Five Stars Every time: Tips to Improve Customer Ratings

  Taylor Pettis    September 29th, 2020

How to Improve Customer Ratings

Have you ever looked at the customer rating section of your website and wondered why it’s so bare? Do your social media pages seem lackluster with just one or two reviews from your family and friends? How do you get great reviews from all the customers you serve every day?

Getting better customer ratings is a great way to grow your business and improve your reputation. Read on to learn how to get more and better customer reviews for your business.

Why Customer Ratings Are Important

There are several reasons your company should focus on improving your customer reviews.


Seeing positive reviews from previous customers gives future customers the confidence that they can rely on a good experience with your company.


When your current customers write reviews, it means they’re invested in your business and the ways it benefits their lives.


Even bad customer reviews can be extremely helpful. They can show you areas your company needs to focus on improving.


You can say wonderful things about your business all day long, but those opinions become more credible when they’re coming from outside sources.

Use Social Media

One of the best tools at your disposal for increasing customer ratings is social media. Nearly 70 percent of American adults are on Facebook, and another 37 percent are on Instagram. You need to meet your customers where they are, and social media is one of the most effective ways for you to do that.

Set up social media accounts and stay active engaging with your customers. When you get messages with questions or concerns, respond as promptly and completely as you can. And make sure your customers have places to leave reviews and ratings on your social media; the easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to do it.

Follow Up

When a customer makes a purchase from you, it’s a good idea to follow up and contact them soon after. They’re already invested enough in your company to spend money with you. Now is a great time to reach out to them and ask them to leave you a review.

Send an email to clients within a week or two after they make a purchase from you. Thank them for their purchase and ask them to rate your business and leave a review on your website or social media pages. You may even want to include a discount for their next purchase if they leave you a review or as a thank you.

Thank Positive Reviewers

When you do get positive reviews, it’s important to follow up on those. You want to make sure your customers feel good about leaving you a review. If they just post a review into the void and never hear anything back, they may be less motivated to give ratings on future purchases.

Reach out to customers who leave you positive reviews and thank them for the review. Tell them how much your company relies on customers like them. Also, let them know that if they have any questions or concerns in the future that your door is always open.

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Reach Out to Negative Reviewers

As much as we don’t like them, negative reviews can be every bit as helpful as positive ones. True, some of these reviews may be from unreasonable customers, or they may be about things you couldn’t help. But every one of these negative reviews is an opportunity for you to learn something and improve your customer experience the next time around.

When you get a negative rating or review, reach out to the reviewer and apologize for their bad experience. Ask what your company can do to make it right, and let them know that you hear their concerns and are working to address them. You may be able to turn an unfortunate experience into a loyal customer with the right care and attention after the fact.

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Provide Incentives

One of the best ways to get more customer ratings is to provide them with incentives to do so. Everyone loves the word “free,” so use that motivation to your advantage. Make the time they’re taking to leave the review worth it and get them telling their friends about your business.

Offer a discount on some of your products for people who leave reviews on your website or social media. Run a giveaway on Facebook or give everyone who leaves a review a free gift. You can even highlight customers who leave positive reviews on your social media to let them know how much you appreciate their loyalty.

Put Your Reviews Front and Center

Of course, all these efforts you’re making won’t do any good if your customers can’t figure out where to leave a review for your company. It can be tempting to bury your reviews on your website to prevent bad reviews from turning up on your home page. But in addition to making it harder for your customers to leave reviews, it also robs you of the power of the good reviews.

Put your customer reviews front and center on your web page, and make sure your social media pages have easily accessible review options. Your customers should never have to hunt for how to leave you a review. You may also want to add links to your review page in some of your emails and other marketing materials.

Discover How to Improve Your Customer Ratings

Customer feedback is crucial to growing your small business and improving its reputation. Knowing how to improve your customer ratings can help you draw in new customers, as well as keeping your current customers engaged. Stay involved on social media and communicate with your customers as much as possible.

If you’d like to learn how to keep your customers more engaged, check out the rest of our site at MHC. We provide a smart, modern solution for a better customer experience. Contact us today and discover a more effective way to engage with your customers.


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