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Customers are Driving Digital Transformation

Today’s Property and Casualty Insurers recognize the shifting demographics of policyholders towards those that grew up in the digital age.  Customers now demand a 24×7, always-on, anytime, anyplace ability to interact with their providers.  Insurance executives recognize that they must build meaningful connections with their policyholders on their terms—electronically.

MHC’s suite of DX Apps enable insurers to deploy discrete digital experience applications built on the industry-leading platform for Customer Communications and Customer Experience Automation.  These apps are robust, scalable and tailored to address specific points of interaction during the customer journey.  Furthermore, these apps can be layered on top of existing systems to avoid heavy lift and replace of critical core systems.

DX Apps can be deployed one at a time to address an insurer’s most urgent concern first, or in conjunction with each other to create a cohesive customer journey.  While MHC provides standard workflows within each app, they are easily configured to support each organization’s unique business processes.


See How DX Apps Orchestrate the Customer Experience

ClaimsDX: Improve communications and the policy holder experience at this critical Moment of Truth. 

DX App Capabilities

DX Apps provide varying capabilities that are embedded directly into customer portals or applications.  The specific DX App and use case dictates the functionality included.  A sample of some of the most common capabilities are listed below:

  • Forms for 24×7 data capture, available on any device
  • Continuity of conversation and data capture across devices and sessions
  • Multi-channel communications: mail, PDF, email, SMS, push notifications, and more
  • Online HTML5 responsive documents
  • Orchestration of communications between all parties (internal and external)
  • Online analytic tools, graphs and charts for customers
  • Self-service tools: status queries, support requests
  • Pre-packaged and design-your-own communication templates
  • Task lists and work queues
  • Management dashboards and customer analytics
For a detailed understanding of the capabilities in a specific DX App, contact an MHC expert today!

DX Apps for Property and Casualty

In addition to General Industry DX Apps such as BillingDX (for billing, history and analytics), and LetterDX (for customized correspondence to policyholders), MHC also provides the following apps specific to Property and Casualty business processes:


Captures FNOL data on any device, including exact location and pictures, and immediately diverts emergency handling to the desired channel.  Initiates workflows and task lists throughout the claims process, and creates/orchestrates communications between all parties involved: policyholder, adjustor, body shop, rental agency and more. Provides self-service and visibility into claim status for policyholders. Dashboards furnish Claims Management organization with visibility into all claims, points of friction in the claims process, and areas for improving the customer experience.


Presents application forms on any device, maintaining partial application data so they may be completed later on any device, at any time.  Creates and coordinates communications regarding quotes, quote acceptance, approval/underwriting, etc.  Generates final policy packets including declarations, certificates/ID cards, terms and conditions, etc.  Presents forms for creation of riders, and other modifications to policy or policyholder information.  Logs and displays full policy and communication history.  Dashboards serve executive management with visibility into all applications, quotes and policies, including actionable data to improve conversions.


CCM Buyer’s Guide

Find out how MHC solutions build compelling and engaging experiences,
and put customers front-and-center in your communication strategy.

Enable Stronger Customer Connections

From quote to claim to policy renewal, MHC’s communication and digital experience software accelerates customer interactions, reduces manual data entry, and fosters stronger connections with your policyholders.

Insurers worldwide leverage customer correspondence software by MHC to enhance their customer experience, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with high volume and on-demand document automation.  Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries ensure compliance with corporate branding and regulatory standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

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