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When you’re in the business of helping businesses work better, automation software can be your best key to success.

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Onward and Upward with Technology
and Business Services by MHC

As a technology and business services company, MHC understands the need to practice what you preach to your customers. When you’re selling your stellar products and services to other companies, you also need to ensure your own enterprise reflects what you’re offering. More than that, you need systems that empower you to meet the high demands of customer support, customer education, and product integration into various business systems and ERPs. Because we get what you do and why you need to do it, MHC automation is the best solution to put your best foot forward. 

Technology and Business Services by MHC
Workflow Process Automation icon

Workflow Process Automation

This is the holy grail for any business: to finally have systems in place that streamline document processing and internal workflows so efficiency and accuracy is in the forefront. MHC’s Workflow Process Automation works in your business, with your existing ERP and systems, to demonstrate that you’re drinking your own Koolaid when it comes to offering technology and business services.

Batch and On-Demand Communications icon

Batch and On-Demand Communications

No volume of documents is too great for MHC’s Batch Communications to handle. Easily prepare and distribute routine or scheduled communications to your customers that are personalized, branded, and accurate. For one-off messaging that falls outside of normal routines, On-Demand Communications ensure the same output and accuracy.

Customer Communications Management icon

Customer Communications Management

Organize and track the back-and-forth correspondence occurring between your technology or business services company with the power of MHC’s CCM solution. By logging every interaction and recording preferences of individual customers, you can focus more on the products and service you provide to businesses while your customers appreciate your responsive messaging.

Customer Experience Automation icon

Customer Experience Automation

From their first awareness of your business throughout their lifecycle as a customer, experience should be constantly improved, iterated, and innovated. As the world brings us new ways to interact with customers with each passing day, MHC’s CX Automation solution ensures you are using all of the tools in the communications toolbox and creating exceptional CX.

Developer Toolkit Icon


The expectation for any company providing technology or business services is that you must have the upper hand on how to make things work for your customers. MHC’s Developer Toolkit is just another way that our automation solutions increase your credibility with your customers while providing them with autonomy to create their own documents in an easy interface.

Digital Transformation icon


Paper documents are still floating around the business world today, but the shift to going digital is undeniable and imminent. Your technology or business services company helps guide leaders and their teams into the digital era, showing them all the ways that switching from physical paper to virtual documents can benefit their business. MHC Digital Transformation is ready for deployment.

Financial Transactions icon


Just as money is a currency every business uses, trust is just as important of a currency for any individual or entity being paid by your finance and accounting teams. MHC’s Financial Transaction functionality gives you insight into where ever cent is going, as well as providing you with features of today such as ACH, positive pay, and remote check printing. Handle your money without it handling you.

Omnichannel Communications icon

Omnichannel Communications

You’re already aware that technology has brought us so many alternatives for communicating beyond printed paper or even emails. Today your customers use multiple apps and mediums to send and receive communications, and MHC’s Omnichannel Communications empower you to use the best combinations of any of them to reach the customers that prefer those channels.

Personalized Communications icon

Personalized Communications

It’s all too easy for a business to have an abrupt or excessive business-like tone in communications; we forget that we’re interacting with humans on the other side of our message. Through MHC’s Personalized Communications functionality, you can add that slight yet important personalized touch to your documents and messaging, ever-increasing the likelihood of your customers engaging more.

Tax Document Digital Delivery icon

Tax Document Digital Delivery

Your business is focused on delivering options in areas that help a company keep running. When you can also demonstrate accessibility and instant access to vital documents, such as for tax and compliance, impressing your customers is just one added benefit. Your accounting teams will also appreciate MHC’s Tax and Compliance Document Digital Deliver for being a true time-saver.


Get to Know MHC – MHC Buyer’s Guide

Get to Know MHC

Drowning in invoices or tangled in document chaos? Encumbered by manual processes? Relations inside and outside the enterprise compromised? All of the above?

Get where you need to be with MHC!

From document capture and content creation to employee self-service and other critical use cases across the enterprise, you can combine and configure MHC’s automation solutions to empower teams to meet goals today – and for the long game.

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Overcome Challenges in Technology and Business Services with MHC

We Have Your Existing Tech in Mind
with MHC Technology

You’re a company that wields technology to the extent that you help other businesses wield theirs. It stands to reason you always have an eye for how systems can and should work better in your own company; after all, by seeing to your own optimizations you become your own testimonial to your customers that technology really can work for them.

You understand that finding a solution that seamlessly integrates with existing data in a company’s technology is a tough find; so many solutions sell high yet perform low in this area, revealing hiccups and obstacles only once the purchase is made. MHC’s automation is the exception: it integrates with your business data and platforms you’re already using, such as Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, SAP, and many others. No longer do you need to sweat the details that typically pop up to frustrate you later. With MHC, you have the solution that was so tough to find yet works so well with your business processes.

Functionalities such as MHC’s high-volume document production, batch and on-demand communications, and our developer toolkit all hook right in to your business data and allow you to start realizing increased success and decreased inefficiency right away.

Serving Your Business with MHC Automation
So You Can Serve Others

Business services truly runs the spectrum in all the ways and areas you can help other companies achieve more than they were previously. As you focus on the various departments, tasks, and processes you can help improve for your customers, the communications and experience aspects may not necessarily be front of mind as you work on what you do best. Yet your customers, while being supported by you to optimize their business, still need to feel heard, make easy contact with your teams, and have an exceptional experience throughout their interactions with your company.

MHC automation has the solutions you need to cover this area of your company so you can focus on the more hands-on approach to business services you provide. As a unified platform providing customer experience automation and customer communications management, your customers will feel the extra special treatment you send them through personalized messaging that even reflects their preferences for language and tone of voice. Additionally, you can offer functionalities like interactive documents that look and feel like webpages, as well as centralized communication so each team and individual has appropriate role-based access to customer data.

Here’s What Our Customers Think

NeKiya Z.
Senior Accountant II
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

Unlock Your business potential with MHC 

I love the outstanding customer service from MHC Software. We appreciate the support staff’s dedication to helping us find practical solutions, reacting promptly, and going above and beyond our expectations, regardless of how detailed or specific it may be.

Verified G2 User in Retail
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

Smooth with MHC

Easy to use. Easy to validate the payment files and the integration with banking system. Very helpful for validation process or research when there is an issue.

Rebecca G.
Asst VP Financial Systems & Payroll
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Excellent Solutions & Great Customer Service

MHC offers solutions to streamline business processes that take your efficiency to the next level. They truly care about their customers and go above and beyond to ensure that the products they offer function well.

Patrick H.
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Well planned,intuitive and accommodating software with a most willing and congenial support staff.

The support staff is extremely valuable. They have even gone beyond their expected scope to ferret out solutions with us. All businesses have their nuances and they helped us meet those needs.

MHC – Phenomenal company to work with!”

MHC has some of the best customer service out there. I have worked with a large number of vendors and MHC has been consistently responsive to our needs over the past 8+ years. Their software is solid and performs well across all areas of our businesses.

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