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State streamlines operations & achieves ROI in seven months

The State of New Hampshire is the 9th oldest state in the United States and serves 1.3 million citizens operating a budget of $5+ billion. In the late 2000s, the State of New Hampshire took aggressive measures to reduce expenditures and decrease the State’s environmental impact. Since implementing MHC’s Image Express document management solution integrated with Infor Lawson, the State has cut costs and achieved stellar annualized environmental benefits such as reducing demand for over 9 tons of paper and 23,000 gallons of gas!


The State of New Hampshire comprises 65 state agencies and processes about 42,000 accounts payable transactions each month; prior to implementing a document management solution, State resources needed to hand off hardcopy vendor invoices and copies sometimes as many as 15 times to generate a single payment

The State faced thousands of paper invoices getting copied and physically transferred from receipt at agency business offices, to their program managers for coding, to the centralized State comptroller office for final approval and eventually to the State archives


The State of New Hampshire selected MHC to address its needs – as an Infor Lawson-integrated document imaging system, MHC Image Express integrates with Infor Lawson and is designed to help finance and back-office organizations streamline operations

In 2010, the State launched the MHC Image Express implementation for AP invoices to complement its existing MHC Document Express document output solution for AP checks, 1099s, purchase orders and other document types

To enhance the State’s Infor Lawson Process Flow usage, MHC supplemented the invoice approver work unit views in Infor Lawson to include links to AP invoice images

"Using the MHC Image Express software in conjunction with our Lawson AP module, we have been able to gain efficiencies in processing, auditing, approving, transportation, storage, research and interactions with our vendors. The solution was relatively inexpensive and simple to deploy and to train. The feedback from every type of user has been extremely positive."


The imaging project launched in March 2010 and the State went live in July; by the end of 2011, 95% of the State’s AP volume was processed via MHC imaging


Invoice approvers view invoice images in one click and can approve documents in a fraction of the time it used to take, while the system audit trail tracks every user action

Authorized resources are able to view and track AP invoice documents from any geographic location in seconds, saving valuable time and money internally

Vendor payments are processed faster according to terms and providing opportunities for discounts and better business relationships

Estimated annualized environmental benefits include: reduced demand for over 9 tons of paper and 23,000 gallons of gas, avoided generation of 2,230 pounds of greenhouse gas and use of 177,000+ gallons of wastewater

Immediately enabled the State to pursue shared services model for statewide financial processing in 2012 as mandated by recent legislation intended to achieve further operational efficiencies

State of New Hampshire

Accounts payable, finance, audit, state agencies/divisions


Multi-touch, slow accounts payable processes

MHC Image Express™ and MHC Document Express™

Phased rollout began with a handful of state agencies; as of 2011 year-end, rollout covered 95% of State AP volume

42,000 invoices per-month

Decreased AP processing costs Increased visibility of payables Expedited payables processing timeline Reduced environmental impact

The solution paid for itself within 7 months


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