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As retail continues to expand and evolve, a customer’s journey and experience have increasing importance, but more than ever, cash remains king in retail.

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Content Management Specialized for Retail

Optimized for Efficiency, Visibility, and Control

The retail industry is more competitive than ever. For every single storefront, there are many retail web sites. Now, more than ever before, for retail companies to flourish, they need to streamline business processes, increase control and visibility over the supply chain, make better-informed decisions and, ultimately, do more with less. Retailers must prioritize efficient operations and focus on their bottom line as much as their top line.


Our retail solution combines in-context image retrieval with extensive automation capability. In as little as 90 days you can be on the path to an efficient paperless office, driven by AP invoice automation, intelligent web forms and workflow automation. 


In-context access powered by 7×24 self-service enables real-time visibility. Imagine a staff accountant or retail buyer viewing the specific invoice you are searching for with all the related documents, from requisition through payment, in one intuitive view.


Take control of your content. Securely store digital images of your documents and leverage sophisticated workflow approval routing with built-in delay identification, reminders, escalation, auditing, and more.

Transaction Automation

Select from existing procure-to-pay or HR hire-to-retire digital automation solutions or ask MHC to deploy a new custom extension for you. MHC makes sharing information secure, efficient, and easy.

AP Invoice Automation

Invoice automation with industry-specific active intelligence, ensuring fast and effective OCR processing and the tools necessary to help you secure every available discount.

Freedom From Paper

Bogged down by the sheer volume of employee paperwork? Replace your in-house paperwork with intelligent and integrated web forms. MHC has the solutions you need to free you from the avalanche of paper in retail.


Get to Know MHC

Find out how you can combine and configure MHC’s solutions to automate your most critical processes and empower teams to meet their goals. 

Why Customers Choose MHC

Uniquely MHC

Retail is always evolving and MHC understands that retail organizations need flexibility now and in the future as their needs and systems change. We purposefully engineer our solutions to integrate with and complement any combination of enterprise systems so that customers can continue to grow and evolve with right-sized content services solutions.

Precisely for Your Needs

Imagine precision-designed documents and transactions tailored to your internal and external audiences – delivered how and when the information is needed. MHC solutions aggregate data from one or more of your enterprise systems and transform the information into easy-to-read, actionable, and delivered content.

Our customers choose only the functionality they need and avoid the expense of unnecessary functionality. Our custom-tailored solutions remove the restrictions placed on your organization, so your team can focus on truly growing and delivering maximum performance.

Trusted Partner

Customer focus. There are some people who talk the talk and fail to walk the walk. At MHC, we talk it, we walk it, and we live it. Customer service is our passion. We follow a very simple philosophy instituted by the company founders many years ago.

Customer success is our #1 priority!

Our content and software solutions are viewed or used by millions of users, including our customers’ customers, employees and external partners. We appreciate the trust customers put in us to deliver content-related solutions that meet their objectives and represent their brand inside and outside their organizations.

Each phone call we answer (yes, answer!), training session we give, solution we implement, customer we serve is driven by our unrelenting passion to help our customers succeed.

Accelerated Results

Are you ready to be more productive, more efficient, and have more visibility into your operations? Now is the time to optimize your operations to get ready for your retail growth. MHC is ready to help you reach your destination faster.

See MHC in Action!

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