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What is Document Assembly Software and How Does it Work?

Ira Brooker     October 10th, 2022

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It can be a challenging conundrum for a business: your customers expect personalized content in their documents, but many organizations think of personalization as something that requires multiple human touch points. Without the help of document preparation software, putting together the many documents an organization needs can be a tedious process that creates plenty of chances for costly errors.

Just consider the ways document assembly solutions could make a difference in a few key industries. Banks assemble welcome kits on demand for new customers containing account information, starter checks and customized promotional materials. Insurance providers automatically generate policy renewal packets in batch containing policy declarations, insurance cards and regulatory information. Mortgage lenders assemble complex packages of regulated forms, legal documents and property descriptions.

Business leaders in these and many other industries face the challenge of automation, and a reliable document assembly system is a frequently overlooked option for streamlining the document creation process. Let’s take a closer look at how document assembly automation works, the challenges it can help resolve, and which document assembly tools are right for your organization.

How Does Document Assembly Software Work?

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Document assembly is one of several critical components of enterprise document automation software. A quality automated document assembly software solution should include elements such as template design, data integration, document generation, assembly, and final distribution to print and/or electronic channels. Whether your communications are intended for print, email, interactive online, PDF, or SMS delivery (or all of the above), individual components of document packages must be quickly and reliably assembled into cohesive customer communication.

What Are the Benefits of Using Document
Assembly Software?

Assembling high-volume document packages automatically is an important advancement for your company, and using this feature brings some important benefits. Here are just a few:

Set up Document Packages for Different Business Profiles

Each industry has its own document regulations. Aside from that, clients have specific preferences and requirements that must be considered when developing the assembly of. A document assembly software solution enables your company to meet all of these various requirements, and to develop different document kits for different business profiles.

Eliminates Human Error

Assembling document packages manually is a very demanding process for employees. By automating this process, documents are gathered and collated in a predefined workflow, which eliminates human error. This helps companies avoid negative customer experiences, as well as business setbacks caused by delivering incomplete documents.

Reduced Costs

Eliminating manual document processes improves employee efficiency, allowing them to spend performing other higher-value tasks. Automated assembly significantly reduces development time for high-volume document packages and provides a traceable and customizable development path. This solution optimizes business processes and reduces costs.

Save Time with Centralized Assembly

Most organization’s operations require processing multiple documents and assembling them into complex packages. Doing this manually takes up a lot of employees’ time; but automation accomplishes this goal in a few painless steps. A quality document assembly platform is scalable to the growth of your company.


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What Are the Main Features of Document Assembly?

Document assembly software leverages a set of key features that seamlessly aggregate multiple documents into a single package. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, business users build complex assemblies that are in line with industry, regulatory and client-specific requirements. MHC’s comprehensive solution includes user-friendly template design tools, standard APIs for data integration, the industry-leading high-volume document factory, a unique document assembly software module, and multi-channel distribution capabilities.

Delivered When, Where and How Required

Document assembly software allows users to generate, assemble and deliver customer communications according to individual preferences. Organizations can produce required document packages upon request, whether on-demand or in batch. That includes distributing final document assemblies to managed print queues, online html presentation layers, and PDF for storage or email distribution. Personalized document kits can be created in the language, tone and medium chosen by each customer.

Scalable for Changing Demands

An automated document assembly system provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability, allowing business users to render and assemble complex document packages while also supporting extremely high-volume generation requirements.  That makes it easy to design and automate documents that contain a single line of text, or one thousand pages or more, even for organizations that produce billions of communications each year.

Complex Workflows

Complex communication processes can be automated from initial design to generation, assembly and distribution. Document assembly software allows users to define participants, their roles and the workflow associated with customer communication management processes. Bring internal and external stakeholders together to efficiently design communications. Fully automate and orchestrate data collection and aggregation, redlining, review and approval processes, final assembly, distribution and post-delivery activities.

Automated Document Assembly

Automation allows users to render documents based on data gathered from a single source or a variety of sources and combine them with other documents and assets to generate complete packages. That simplifies the assembly of contracts, policies, new account packets, welcome packages, and other regularly needed documents. Finalizing the assembly of those sets and distributing them to print, PDF files, email and more becomes much more easy and efficient.

Controlled Compliance

Document preparation software allows users to establish review and approve workflows for automation and assembly output, guaranteeing proper oversight and compliance with corporate branding standards and regulatory requirements. Transactional review and approval paths can be automated based on user-defined criteria to achieve branding and regulatory compliance at a document-by-document level. Collaboration with internal and external partners as the document lifecycle dictates becomes a smooth and easy process.

Especially for enterprise businesses dealing in high volumes of documents, an automated document assembly system is a must-have to ensure that personalized documents reach your customers quickly, efficiently, and in full compliance with internal policies and industry regulations. Find out more about the ways MHC EngageCX, the industry’s most comprehensive document and CCM platform, can help transform your organization’s document assembly processes.


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