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Customer Experience Built on Claims Correspondence

Purchasing patterns shift as generations age, and technology consistently evolves. The changing demographics of policyholders towards those that grew up in the digital age creates opportunities for Insurers to capitalize on this new market. Insurance providers seek to differentiate themselves by both offering unique products, as well as unparalleled customer experiences. As part of the claims automation process, claims correspondence offers the single-most influential way to impact the insurance customer experience when it matters most: after a loss.

Newer insurance companies invest in the latest technologies, including best-in-class claims correspondence software. Meanwhile, established providers with legacy core systems launch digital transformation initiatives with a focus on customer experience.

Customers now demand a 24×7, always-on, anytime, anyplace ability to interact with providers regarding their claims. Insurance executives recognize that they must build meaningful connections with their policyholders during the claims process. Claims correspondence software provides one of the best opportunities to differentiate themselves and to engage their customers for life.

From the first notice of loss through settlement, our claims correspondence software can help you optimize claim workflows, spend less time and resources, and foster stronger connections with policyholders.

Next-Level Customer Experience

Communicate with policyholders how they want, where they want, when they want. Create personalized claims correspondence in their language of choice, using the tone (formal, informal) they prefer. Provide interactive documents and forms that engage customers.

Collaborate for Success

Bring all parties involved in the claim together to ensure a smooth, seamless experience for the customer. Automatically distribute error-free, timely documents, communications and checks to the appropriate parties.

Claims Automation

Provide around the clock service to policyholders when it will make the biggest impact—while processing a claim. Automate support and claims-based correspondence from a user-friendly and intuitive portal or app when it matters most. Make life-long connections with each policyholder through timely, accurate and meaningful communications throughout the entire claims process.


Provide an easy-to-use interface to capture first notice of loss and further claim data from policyholders 24×7. Generate claims correspondence as-needed and on-demand regardless of time of day. Allow customers to interact with you when they want and how they want without increasing call-center support costs.

Reduce Risk

Eliminate errors in forms, documents and other correspondence in the claims process. Avoid duplicate, error-prone re-entry of critical data elements. Deliver accurate correspondence to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce litigation risk. 


Customer Communications
for Insurers Guide

Learn how MHC customer communications management solutions empower insurers to engage their customers with personalized communication capabilities.

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Enable Stronger Customer Connections

Insurers  worldwide leverage  claims correspondence  software by  MHC  to enhance their customer experience, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with the claims automation process. Thousands of companies across a broad range of industries use MHC to ensure compliance with corporate branding and regulatory standards while establishing genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

CX Solutions

Insurers can leverage CX software to build a compelling user experience that solidifies their reputation among customers.


Claims automation software helps you optimize workflows and foster stronger connections with policyholders.

Policy Correspondence

Automate policy processes, tackle complex document workflows, streamline compliance and eliminate human errors.

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