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Colorado School District Streamlines Operations with MHC

A Colorado School District Streamlines Document Management with MHC 

Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) educates more than 54,000 children and serves over 300,000 residents in 108 square miles that spread across eight municipalities in Colorado. CCSD has approximately 7,700 employees working across 7 high schools, 10 middle schools, 42 elementary schools, and 4 alternative schools.


With over 60 locations, CCSD struggled to keep core business functions both centralized and efficient; key problem areas included slow invoice approval processing and lack of tracking and accountability.

Excessive paper-pushing activities led to unmanageable amounts of paper file storage.

CCSD wanted to increase the visibility of its ERP-related documents to reduce excess paper shuffling.


CCSD selected MHC Software’s document management solution suite integrated with their ERP, including MHC Document Express, MHC Document Self-Service, and MHC Image Express. All 3 MHC products seamlessly integrate to deliver a comprehensive document management solution across the enterprise.

CCSD uses MHC Document Express for accounts payable and payroll check printing, purchase order printing and faxing, 1099 and 1095-C printing, positive pay formatting, and bank reconciliation.

CCSD employees access MHC Document Self-Service to retrieve pay stubs, W-2s, 1095-Cs, and other employee documents online.

CCSD uses MHC Image Express as an enterprise-wide solution for document imaging and electronic processing, with an emphasis on the documents in the procure-to-pay cycle. MHC Image Express Workflow processes CCSD invoice approvals and eForms for check requests, and MHC additionally supports GL journal entry images and integrated retrieval from Infor Lawson, Infor RQC, and external sources. 

"Having invoice/check images available to everyone saves us time that used to be put toward pulling the hardcopy paperwork, removing staples, copying or emailing, restapling and refiling -- especially with the Grant folks. They used to give us a list every month or so, and this took up about an hour per specialist to get them the information they needed. Now they get it themselves."


The full solution was implemented in phases over several years. CCSD prioritized projects by business value and contacted MHC to implement each additional solution component.

Implementation time for each solution component varied, yet most were implemented in 30 days or less.


Workflow automation reduced delays with invoice approvals and improved tracking, accountability, and turnaround time.

Document imaging reduced calls for information and requests for backup copies and eliminated the need to retain paper copies since all documents are stored and easily retrievable electronically.

MHC Document Self-Service reduced the volume of printed and mailed Advice of Deposit by 89% and W-2s by 62%.

Document imaging and workflow increased visibility into documents across the organization for employees and administrators alike.

Cherry Creek School District

Accounts Payable, Warehouse Receiving and Procurement, Finance and Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources

Requisitions, Packing Slips, AP Invoices, AP and Payroll Checks, Purchase Orders, GL Journal Entries and Supporting Documents, Pay Stubs, Tax Documents (1099s, W-2s, 1095-Cs), Other Employee Documents

Infor Lawson

• Surplus costs incurred through excessive paper-pushing activities
• Inefficient AP processing and lack of visibility into documents across the organization

• MHC Image Express document management with automated workflow and eForms
• Complemented by MHC Document Express and MHC Document Self-Service

• Full solution was implemented in phases; timeline aligned with CCSD’s need for each solution component
• Most components were implemented in less than 30 days

• 5,000 AP invoices per month
• 2,000 AP checks per month
• 1,325 packing lists per month
• 400 journal entries per month
• 5,000+ total employee files

• Reduced delays with invoice approvals
• Improved tracking, accountability and turnaround time for invoice approvals
• Increased visibility into documents across the organization
• Reduced calls for information and requests for copies in all areas by leveraging document imaging
• Eliminated the need to retain paper copies
• Self-service improved employee satisfaction while reducing the volume of printed and mailed Advice of Deposit by 89% and W-2s by 62%

Cost and time savings experienced daily with every day gains in information accessibility, document approval visibility, paper and print reduction and employee inquiry reductions.


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