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Why Automate Business Correspondences?

MHC Team     April 28th, 2020

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It’s expected that by 2023, there will be nearly 350 billion emails sent and received every day.

If emails are a large part of your business correspondence, you need to be able to send automated emails so your employees don’t have to waste valuable time typing out responses.

Keep reading to learn why and how you can send automated emails with easy-to-use automation tools.

Benefits of Automating Business Correspondence

There are a number of advantages to automating your business correspondence with clients and even with other businesses. The biggest advantage is that you’ll save money because of many of the items on this list.


Humans make mistakes. While some of these aren’t a huge deal, others can be costly. An easy way to eliminate as many of these human errors as possible is to take out the human part of the equation.

With automated correspondence, you can set up processes that will provide you with consistent results.

This can help you save money by avoiding potentially-expensive mistakes.


Something not many business owners think about is how transparent their business is. However, it’s important to make sure you’re holding your business to a high standard and allowing people to see exactly how you’re doing that.

When you automate your communication, the software tools in place track everything. This allows you to more easily show your customers how your business is working to meet their needs.


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There are many ways automated emails can help you and your employees save time. Then, you’ll have more time to devote to the more impactful tasks that will help your business grow.

One example of how you can automate communication to save time is by setting up pre-written responses to common questions. Then, instead of employees having to write out the same response every time they get that question, they can simply choose the right response from a drop-down menu.

Another way you can save time is by setting up filters that automatically direct incoming emails to the correct person. This eliminates those few seconds it takes for someone to do it manually which adds up quickly over the course of a day and so on.


Happy employees work harder and are less likely to quit and leave you needing to constantly replace personnel. There are numerous other reasons to keep your employees happy, including being able to save money on hiring.

That’s why improved employee satisfaction is considered a huge benefit of automating business communication. You want happy employees because they’re the backbone of your company.

The biggest way automation improves the moods of your employees is that it eliminates a number of mindless tasks that they previously had to do themselves. This frees them up to focus on what they were hired for. Ultimately, that means helping your business grow.


With better customer relationships, you can earn more money per customer, avoid losing customers, and gain new customers through positive word-of-mouth. Automated correspondence improves this relationship in a couple of ways.

The first way is through faster responses. In today’s fast-paced world, people expect instant gratification.

With pre-written responses and automatic email redirection, customers can get the answer they need in no time.

Many of these software programs also provide a way to personalize communication with each of your customers.

This allows them to get exactly what they want without any extra effort on your part.


Another important aspect of automation is that it provides additional data for you to use. Data is a way for you to measure the results you’re getting from the tools, systems, and processes you currently have in place.

When you can see how effective things are, this gives you a chance to figure out exactly what’s working for your business.

If you have one employee that has better results than others, you can look into how they do things to show others.

You can also find weak areas in your processes and look for ways to improve them.

Then, you can continue to monitor these things and make adjustments as needed until you’re getting the results you want.

How to Find the Best Automation Tools for Your Business Correspondence

Now let’s quickly go into some things you need to look for when finding the right customer communication management software for your business.

Integration Options

Unless you’re still in the planning phases, you already have some tools and applications that you use. The best tool for your business is one that brings all of those together with its numerous integration options.

This can also help make future decisions easy as to which software to add since you have a list of options that work with your communication management program.

Customer Communication Options

How does your customer prefer to be communicated with? You can make sure that each of your customers gets what they want because the right software makes it easy to customize each customer experience.

You may also need to switch the type of communication you use depending on what you’re sharing. For example, a simple correspondence can work well over email, but your customer may want a larger informational package in print form.

The right automation tool makes it as easy as the click of a button to send something via email or to a print shop to be snail-mailed out.


Carefully consider the other features you need and want for your business. Then, find a software program that offers all of them to you so you can use them to grow your business.

Need Help Sending Automated Emails?

Now you know why it’s so important to automate your business correspondence and have some ways to find the best tools to do just that. As you can see, it will help you and your employees save time so you can focus on more important tasks.

If you’re ready to start devoting more of your time to growing your business, contact us today. We’re standing by to help your organization on its path to success.

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