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When your promises of service impact basic human needs and expectations, your automation solution should be anything but basic.

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Customer-Centric Communications
for Utility Providers


Today’s utilities strive to meet diverse challenges yet encounter similar demands regarding customer communications. Increased regulation and competition, changing customer behaviors, aging infrastructures, and the need to educate the public on environmentally sustainable practices all place demands on today’s telecom, electric, water, and gas providers.

Demographics of consumers are shifting toward companies who are more environmentally conscious, digitally adept, have higher customer service expectations, and offer 24×7 access to account information. This shift is an opportunity for your business to stand out from the rest. For instance, telecom providers emphasize technological advancement and innovation as their guarantee to keep customers at the forefront of what’s possible. Electric retailers differentiate themselves with exceptional customer service, online portals with analytics, and straightforward billing. Waterworks undertake extensive customer outreach and education programs to communicate the value of natural resources, the importance of conservation, and the significance of infrastructure investment. Gas providers educate their customers on power options, cost comparisons, and environmental concerns.

Utilities greet these challenges with automated yet personalized customer communications regarding account creation, servicing, and terminations. Interactive analytics empower customers to research usage statistics and billing trends. Billing and collections correspondence delivered via the customer’s preferred channel improves satisfaction and lowers print and postal costs. Carefully planned and executed outreach communications, across a variety of devices and media, empower citizens and customers to make the best choices for themselves, their utility, and their environment.

Build Digital Channels


A study by J.D. Power shows that utilities “are among the lowest-performing industry groups when it comes to delivering distinct digital customer experiences, except for a few industry pioneers.”

Engage Millennials


According to Accenture, almost four-fifths of millennials would consider switching energy providers if a seamless experience was not provided, which shows how important the customer experience is for them.

Improve Service to Smartphone Users


On average, smartphone users must persevere through an average of four days and two attempts to complete an interaction with their telecom service provider. Customers will prefer providers that require minimal effort to obtain support.


Customer Communications
for Utilities Guide

Learn how MHC customer communications management solutions enhance engagement, reduce operating costs, and control document automation risks. 

MHC Automation Adds Stronger Customer Connection

From marketing and transfer/closure to account creation and self-service analytics, MHC’s telecom and utility communication software strengthens customer interactions, curtails print and postal costs, and fosters loyal connections with customers.

Telecom and utilities providers worldwide leverage customer communication software by MHC to enhance their customer engagement, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with high volume and on-demand document automation. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries ensure compliance with corporate branding and regulatory standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

Utility Communications

Design and deploy personalized communications through a variety of delivery channels both automatically and manually. Enhance the customer experience with accurate, timely and compliant correspondences.


Leverage the most frequent utility communication to build customer engagement. Provide meaningful, interactive data in the medium of choice (mobile, email, print, etc.) Reduce demand on call center resources.


Empower informed decisions. Enable customers to review consumption and billing data in real-time.
Support intelligent usage decisions in the best interest of the customer, the utility and the environment.

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