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Workflow Content Automation:
Before and After

Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) is an essential component of any organization’s digital transformation efforts. Simply automating the creation and assembly of business-critical documents saves a tremendous amount of time. But when this is integrated into well-designed workflow automation, the entire business process achieves even greater efficiencies.

Check out our workflow content automation infographic to see what businesses look like before and after WCA:

Workflow and Content Automation: How to Use Your Time Efficiently

When you are trying to get the best out of your company, marketing is where the rubber meets the road. By staying consistent with your marketing efforts, you’ll grow your brand and can take in new customers, while retaining your current ones.

Without question, automation is one of the best steps you can take. You’ll get more out of your workflow when you have the tools and strategies that are the most helpful.

Keep reading to learn more about workflow and content automation and how it can help you.

1. Create Your Content Well in Advance When Possible

Creating content in bulk and in advance is one of the absolute best steps that you can take toward workflow and content automation. For instance, if you run a blog, it’s better to spend a weekend putting together several posts, rather than wake up each morning, writing, and publishing that day.

This allows for a better use of your time, while also ensuring that nothing is rushed out. Creating content in bulk lets you spend more time polishing it with edits, keywords, and other bells and whistles that will put your content over the top.

2. Get Surgical With Your Content Calendar

A content publishing calendar should be the backbone of your workflow and content automation strategy. It will be your bread and butter when you’re trying to master marketing. Newspapers, magazines and other organizations all use content calendars to keep them organized and on-task.

Using a content automation schedule will allow you to release your content on your terms, without having to do spend your entire workweeks creating it. If you’re creating the content in advance, you can then use the calendar to schedule it out as you desire.

You can schedule certain pieces of content to coincide with certain days or events so that you can leverage it and get the best results.

Get your hands on a high-quality content calendar software so that you’re able to maximize on the value of each piece, while also keeping your marketing plans organized and consistent. The thing about content marketing is that you need to build your following slow and steady if you’re hoping to have longevity and brand loyalty.

Using this calendar will provide an opening to make that happen, while also helping you to use your time wisely and to keep you on task.

3. Invest in Workflow and Content Automation Software

Check around for the best workflow and content automation software so that you can hit the ground running. When you have WCA software at your disposal, it’s easier for you to keep your teams on the same accord to accomplish more.

Using a WCA platform gives you access to better collaboration and a workflow that is laid out plainly and with intuitive graphics and layout. These software platforms are typically customized and can be tailored to fit your work no matter what industry you work in.

Having access to a quality workflow and content automation system will keep your company in compliance and will allow you to maintain better records.
These software platforms come with several tools that you’ll find helpful, to include resources for accounting, information technology (IT), human resources (HR), customer relations, and document automation.

With tools like document automation software, you streamline much of your work and can create an archive you can visit end edit as needed. These software platforms come with security measures that will also keep your information safe and away from prying eyes.

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4. Create Automated E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing should be an essential component of your workflow and content automation strategy because it is one of the best channels for customer communication. E-mail marketing campaigns are is well served by automation. This is particularly important if you run an e-commerce website.

For instance, you can use automation with your e-mail marketing client to reach back out to people who have abandoned their shopping carts. People often get distracted or put items in their shopping carts on a whim. If you don’t reach back out to them, you run the risk of losing potential business that can be valuable to you.

Workflow content automation makes everything more scalable. You’ll be able to scale your e-mail marketing, customer retention, personalization, and more. Your marketing team will also better use its time, effort, and talents.

5. Use Automation to Keep Your Team Fluid and Creative

Never lose sight of the fact that workflow and content automation software flat-out makes your marketing teams better. When they don’t have to get caught up in the day to day mundane tasks that they otherwise would, it lets each team member focus on creativity, rather than grunt work.

Several workflow and marketing automation tools will allow your professionals to do what they do best without having to take their eyes off the ball. You will also note that you can make better staffing decisions since you won’t need as many hands on deck to handle tasks.

As a result, you will also have better profit margins and will get more out of your company’s marketing budget. Above all, keep an eye on these automation tools to track their success and progress. This allows you to make changes on the fly that let you scale and grow your company while minimizing errors.

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Get a Handle on Your Workflow and Content Automation

Making use of workflow and content automation will allow you to optimize your company and perform more heavy-lifting, with less effort. Take advantage of these points and don’t hesitate to touch base with us when you’d like to learn more about the tools that we offer.

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