Insurance Customer Experience

Personalized correspondence can make a big difference in an industry where legalese and fine print is a mainstay of communications.

Insurance Customer Experience

Customer-Centric Correspondence for
Property and Casualty Providers

Customers are Driving Digital Transformation

Property and Casualty Insurers constantly evolve to address increased regulation, rapid technological advances, changing customer behavior, and competition from new providers. The rise of the Gig and Share Economies creates demand for new and innovative products such as short-term insurance policies while borrowing a friend’s car, offering rideshare services, or a one-time vacation rental of a home. Meanwhile, the shifting demographics of insurance buyers towards those who grew up in the digital age further intensifies the need for enhanced customer communications capabilities.

New insurers leveraging the latest technologies challenge established providers with legacy core systems. Both of these groups strive to provide a digital differentiation—a customer experience that exceeds the needs of today’s policyholders and sets them apart from competitors.

As a result, senior insurance executives state that their top two priorities are strengthening their technological capabilities and customer experience initiatives. Some take this opportunity to redesign entire processes and organization charts to more efficiently meet customer demands, while others search for technologies to improve customer engagement without a full lift and replace of core systems.

Support Existing Customers


As online retailers continue to raise the bar, insurers’ digitally savvy customers and distribution partners expect similar experiences with all of their online transactions, including the distribution and purchase of products. Again, data will underpin key features such as personalization on a mass scale. And the growing adoption of new devices such as digital voice assistants / smart speakers will continue to drive the need for device-agnostic user experiences.

Technological Change


Putting the customer at the center of the business is a driving success factor for any core transformation effort. With the rise of customer portals and digital platforms, insurers can now focus on customizing the digital layer while retaining the back-end core.


Customer Communications
for Insurers Guide

Learn how MHC customer communications management solutions empower insurers to engage their customers with personalized communication capabilities.

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Enable Stronger Connections with Your Insurance Customers

From quote to claim to policy renewal, MHC’s communication and digital experience software accelerates customer interactions, reduces manual data entry, and fosters stronger connections with your policyholders.

Insurers worldwide leverage customer correspondence software to enhance their customer experience, reduce operating costs, and control the inherent risks associated with high volume and on-demand document automation. Keep compliance at the forefront while also caring enough to meet your customers where they’re at through personalized communications, all with the help of MHC automation. 


Claims automation software helps you optimize workflows and foster stronger connections with policyholders.

Claims Correspondence

Design and deploy consistent, personalized communications through a variety of delivery channels both automatically and manually.

Policy Correspondence

Automate policy processes, tackle complex document workflows, streamline compliance and eliminate human errors.

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