Taylor Pettis    November 17th, 2020 

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Did you know 90% of Americans use their experience with customer service to determine where they spend their money¹ ? This decision is based on the emphasis a company places on a customer relationship. Some companies view customers as mere numbers and revenue generation.

Successful business leaders understand the importance of building customer relationships. To discover why your business strategy must focus on this, consult these helpful tips.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the nexus of sales, marketing, and customer service. These departments work together to manage the customer relationship from start to finish. Following the buying journey, developing a relationship with the customers requires cross-functional collaboration and specialized solutions.

These solutions generate benefits for you and your customers. Better CRM makes happier customers. Satisfied customers are loyal and repeat purchase interactions.

Now you know why successful customer relationships are important. But managing these relationships successfully means finding the right resources and taking the right approach. Read on to learn how to manage customer relationships with modern solutions.

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One of the benefits of today’s digital trends is personalization. Engaging the modern customer requires competitive attention to detail. Abstract buyer personas and intuition lack the precision of custom CRM solutions.

Although buyer personas are still useful, the customer service endpoint needs an individualized approach. On a broad scope, the customer journey remains the same for larger demographics. Customer experience automation allows your business to map the customer journey with heightened detail.

With automated mapping, you can find commonalities and existing gaps. Addressing these gaps allows you to establish micro journeys for niches in your market. It also allows you to enhance the definition of customer service with personalized communication.

Automated personalized communication in email, mail, and SMS allows you to humanize every interaction. Your customer service can reach audiences on large and small scales, all while saving time. Treating each customer as an individual allows you to optimize every customer relationship.

When you connect with customers, make sure to do so on digital and physical levels. Use phone calls, branch visits, and in-store purchases as moments to strengthen relationships. Then follow up electronically with emails, on social media, and more.

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Part of fostering a customer relationship means soliciting feedback. If you follow the customer journey well enough, you’re likely to receive the feedback you need. Improving customer experience requires regular customer relationship maintenance.

Even if customers leave consistent feedback, you may miss these as opportunities for engagement. Make sure to earn customer loyalty by closing feedback loops as quickly as possible. Fast responses show customers that you value their input.

When customers feel valued, they are loyal and satisfied. It shows that you value their time as individuals, which nearly 75% of consumers believe is important for customer service.

It might feel impractical (or even impossible) to prioritize rapid responses to feedback. Fast response to feedback with omnichannel communication is possible and benefits customer relations. Meeting customers at their pain points on their buying journey builds trust and loyalty.

Enabling customers’ voices means all the feedback you receive (good and bad) is useful and authentic. When your customer relationship starts with a tailor-made experience, it should end with the motivation to stay. Your teams will create innovative solutions, boosting revenue and retention.

Communicating with customers on their terms grants agency and a sense of value. Personalized communications with customer feedback build genuine connections. Going above and beyond expectations depends on the customer intelligence available to your company.

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You may wonder what enables a successful customer relationship for today. Responsive feedback and personalized customer care are possible through big data. Enriched data, coupled with the artificial intelligence that makes automation possible, elevate business.

The best customer experience comes from hyper-segmented data. The more you know about customers, the better you can respond to their needs. Your customer service can generate hyper-personalized responses to better support the consumer.

You can even catch potential problems in advance. Leveraging enriched customer data provides access to valuable information. You can monitor keywords, purchase patterns, interests, and other customer behavior.

Exploring customer intelligence means embracing digital transformation. As you’re already exploring customer relationship management solutions, you’re likely ready for this leap. Part of maintaining a modern customer relationship means adapting to their needs.

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When communicating with customers, the end goal should extend beyond one more sale. Part of today’s customer relations involves a personal connection. This necessitates building trust with customers for credibility and loyalty.

Building and maintaining this trust starts with transparency. Ultimately, you want transparent interactions internally and externally. Because customer service requires cross-functionality, these different teams need clarity to operate effectively.

The clarity needed begins with transparency in the company culture and organizational structure. When sales, marketing, and customer service teams work together, consumers benefit. Every team member can see and follow the same customer journey, ensuring a seamless purchase path.

Leveraging feedback, enriched data, and personalization, customer interactions become transparent. Customers learn to trust that they are supported every step of the way. This results in stronger brand loyalty and client retention.

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Your customers deserve stronger connections with your business. Using the right CRM solution, you enable a better customer relationship every time. The right tool is cost-effective, enhances customer engagement, and reshapes the customer experience.

Now you understand the significance of customer relationship maintenance; it’s time you find the right solution. MHC can help. Our customer experience solutions are used worldwide to enhance CRM for a broad range of industries.

Your and your customers deserve solutions that foster genuine connection. To discover the benefits of MHC’s customer experience automation software, try a free demonstration today.


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