Optimizing Decision Making at Algoma with MHC Automation

Algoma Central Corporation chooses MHC Software to optimize decision-making across Finance and HR

A leader in dry-bulk and liquid bulk transportation, this Canadian shipping company owns and operates the largest Canadian flag fleet of dry-bulk carriers and product tankers operating on the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Waterway. Algoma also has interests in ocean dry-bulk and product tanker vessels operating in international markets and owns a diversified ship repair and steel fabricating facility serving customers in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence regions of Canada. In addition to shipping and repair services, Algoma owns and manages commercial real estate properties in several cities across Ontario. As a diversified company, Algoma Central Corporation operates out of many different locations.


Algoma needed help with consolidation efforts; their large number of offices made information-sharing  and invoice approvals very difficult

In addition, they needed electronic access to employee files to help centralize HR functionality and be less  dependent on physical file cabinets

 Algoma sought automated technology solutions designed to streamline information access


MHC Software delivered Infor Lawson-integrated document management through a combination of  MHC Image ExpressTM and MHC Document ExpressTM functionality

The company’s authorized finance and HR department users quickly and securely access documents  whenever they need them, improving document information visibility across locations

Invoice approvers are able to approve or reject invoices submitted for payment based on electronic  access to supporting documents

"The support we have received from MHC has been invaluable in getting these initiatives up and working. For the record, we would be very pleased to be a customer reference for MHC."


MHC and Algoma deployed the initial phase of MHC solutions within 60 days

Algoma has continued to expand the use of imaging and workflow functionality, integrated with Infor Lawson  and outside of the ERP, to support an increasing number of document types


Algoma HR resources can better support employees and focus on more important HR efforts  than paper-pushing activities

Finance and procurement resources can access the information they need electronically from wherever  they are without needing to contact someone to search for files in a cabinet in another city

The solution achieved cost savings for Algoma by reducing administrative costs associated with  document retrieval and increasing throughput

Algoma Central Corporation


Finance, Procurement, and Human Resources


Infor Lawson

• Had many offices, focused on consolidation efforts, yet information sharing and invoice approvals were a challenge
• Needed electronic access to employee files


MHC Image Express Infor Lawson-integrated document management, coupled with MHC Document Express

• Deployed MHC solutions within a 60-day time frame
• Continue to add new functional applications each quarter

• Adding 8,800 Finance documents monthly
• Adding 2,800 Procurement documents monthly • Adding 6,100 HR and Payroll documents monthly

• Easy document retrieval from many Infor Lawson forms, reducing administrative costs and increasing throughput
• Quick indexing of education, competency, certification review information, grievances, and disciplinary action documents
• Optimized decision-making across finance and HR functions

Project was paid for within the first year


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