Illinois School District Reduces Administrative Costs with MHC

Community Unit School District 300 Reduces Administrative Costs with MHC  Document Solutions

Community Unit School District 300 (CUSD300), located in Algonquin, IL, is a pre-K-12 school district with over twenty thousand students and over 1,300 teachers at 28 different schools. CUSD300’s mission is to ensure all students are college or career ready upon graduation.


Processes in Finance, Procurement, and HR were heavily paper-dependent, and space in the warehouse was scarce. CUSD300 concluded that their paper-based filing system was extremely cumbersome and time-consuming.

When CUSD300 implemented Infor Lawson as their new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, they needed a solution to customize business and employee-facing documents.

Delivering documents to employees was costly. CUSD300 wanted to provide materials to employees via secure, electronic self-service access.

In 2015, CUSD300 sought additional document output and self-service delivery solutions to meet the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements for 1095-C document distribution.


CUSD300 selected MHC Software’s full document management suite, including MHC Document Express, MHC Document Self-Service, and MHC Image Express.

All 3 MHC products seamlessly integrate to deliver complete document management: for example, customized pay stubs produced in MHC Document Express are automatically sent to MHC Document Self-Service and select scanned HR documents from MHC Image Express are automatically extracted and sent to MHC Document Self-Service.

CUSD300 utilizes MHC Document Express in Finance for AP check printing with positive pay, electronic payments, vendor agreement forms, and 1099 processing; in Procurement for purchase order processing via print, fax, and email; and in Payroll/Benefits for check/direct deposit processing with positive pay and W-2 and 1095-C processing.

CUSD300 uses MHC Document Self-Service to deliver several employee-specific documents electronically, such as customized pay stubs, W-2s, 1095-Cs, benefit statements, teacher certifications, and more.

CUSD300 uses MHC Image Express to image and store a wide variety of AP, finance, procurement, HR, PR, and student-related documents, all fully integrated with Infor Lawson.

"The implementation of document imaging has significantly improved the convoluted process of the past. With a couple of key strokes, I can accurately and expeditiously answer order questions for vendors or staff. Thanks for making the decision to go with MHC."


The full solution was implemented in phases over several years. CUSD300 contacted MHC as they saw a need for a new solution component.

Implementation time for each solution component varied, yet most were implemented in 30 days or less.


The solution seamlessly integrates with CUSD300’s Infor Lawson system and can be leveraged at all CUSD300 schools and offices.

CUSD300 enjoys the ability to extend the use of MHC Image Express in new departments without facing additional user-based licensing fees.

CUSD300 employees appreciate the ability to self-serve and retrieve their current and prior documents without needing to contact HR/Payroll. In contrast, the HR/Payroll enjoys spending less time answering phone calls and questions from employees.

CUSD300 saves paper distribution costs and eliminates document reprint costs.

The solution better secures documents and supports CUSD300’s green initiatives.


Community Unit School District 300


Accounts Payable, Warehouse Receiving and Procurement, Finance and Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources


Requisitions, Packing Slips, AP Invoices, AP and Payroll Checks, Purchase Orders, GL Journal Entries and Supporting Documents, Pay Stubs, Tax Documents (1099s, W-2s, 1095-Cs), Other Employee Documents


Infor Lawson


• Need for customized document output integrated with new ERP
• Cumbersome and time-consuming paper document storage
• The costly process to deliver documents to employees
• Information that was not easily accessible to people when needed


MHC Document Express, MHC Document Self-Service, and MHC Image Express document management solution suite


• Full solution was implemented in phases; timeline aligned with CUSD300’s need for each solution component
• Most components were implemented in less than 30 days


• Over 19,300 documents processed per month from 28 different schools and locations
• 4,300+ Finance and Procurement documents per month
• 13,000+ Human Resources/Payroll documents per month
• 2,000+ school and administrative documents per month


• All solutions integrate seamlessly with Infor Lawson
• Electronic document distribution saves time and document delivery costs
• Employees can self-serve, significantly reducing calls to HR/PR
• Instantaneous access to records directly through Infor Lawson simplifies auditing process
• Documents are more secure, and solutions support CUSD300’s green initiatives; systems can be leveraged at all CUSD300 schools and offices

Cost and time savings experienced daily with every day gains in information accessibility, paper, and print reduction and employee inquiry reductions.


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