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Business Communication for Financial Services Is at the Crossroads of Digital Transformation

The financial services industry demands clear, compliant, and secure communication. But in today’s digital landscape, keeping up with ever-changing regulations and handling document generation processes is a lot to manage. In addition, leading financial services providers recognize the need to invest in delivering engaging digital experiences that will set them apart.

15% stat

Banks with personalized communication strategies see a 10% lift in customer satisfaction and a 15% increase in sales.

The cost of non-compliance with financial regulations can reach billions of dollars for individual institutions.

64% of banking customers in the US are more likely to switch providers if their communication expectations aren’t met.

Financial institutions with strong omnichannel communication strategies experience a 25% higher customer satisfaction score compared to those with weak strategies.


25% stat

Customer Communication
for Any Type of Financial Institution

Providing a great customer experience remains a critical yet complex challenge in remaining competitive. This is where Customer Communication Management (CCM) software comes in. It empowers banks, credit unions, consumer lenders, and wealth management firms to address their specific communication challenges, fostering deeper customer and member relationships.

CCM for Banks

CCM software streamlines content management for banks, easing adaptation to regulations and reducing legal risks while boosting operational efficiency. It also enhances the digital experience, aiding in competition with fintech firms, and crucial in fostering customer loyalty and increasing customer lifetime value.

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CCM for Banks
CCM for Consumer Lenders

CCM for Consumer Lenders

Consumer lenders encounter distinct communication challenges, such as delivering personalized messages while adhering to regulations. CCM software automates and customizes communications, ensuring compliance and enhancing borrower engagement. CCM software enables consumer lenders to strengthen relationships with borrowers, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

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CCM for Credit Unions

CCM software supports credit unions in tackling their specific challenges, from ensuring regulatory compliance across member statements or loan applications to automating new member engagement journeys. It enables a personalized and efficient member experience that rivals larger financial institutions.

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CCM for Wealth Management Image

CCM for Wealth Management

Wealth management firms leverage CCM software to generate personalized statements, streamline complex investment reports, and automate regulatory disclosures – all tailored to each client’s specific portfolio. In elevating their client communication, they are also fostering transparency and trust with clients.

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Built for Your Financial Communication Needs

Account Statements

Provide personalized account statements that are easy to understand, including annual statements and tax statements

Loan Documents

Efficiently handle all loan documents, including agreements, promissory notes, and disclosures for various loan types.

Customer and Member Onboarding

Streamline your customer and member onboarding experience by making applications, account opening and closing documents, and renewal documents quick and easy.

Engage with borrowers leveraging personalized letters and correspondence. Empower consumers with meaningful statements and analytics.

Provide meaningful, clear, and engaging investment reports and statements. Engage with clients via personalized correspondence.


Unleash the power of automated customer communications with

MHC EngageCX

MHC’s EngageCX software offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that not only streamline your communication processes, help you automate the creation of compliant documents, and give you direct control, but also deliver key benefits to your customers, with well-designed and engaging communications.


Customer Communications for Finance Guide

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Why Do Banks and Wealth Management Firms Need a Customer Communication Platform?

Customer communication preferences change as rapidly as new technologies do. Financial services providers leverage either a single core system or multiple applications for different aspects of their business.

Learn how MHC customer communications management solutions empower finance experts to engage their customers with personalized communication capabilities.

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Here’s What Our Customers Think

NeKiya Z.
Senior Accountant II
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

Unlock Your business potential with MHC 

I love the outstanding customer service from MHC Software. We appreciate the support staff’s dedication to helping us find practical solutions, reacting promptly, and going above and beyond our expectations, regardless of how detailed or specific it may be.

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Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Customer support is quick and very helpful

Makes generation of documents very easy for non-technical users.

Rebecca G.
Asst VP Financial Systems & Payroll
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Excellent Solutions & Great Customer Service

MHC offers solutions to streamline business processes that take your efficiency to the next level. They truly care about their customers and go above and beyond to ensure that the products they offer function well.

Great offering of products, excellent customer service.

Simple to use, works well with our ERP system, and MHC stays current with changing technologies.

MHC – Phenomenal company to work with!”

MHC has some of the best customer service out there. I have worked with a large number of vendors and MHC has been consistently responsive to our needs over the past 8+ years. Their software is solid and performs well across all areas of our businesses.

See MHC in Action!

In the dynamic world of customer communications, MHC is your perfect partner, uniquely equipped to address your critical customer communication needs.

MHC, with almost 40 combined years of dedicated focus on automation, stands out as the seasoned expert in making automation a core part of your communication strategy. See the difference for yourself!

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