7 Tips to Direct Mail Millennials with Success

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Direct Mail Millennials

1. Make It Personal | 2. Include Digital Connections | 3. Show You Care | 4. Keep It Simple |
5. Make It Beautiful | 6. Make It Feel Good | 7. Don’t Overdo It

Millennials are everyone’s favorite scapegoat generation. You may say to yourself “those darn millennials are killing industries left, right, and center, and they never look up from their phones for more than a second or two”. How do you direct mail millennials if they spend all their time on Twitter?

In fact, millennials love receiving mail, and they respond very well to certain advertising strategies. If your company is willing to go the extra mile, you can win a lot of loyal millennial customers.

Read on to discover some tips for marketing to Generation Y.


Millennials have grown up constantly bombarded by mass marketing campaigns. TV ads peppered their childhood shows, ads interrupt the podcasts they listen to, and billboards scream at them as they ride down the road. They’ve seen gas station ads, magazine ads, and every imaginable kind of online ad.

This mass marketing saturation has left millennials jaded about such impersonal sales pitches. With your direct mail aimed towards millennials, try to make them feel personalized to your desired customer demographic. Shop for mailing lists that are targeted to people who are already interested in your industry, and address them by name in the piece.


While direct mail can be a powerful way to tap into millennials’ love of receiving paper mail, this generation lives online. They want things to be convenient and digital, and they make more than half of their purchases online. Your mail needs to include a digital component, too, to give millennials a path to reach your product.

QR codes are a great way to merge the digital and the physical in direct mail. Customers can scan the code with their smartphone and it will pull up a web page for them to browse. You can also use augmented reality in your pieces, a futuristic technology that transforms a photo on a direct mail piece into a live video that customers can watch on their phones when they scan the piece.


Millennials have inherited a world with a million problems. Climate change has become more pressing than ever, political debates polarize our society, and now millennials have to figure out how to survive a pandemic while fighting to keep their jobs in an economy that’s tanking. With so many problems to solve, this generation wants to know that their money is going to support a good cause.

Show millennial customers that your company cares about making a positive difference in the world. Begin by using recycled (and recyclable or compostable) materials for your mail pieces, and talk about those features on the mailer. If your company donates money to a specific charitable organization, let millennials know that a part of the proceeds from their purchase will go to support that organization.


Oftentimes in marketing, we’re tempted to go for the hard sell. We want to give a hard pitch, push customer conversion, and keep things fresh with trendy language designed to connect with potential customers. But this sort of bottom-line-only approach turns off millennial buyers, and slang that’s out of date can alienate them.

Keep the language in your direct mail simple. Focus on the benefits of your products and give them a way to purchase if they’re interested, but skip the hard sell. And because slang moves too fast to keep up with, stick to simple, clean language that gets your point across with no bells or whistles.


One area that should be full of bells and whistles, however, is your mailer’s graphic design. Millennials tend to make purchases based on emotional reactions. If you can grab their eye and show them a piece they enjoy looking at, you’ll be more likely to earn their purchase.

Work with a brand consultant to craft a mailer design that best represents your company. Hire strong graphic designers to create beautiful pieces that will capture customers’ attention. And make sure the most important information on your mailer – who you are and how to purchase – is clean and easy to find.


In addition to the visible aspect of design, you also need to consider the tactile element of your mailers. Many direct mail pieces are made from paper that feels cheap and sticky in the hands. This is a great way to save money on production costs, but if you want to win over millennials, you’ll need to work a little harder at it.

Make your direct mail something customers will enjoy holding onto. This doesn’t necessarily mean using expensive paper either. A clever folding design that reveals new bits of information as its opened can be just as enticing an experience as a matte finish or an embossed design.


There’s an idea in mass marketing that more is always better. The more times you get an ad in front of a potential customer, the more likely they are to buy it, and the more likely they are to buy more. But remember, millennials have been inundated with mass marketing appeals since Day One.

Keep your direct mail campaign to a reasonable volume when targeting millennials. If you start sending four mailers a week to them, they’re going to throw them all in the trash. Space your campaigns out and remember that when you’re marketing to this generation, less is more.


There’s a knack to knowing how to direct mail millennials successfully. This generation has been surrounded by ads their whole lives, so if you want to get their attention, you’ll have to go the extra mile. Make your direct mail pieces something they will love holding, and use simple language to show them that your company cares.

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