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Know Your Documents Series – Part 2

Our On-Demand documents infographic, the second infographic in our “Know your documents” series walks you through the features of on-demand customer communications. With this type of document automation software, you can generate personalized communications upon request at ease! Find out how to do that in our infographic covering the On-Demand mode of MHC’s document automation software. Then learn all about the features of On-Demand mode and the benefits it offers.

On-Demand Documents infographic

Streamline On-Demand Document Production

On-demand communications are a paradigm shift in the production of personalized documents in real-time. While most businesses still employ batch communications as part of their transactional document production, usually as part of monthly billing cycles, on-demand communications have become increasingly popular, thanks in part to advancements in cloud technologies. Autoscaling and leveraging cloud resources elastically provide businesses with the flexibility needed to handle intensive activities (including billing) in real time.

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Why Are On-Demand Communications Gaining Popularity?  

Traditionally, high-volume communications such as invoices, letters, or statements have been produced in set cycles, for example at the end of the day or twice a month. Many businesses, however, feel that the pace of change is accelerating and a more flexible way of generating documents is needed in order to match changing business processes or customer needs.

This more agile way of producing documents is an integral part of the MHC platform for customer communications management.

On-Demand Communications Software Features

Regardless of industry, many businesses must produce enormous amounts of documents to communicate with their customers. While most of these can be generated in batch, others must be created on-demand in order to meet the specific needs of their customers. When customers require documents that are outside the communication schedule, organizations must be equipped to meet their demands quickly and efficiently.

Respecting Customer Preferences

On-demand communications, as part of a complete CCM solution, enable companies to produce documents that are entirely in line with the individual preferences of each customer. They can choose the language and tone for the communications they receive, but also the channel (print or digital via email or SMS) and the delivery schedule. Because no two customers have the same needs, businesses must be ready to deliver communications upon request.

Omnichannel Communications Icon

Omnichannel Capabilities

To deliver communications on-demand, companies must leverage omnichannel capabilities. Document production and delivery must be tailored to the individual needs of the customer. Whether the customer requests communications to be delivered via postal mail, email, SMS, or a combination of these, the documents must have the same quality and always be in line with the brand voice. Omnichannel communications give organizations the flexibility they need to deliver flawless documents upon request.

Brand and Standard Compliance

When customers receive documents, they must meet their requirements, but they must also be compliant with the brand voice and legal standards. On demand communications software leverages a single asset library, which includes everything from branding imagery and messages, to legal disclaimers carefully crafted by the legal team and regulatory information. Once the asset library has been approved, it will be used across the entire document production process, including batch but also on-demand documents.

On-Demand Documents infographic

The Benefits of Using
On-Demand Communications

Organizations strive to provide their customers with the best possible experience when interacting with their brand. This means that they have to be ready to meet their needs at all times, even when their requests are spontaneous. On-demand communications enable companies to meet individual customer needs, as well as general ones, which brings them some enormous benefits.


While the MHC solution provides support for all traditional delivery options (such as print and postal delivery), rebalancing the company’s communications strategy to use digital delivery when possible will result in reducing costs. Not only does this significantly reduce paper and printing accessory costs, but MHC’s omnichannel capabilities enable businesses to delver communications on a variety of channels and according to customer preferences. On-demand documents can be quickly produced and delivered in the format that the customer needs.


Forward-thinking enterprises see CCM software as an infrastructure and as a service layer rather than as a specialized application. With this approach, on-demand cases become opportunities to engage with customers to demonstrate that the company cares about their individual needs. With MHC’s solution, this can be done with confidence that quality is upheld, that company strategies are upheld in all documents, and that business processes run smoothly.


For years, companies have been avoiding on-demand communications because they entailed a lengthy production process. With MHC’s solution this feature is integrated in a comprehensive CCM platform, making document generation efficient and easily accessible, in line with company standards and according to the customer preferences. This boosts customer engagement and satisfaction, which in turn increases company revenue because engaged customers are the best customers: they spend more, are excellent brand advocates, and are more likely to try new products.


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