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Automate the entire customer communication process, from production and assembly to personalization and omnichannel delivery.

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How We Joined the MHC Family

In June 2020, Ecrion joined the MHC family, working to help you meet the ever-evolving needs of your business. Now, Ecrion will officially be known as MHC. You’ll still have access to the same customer service that you love and the same creative solutions that support you, your customers, and your future—just under a unified brand.

Want to learn more? See how these changes are shaping MHC’s plan to bring better, bolder enterprise solutions to you.

We empower companies to establish genuine, one-on-one connections with their customers—with one purpose-built, modular platform. Document Automation, Customer Communication Management, Customer Experience Automation and Digital Experience solutions don’t just make for more seamless workflows for your team, they help you forge genuine connections with customers and maximize lifetime customer value.

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Customer Communications Management

Struggling to connect with your customers in a way that’s both effective and scalable?  With Customer Communications Management:

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Design communications that make sense for your customers, with an easy-to-use visual design tool.

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Leverage omnichannel communications features to reach users where they are, whether it’s via email, text, or more.

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Automatically collect data to create comprehensive communication workflows. 

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Need to streamline how you produce business-critical documents? With Document Automation:

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Create custom templates for any sort of documentation, whether it’s internal or customer-facing.

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Store all of the elements necessary to your documentation—from templates and branding fragments to images and logos—in one central repository.

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Automatically create and distribute the documents you need to get the job done. 

Customer Experience

Looking to improve how you engage with customers? Struggling to create a more personalized experience? With Customer Experience Automation:

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Monitor your customers’ journey to meet them where they’re at.

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Study robust customer analytics with a convenient dashboard to help you make more strategic decisions.

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Establish and maintain genuine, one-on-one connections with customers.


Unleash the power of automated customer communications with

MHC EngageCX

MHC’s EngageCX software offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that not only streamline your communication processes, help you automate the creation of compliant documents, and give you direct control, but also deliver key benefits to your customers, with well-designed and engaging communications.

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MHC’s modern CCM platform has customer-centricity at its heart, enabling it to empower customers to meet their evolving business goals. While EngageCX is a very rounded suite in itself, MHC has taken it even further by incorporating it within its newly developed MHC NorthStar platform, allowing it to serve as a versatile front-end CX layer to back-end automation processes. The new combination delivers a powerful and agile platform that is poised for exciting growth.

Kaspar Roos
CEO & Founder of Aspire

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CCM Buyer’s Guide

Customer Communication Management – from anywhere at any time. Agile and reliable delivery of high-impact communications when it matters most.

Rather than merely a piece of technology, good CCM is better understood as a business strategy that employs the maximum potential of all its parts. Our whitepaper covers all the essential aspects. 

The Top 15 points to Consider when Buying a CCM Solution

Future-proof your purchase by considering more than just today’s requirements.
What is Customer Communications Management?
Learn how to streamline the design, generation, assembly and distribution of business-critical communications.

Download Our Guide

Find out how MHC can help you achieve consistency across your communications at the pace you need.

Essilor Improves Operational Efficiency with Rendering and Printing Stability

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Marco Kuster
Head of Innovation and Digitization

MHC has empowered us to be an innovator in our field

We now provide new services to our customers,
increasing our value to them and growing our top-line revenue.

Steve Turner
Director Billing Services

MHC has been a great solution to automate large monthly statement runs very quickly and efficiently 

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Aspire Leaderboard

MHC’s dynamic capabilities are second-to-none and its modular product portfolio makes it very adaptable to customer needs.

José Luis Betances
Director, Business Analysis

MHC’s design tool puts power in the hands of our business users, freeing up IT.

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Mel Yuson
Enterprise Architect, Essilor International S.A.

The biggest differentiator is the support and commitment to the customer.

I can say [EngageCX] also owns the same objective that we have in Essilor IT. With that same ownership mindset, the challenges and struggles that we face along the way become a lot manageable and able to resolve with permanent solutions.”


Document Automation Buyer’s Guide

Maximize every interaction, your way. Agile and reliable delivery of high-impact communications when it matters most.
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