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Know Your Documents Series – Part 1

For our Know Your Documents infographic series, we’ll introduce you to the three different modes of generating customer communications using our document automation solution. The first one covers Batch mode, which is the ideal choice for personalizing a large number of documents in a limited time frame. Check out our batch documents infographic to find out how easy it is to personalize your documents at scale with batch communications software! Then learn all about the features of MHC’s batch document software and the benefits they offer.

How to Streamline Document Production with Batch Communications

Batch communications continue to be extremely relevant today whenever a large number of personalized documents must be produced in a limited time frame. Many businesses try to migrate to on-demand communications, but batch document production is a great fit for insurance, telecom, and financial companies that must produce a large number of communications — sometimes in the millions — as part of their monthly billing cycle. Most of these documents are transactional in nature and are a critical component of running any business.
Batch Communication Challenges

What Are the Main Batch Communication Challenges? 

Companies continue to struggle with the complexity of producing transactional documents such as statements or invoices in a limited time frame. In many cases, the solution is simply to “dumb-down” the documents in order to meet the time constraint. That includes removing layout elements (colors, fonts) or even content (transactions, conditional logic, etc.).

Overall, the customer experience is diminished. This has prompted many organizations to use MHC EngageCX, our Customer Communications Management software to deliver on customer expectations.

What Are the Features of Batch Communications Software?

Personalized Communications at Scale

Customers now expect a fully personalized experience. Template management within batch communication software enables organizations to treat each customer as an individual, not a number. While some customers still prefer to receive communications in the mail, the tide has turned to digital. Many customers would rather receive their documents through email, text messaging/SMS, or a combination of these channels. Batch document creation software leverages omnichannel communication capabilities that enable customers to access transactional documents however they choose.

Streamline Production Process

Batch communication software streamlines the production process by enabling companies to produce millions of documents at a time and send them out to customers, all within a trackable workflow. It seamlessly integrates with business applications such as CRM platforms, billing systems, or proprietary databases to ensure fully automated, worry-free batch document creation. Organizations can produce document runs on a set schedule or on-demand. With this software, customers will receive consistent, high-quality, and timely communications.

Consistent Brand Tone

Batch document creation software enables organizations to maintain a consistent brand voice throughout the entire communication flow. By leveraging a single asset library of content fragments (branding, legal disclaimers, regulatory information) across all documents, company communications are always in line with brand-specific features. They are also compliant with industry standards and legal requirements.
Batch Documents Infographic

Discover the Key Benefits of Using MHC’s Batch Communications

By leveraging batch communications systems, organizations can streamline operations and optimize document development, all while reducing production costs and increasing company revenue. Here are some of the advantages:


Each month, companies generate millions upon millions of documents – monthly statements, customer letters, invoices, etc. When dealing with high volume document production, leveraging batch communications software takes away the strain of dealing with enormous document loads from employees. It frees them from dealing with repetitive tasks and it enables them to focus on more sensitive responsibilities.


Engagement doesn’t happen in mass-produced form letters, but rather, it happens when communications become a personalized, time-sensitive dialog. Top-of-the-line batch communication systems do much more than simply produce millions of documents in a matter of clicks. They produce large volumes of documents that convert because they are individually engaging for customers. In turn, this increases company revenue because customers chose brands that offer them a superior customer experience.


By streamlining the production of large volumes of documents, batch communications systems also reduce company costs. They significantly reduce execution time and eliminate tracking issues as well as human error from the process, which leads to an overall cost reduction for communication development. Moreover, they ensure standard compliance for communications, which helps organizations steer clear of fines and/or legal expenses.


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