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Designing Web Forms

5 Tips for Designing Effective Web Forms

Optimizing and creating responsive web forms can help your business thrive. Learn all about the components of forms, the top five tips for creating a great web form design, and why it all matters. (…)

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Automate Business Correspondence Illustration

Why Automate Business Correspondences?

It’s expected that by 2023, there will be nearly 350 billion emails sent and received every day. Keep reading to learn why and how you can send automated emails with easy-to-use automation tools. (…)

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Do Employees Fear Automation in the Workplace?

Researchers have found that 25% of jobs in the US are at high risk of automation, as 70% of the tasks involved can be carried out by machines. Stats like these beg the question, are workers afraid of automation in the workplace? (…)

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