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Managing Documents Makes Manufacturing Better   

Manufacturing is undergoing significant change. Current trends for data exchange and automation are prompting IT executives to assess if their document production and reporting systems can rise to the challenge. In most cases, the answer is “no:” obsolete software or unmaintained home-grown solutions can no longer sustain the performance requirements of today’s Industry 4.0 initiatives. MHC provides what your manufacturing business demands for document management: highly scalable enterprise document automation, complex business rules and workflow support, print stream management, and omnichannel distribution. 

Challenges for
Document Management in Manufacturing 

The manufacturing industry is a world of ever-changing moving parts. For many manufacturing organizations, managing documents often presents the biggest obstacle to keeping the entire system running smoothly.

Maintaining Vendor Relationships Icon

Maintaining Vendor Relationships

Just as important as your customers, vendors and suppliers need your attention at every step. That includes documents like bids and packing slips, which are just a few ways to must cultivate consistent communications between your teams to keep the pipeline going.

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Creating Customer Communications

While you’re in the business of making things for customers, you can’t forget that communications are yet another thing you must create repeatedly. Generating high volumes of proposals, product information, and invoices - all of which should be appealing and accurate for the customer - is crucial to keep customer relationships strong.

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Lowering Costs

Every industry is keen on cutting expenses, and manufacturing is no different. Keeping overhead low so you can focus your team’s energies on the business of manufacturing can be difficult when you also must have an eye for your document management.

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Less Dependency On IT

As usually happens in industries that aren’t built around marketing and communications, the brunt of the document management work often falls to the IT team at your company. Their expertise is in keeping computers and networks functioning, yet they’re often tasked with creating and distributing company documents. By forcing your IT to work outside of their wheelhouse, employee friction and dissatisfaction is a constant challenge.  

MHC helps manufacturing organizations meet these specific challenges with the benefits and features of automation that make efficient, high-volume document management easy. 

Benefits of Using Manufacturing Document Management Software

Challenges will never completely disappear from the business world, and they’ll change regularly based on trends and technology. That’s why the benefits of a document management software that updates right along with every new challenge carries so many benefits for your business.

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Reduced Risk

Needing fewer people to create and send documents means the likelihood of human error also decreases. MHC's document management software provides automated reviews and streamlined approvals to ensure errors are a thing of the past.

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Increased Revenue

Manufacturing document automation has a positive impact on your organization’s revenue since it takes less time and fewer resources to create, validate, and send documents. In this case, less is definitely more.

Speed To Market Icon

Speed To Market

The speed of document automation can put your organization ahead of competitors. Since the documents are created automatically – following a set workflow configured for your business – your organization can create and send millions of documents a day.

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Reduced Cost

As the saying goes, time is money. With document automation, less time used equals more money saved. Spending less time to input data or create and send documents is good news for your organization’s bottom line.


Customer Communications for Utilities Guide

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Why Do Manufacturers Need a Customer Communication Platform?

The business applications you’re currently using are not doing a good enough job-generating documents and reports, so you’re forced to limp along with Crystal Reports, FOP, or home-grown solutions. MHC provides what your users demand: highly scalable, enterprise-class document rendering, complex business rules and workflow support, print stream management, and omnichannel distribution.

Learn how MHC customer communications management solutions empower Manufacturing experts to engage their customers with personalized communication capabilities.

Download Our Guide

Features of MHC’s Document Management Software for Manufacturing

If you’re new to the world of document management for your manufacturing organization, MHC’s automation software offers a whole new experience through features that will transform your existing processes.  

Workflow Process Automation  

The step-by-step processes of your manufacturing business have amazing potential to be automated for efficiency and accuracy. Let MHC automation move things along at the right time and to the right teams. 

Maintaining open communication lines with customers and suppliers is a must-do, which is why automation for your company’s correspondence is a must-have. Revolutionize your routine communications with our automation solutions. 

Just like we all can hear our name spoken across a crowded room, seeing our name, department, and company on communications is a natural attention-grabber. Use automation to personalize your manufacturing communications for the right person every time. 

Email. Text. Voice. Video. Print. Web. Count all the ways you’re able to communicate with customers and suppliers, and you can bet they all use a combination of at least two to three different channels. Automation can achieve synchronized and effective omnichannel communication for your manufacturing business.  

Where is a document stored? Who is it going to? What information, from different sources, needs to be on it? When will it be received or sent? Document automation provides the “how” answer to all these questions to ensure your manufacturing documents are all accounted for all the time.   

Anyone in communications will tell you that consistency is key, and that includes the design and layout of your business documents. Automating your manufacturing documents includes template management, so every invoice, PO, and packing slip looks the way it should for your company.  

Shipping and Receiving Documentation Software 

There is always more than one document involved with shipping or receiving an item, and the beauty of automation is that every related scrap of information is brought together for context. Documentation software brings sense and security to your manufacturing S&R. 
If you can picture yourself drowning in paperwork, it may be hard to imagine how document automation software won’t get submerged, too. High volumes of documentation, from packing slips to purchase orders, are no match for the power of automation as each document is captured, transformed, and distributed correctly.

People are the most prized moving parts of your manufacturing business, so being able to offer them access to all of their own personnel documents is an oft-overlooked yet extremely beneficial aspect of automation. Use Document Self-Service to effectively serve your own staff so they can set their minds on the work at hand.  

As shipments come and go in your business, the volume of documents you must receive and send out may fluctuate in volume but never cease to be a vital component to your company’s success. Manufacturing document management is a win-win approach to how your business captures incoming documents, translates and grabs the data you need from each one, and turns them into your style as they’re sent back out to customers and suppliers. Learn more about how MHC can help you manage your documents rather than letting them manage you.

Here’s What Our Customers Think

NeKiya Z.
Senior Accountant II
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

Unlock Your business potential with MHC 

I love the outstanding customer service from MHC Software. We appreciate the support staff’s dedication to helping us find practical solutions, reacting promptly, and going above and beyond our expectations, regardless of how detailed or specific it may be.

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Mary MacDonald
Accounts Payable Manager
Cherry Creek School District

What is nice about workflow is that it helps us organize our work better – we know if we already sent something out for approval or not and where the invoice is in the process. Before, that was done manually with files and piles.

Rebecca G.
Asst VP Financial Systems & Payroll
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Excellent Solutions & Great Customer Service

MHC offers solutions to streamline business processes that take your efficiency to the next level. They truly care about their customers and go above and beyond to ensure that the products they offer function well.

Patrick H.
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Well planned,intuitive and accommodating software with a most willing and congenial support staff.

The support staff is extremely valuable. They have even gone beyond their expected scope to ferret out solutions with us. All businesses have their nuances and they helped us meet those needs.

MHC – Phenomenal company to work with!”

MHC has some of the best customer service out there. I have worked with a large number of vendors and MHC has been consistently responsive to our needs over the past 8+ years. Their software is solid and performs well across all areas of our businesses.

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