Shopping for software is like shopping for smartwatches.

The G2 Grid Report is out and we turned it into your shopper’s guide for Enterprise AP Automation.  

There’s really only one, clear choice. We’re committed to your success and it shows.  

While the G2 Grid Report tells you how a company ranks highest among their competitors, you still need the why. That’s where our report demonstrates the ways that MHC surpasses all others for your  AP Automation solution.  
G2’s Fall 2021 Badges for MHC AP Automation

Learn why MHC has a big batch of badges. 

Our customers have decided we win in the areas that matter most: we work with your teams, we make sure your people can use the tools we provide, we support you at every step, and we meet every need you throw our way. That’s why G2 has thrown all the badges our way!   
G2 Star Rating

MHC is the perfect addition to what’s working for your company.

You probably have much of what you already need in place. Make it look and work and deliver a little better! We add our enterprise content management solution to your existing ERP to make what was once good great.  
MHC vs Other

Every person and process has potential.

The beauty of ECM for your company is that is isn’t meant for just one team or department. Wherever your content is, the ECM is also there to capture, transform, and distribute documents through every step of your processes and to every team member they touch. Silos vanish. Errors disappear. Calm replaces chaos as your entire organization realizes the power of document automation. 
automated process and visibility

We’re ready to guide you to greatness. 
 our report today to take your next step to:  


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