University Medical Center goes paperless with MHC Automation

University/Medical Center Broadens Paperless Storage and Retrieval with MHC

A Midwest-based nonprofit provider of healthcare services and medical education has multiple urban and suburban locations.


Save precious office space and improve document access and storage security

Customer satisfaction with AP suffered

The growing student population created a crunch for office space and made file cabinet elimination imperative

In order to accommodate requests for information from other departments, Accounts Payable (AP) employees located on the seventh floor made numerous trips per day to retrieve paper files on the 13th floor. Time-consuming document retrieval not only impaired productivity but also resulted in lost and misfiled invoices


Image Express provides secure, authorized access to high-quality document images.

AP users scan invoices into Image Express; index values are retrieved from the data into their financial application. Authorized users in and outside of the AP Department can access what they need, whenever they need it. Documents are accessed through the financial system or with a web browser, and users say the image quality is often better than the original document. Initially, the organization used Image Express to eliminate work delays on both ends of a retrieval request for:

Invoices, Check Requisition, Purchase Orders, Expense Reports

Independent Contractor Forms

Signature Cards

W-9 Forms

Check Images (created from Document Express and linked back to original invoice)

"The use of Image Express is spreading throughout our organization - from AP to HR - as users experience how easy it is to work with. We installed Image Express in a third, separate part of the organization, and after only a couple of hours of training, users were up and running."

RESULTS: “If MHC delivers the software, it will work.”

The customer adds, “If there’s any kind of problem, MHC’s support is superb.” While Image Express generated a process change, it was smooth sailing after the first implementation. With the database already configured, the third implementation was completed in just a couple of hours.

It’s worked so well that HR now uses Image Express for storing and retrieving:

Employee Personnel Files

Employee Handbook

Benefit Enrollment Forms

Beneficiary Forms

Retirement Files (Pension Forms)

To retrieve specific document images, users enter the employee i.d. number associated with those images; the system retrieves all other document index values directly from the HR system. Authorized users can retrieve the images from either the HR/Payroll screens or through a web browser as a named user. In addition to paring data entry time, the system has significantly reduced misfiled paper documents. Next on the docket: invoice approval workflow automation.

Postscript: The university began using Document Express, another MHC product, in 2000 for automating the printing and distribution of accounts payable and payroll checks, purchase orders, W-2s, 1099s, benefit statements and patient reminder letters.


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