Document Automation for Business

What do your documents say about you? If they’re screaming that your brand is behind the times, it’s time for an overhaul. Sending disparate, mismatched documents via fax, email or old-school snail mail isn’t only outdated. It’s also costing your business. In fact, out-of-touch and inconsistent sales tactics are two of the top five reasons 1 most companies lose customers.

Today, using document automation software for business is more than a smart move. It’s the resource you need to usher in a new era for your enterprise. Think about the forms that your company fills in on a repeat basis. These might be your invoices, onboarding documents, sales receipts, pricing sheets, and more.

Check out our document automation for business infographic covering the main reasons why this is one investment you can’t afford to skip!

Document Automation for Business infographic

If you’re asking employees to fill these in every time by hand the need arises, consider how much productivity that wastes. Document automation serves to eliminate this hassle. In short, it’s the process of creating templated versions of your branded documents, transforming them from their paper format to a digital one.

When an employee requires access, he’ll download the form he needs, enter the specific data, and send it electronically to a recipient. This type of technology makes standards-based documents easier to customize, quicker to retrieve, and simpler to edit.

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