Industry 4.0 Software: Everything You Need to Know

  Taylor Pettis    January 14th, 2020

industry 4.0 software

With the rise in smart objects, our options for keeping track of our lives has skyrocketed.

We can track how many steps we walk, where we spend the most money, what’s on our grocery list, and much more without ever lifting a finger. So, it makes sense that technology like that would start improving the manufacturing industry.

Industry 4.0 software is based around the idea that we are entering a fourth industrial revolution. This technology helps us perfect our automated manufacturing processes.

Read on to learn about Industry 4.0 software and how it could help you run a better business.

What Is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the idea that we’re in the middle of a fourth industrial revolution. The first Industrial Revolution began around 1760 with the rise of steam-powered machines and mass production.

People moved to work in factories instead of in fields.

Proponents of the Industry 4.0 concept say the second industrial revolution was when we began to use electricity and railways. The third industrial revolution came with the advent of computers when we moved to automating production and digitizing information.

And the fourth industrial revolution, which is beginning now, is when we will perfect that automation process.

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Foundational Technology Requirements

In order for us to enter this fourth industrial revolution, there were several key technologies that had to be developed.

Big data and analytics gave us the ability to make sense of the huge amounts of information we were generating.

Horizontal and vertical system integration helped us make sure no data was being kept from different divisions in a business. Autonomous robots made automated manufacturing possible, and simulations help us explore new possibilities without wasting resources.

Augmented reality helps us better interact with the machines around us, and additive manufacturing prevents companies from having to outsource certain processes.

The cloud gave us the ability to access the same information across multiple physical platforms. And cybersecurity helps us keep all that information and those processes safe from hackers.

Standardize Your Products

One of the biggest benefits Industry 4.0 software can offer is an ability to standardize your products. Not only will this help improve your customer experience, but it can also save you money on faulty products.

Let’s say, for instance, that you run a factory that assembles baby strollers.

There’s one nut on the stroller that, if it’s too loose, will cause a piece of the stroller to fall off. But if the nut is too tight, it could damage the material it’s tightened against. Industry 4.0 software can help you set up an automated process that tightens that nut down to the same pressure every time.

Monitor Cooling Systems

Keeping your cooling systems in good working order is crucial to running a safe factory. If even one of them fails, you could have a dangerous and costly fire on your hands. But monitoring them manually can raise your wage costs, reduce your productivity, and still leave you vulnerable to human error.

Industry 4.0 software can monitor your cooling systems for you.

You can set an acceptable temperature range, and the system will alert you if things get outside that range. You can also set up redundant sensors that prevent things like a thermometer failure from going unnoticed and causing problems.

Improve Tool Life

Maintaining and replacing tools is one of the major costs of manufacturing plants.

And while wear and tear is inevitable for machines, you can prevent some of it with ideal machine use conditions. Industry 4.0 can help make sure you’re using your machines in such a way that you get the best possible use out of them while extending their life as long as possible.

Let’s take machines that use cutting fluids; you have to use the right concentration of fluid to get the job done. But if those concentrations are too high, they can wear out the machine more quickly.

Monitoring your concentration over time can help you find and maintain the perfect concentration to improve your tool life.

Speed Up Your Problem Response Time

When there are problems in your manufacturing process, you want to find them and fix them as quickly as possible.

Letting them linger can reduce your efficiency and put your workers at greater risk of harm. But manually checking every area of your process for problems on a regular basis can be extremely time-consuming.

With Industry 4.0 software, you can set up sensors on almost any area of your manufacturing process.

These sensors will track regular operations and let you know if any measurement moves outside of the accepted parameters. This may require a fairly large up-front investment, but it can save you a lot of money in the long-term.

Improve Efficiency

The key to business success is to work as efficiently as possible. The less time and resources you can spend on something, the more products you can make and the more money you can put towards your profits. But finding the most efficient way to work hasn’t always been easy.

With the rise of Industry 4.0, it has become much easier to optimize your manufacturing process. Your sensors can help you determine where extra materials or energy is being used and eliminate that waste.

Even small adjustments can turn into major profits in the long run.

Learn More About Industry 4.0 Software

The advent of the fourth industrial revolution has brought on a wave of all-new manufacturing efficiency and safety. Using Industry 4.0 software, you can improve your customer experience, increase efficiency, and find and solve problems faster.

It requires some up-front investment, and the system is still improving, but it can be a great way to help your business grow and improve.

If you’d like to start discovering the benefits of Industry 4.0 software for yourself, check out the rest of our website at MHC.

We can help you keep your customers connected, engaged, and excited through the smart, modern solution for better customer experience. Give our solutions a try and see how much they can improve your business today.


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