8 Ways Document Workflow Automation Software Can Change Your Communications Process

Gina Armada and Ira Brooker    January 31st, 2024

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The days of businesses being run by reams of paper moving from desk to desk are mostly a memory. Today’s businesses and customers have more communication options available than ever before, to the extent that most organizations require a dedicated process to keep their document workflow system operating smoothly and quickly. As the numbers of data sources and delivery channels keep on multiplying, that job becomes more and more challenging without the assistance of document management workflow software. Read on to learn more about the challenges of document workflow management, as well as the benefits of upgrading to an automate software solution.

What Is Document Workflow Automation?

Document workflow automation is the process of using a software solution to manage the flow of documents and communications across a series of regular activities. The goal is to reduce or eliminate tedious or repetitive manual processes and human touch points that raise the risk of errors and delays, specifically in document workflows.

A document workflow is a system for managing how documents pass through your business. The process ensures that everyone who needs access to a document receives it, and also that the document is routed correctly and efficiently through your system. Automating that process using document workflow software makes it easier and faster to get each document created, approved by all the necessary stakeholders, and distributed to the correct audience.

Gina Armada Headshot“If your organization has multiple checks and balances regarding who should approve things, automated review and approval workflow capabilities are key. You can make sure before it actually gets distributed that it passes all reviews and approvals, and you can track the history of those approvals. Better yet, you have version control, so you can always see what was distributed when and what it included.”
Gina Armada, CEO of MHC Automation

6 Document Automation Software Features That Power Workflow Creation and Management

Things move fast in a modern business, and any solution that can save time, adapt quickly to changing conditions, and reduce human error is a major benefit. MHC is a leader in document workflow automation because of our focus on

Versatile Data Collection

Your business pulls data from many different kinds of documents, and MHC software works smoothly with all of them. Pull data automatically from websites, cloud databases, PDFs, xml, Word documents and other sources and integrate that information directly into your reports and documents.

Template overload can make your document workflow overly complicated, leading to costly slowdowns and confusion. MHC streamlines template management by maintaining assets such as document templates, logos, graphics in a centralized location, ensuring that your communications are accurate and consistent across all channels.

Simplified Review/Approve Processes

Manually routing documents for approval is a time-consuming and error-prone process. An automated document workflow makes sure that documents are routed to the proper person or department for all necessary reviews and approvals, with automated reminders to keep everyone up to speed and communications flowing smoothly.

MHC’s robust API pulls data from single or multiple sources, while our deep library of templates and content fragments allows your team to easily assemble complete packages. That speeds up and simplifies the process of finalizing and distributing contracts, legal documents, welcome kits, new account packets, and more.

Business User Configurability

For too many businesses, making changes in the document creation and distribution process requires assistance from the IT department. That can be costly and time-consuming. MHC software makes it easy for even less tech-savvy business users to manage templates and workflows and make changes as needed without getting IT involved.

Today’s communications are seldom distributed via a single channel. MHC’s document management workflow software allows your business to deliver documents via whatever channels your audience prefers — including email, SMS messaging, interactive forms, social media posts, fax, and physical mail — while maintaining consistent messaging and branding across all channels.

There are a lot of elements to the way your business approaches a document workflow, but your needs can be broken down into two main elements: creation and management. Let’s look more closely at the differences between the two.

Automated Document Workflow Creation

Creating documents is the first step in your workflow, and automation makes it much easier and more efficient. MHC’s document workflow software allows your team to assemble a workflow by adding each individual step to the document creation process, enabling you to build a flow that works best for your organization. Workflows can also be duplicated and edited as needed, allowing you to scale and adapt as your document needs change.

Automated Document Workflow Management

Managing documents is a challenge, but so is managing the management. MHC document workflow automation solutions offer overviews of all of your created workflows from a centralized dashboard. That provides deeper and more useful insights into your processes while allowing the flexibility to make updates and adjustments to keep up with your changing business needs.

8 Key Benefits of Using Document Workflow Automation

Clearly, managing document workflows for a busy organization requires a consistent and accurate solution. There are endless strong arguments for moving to an automated solution for managing document workflows. Here are eight of the strongest benefits businesses see after upgrading to workflow automation.

1. Fewer Document Processing Errors

More human touch points in your document assembly and distribution means more chances for human errors. Workflow automation solutions sharply reduce the risk of errors in data entry, routing, and distribution, helping keep your communications on time and issue-free.

2. Easier Scaling and More Flexibility

Your business needs change over time, and your workflow solution should too. The easy scalability of automated software lets you scale your document creation and distribution processes to meet shifting timelines and match changes in the volume of documents.

3. Simplified Creation of Complex Documents

Assembling documents using data pulled from multiple sources can be tricky. Automating your document workflow allows your team to pull from a library of reusable content fragments, making it easy to create personalized documents to meet your audience’s specific needs.

4. More Reliable Compliance

Creating and distributing business documents means following both internal policies and government regulations. An automated workflow system helps keep you in compliance by reducing errors, speeding up timelines, and establishing firm rules for your document workflow.

5. More Organizational Resiliency

A document workflow solution helps to futureproof your business with intuitive tools, resource back-ups, and automated tasks that can be performed by business users. That empowers your employees and reduces the need for training when your team brings on new hires.

6. Consistency Across Your Communication

With more data sources channels of communication, it becomes more difficult to manually ensure that your branding and messaging are consistent across all documents. Automation makes it easy to adapt documents across multiple channels without losing consistency.

7. Stronger System Security

A document management system that is spread across multiple tools raises the risk of sensitive data being misplaced, stolen, or otherwise misused. Workflow automation software consolidates data into a secure, cloud-based storage system with adjustable access rules.

8. Simplified Internal Process Management

Document workflow automation doesn’t only impact external communications. A document generation software solution also helps to streamline internal business processes, creating a more efficient and less time-consuming workflow for everyone involved.

Upgrade to Document Workflow Automation with MHC

The flexibility, intuitive design, and consistency of MHC document workflow automation software makes us an industry-leading provider for businesses of all sizes. The personalized touch of an MHC solution allows us to tailor a workflow automation solution to meet your organization’s specific needs. Just a few of the features that set MHC apart include:

Cloud-Based Security

By moving your document workflows to an automated, cloud-based system, your business can ensure that all sensitive information is stored securely and in compliance with all regulations and internal policies.

Scalable to Your Business Needs

Businesses seldom operate at the same volume all year round. As your business grows or your document volumes change, MHC software is built to scale and adapt to match the levels that serve your business best.

Easy Integration with Multiple Sources

Important data comes from many directions, and MHC software is designed to integrate with a wide range of data sources, including emails, PDFs, xml, Word documents, websites, cloud databases, and even scans of physical documents.

Dedicated Customer Support

When issues do arise, it’s good to know there’s someone in your corner. MHC offers trained support staff who are versed in the specific needs of your business to guide you through any problems, questions, or adjustments in your workflow automation system.

Schedule a Personalized Demo Today

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Gina Armada

Gina Armada is the Chief Executive Officer for MHC, offering over 24 years of experience leveraging technology to deliver business solutions and generate value for customers. Gina leads MHC in consistently delivering intelligent workflow and content automation solutions that organizations can rely upon to streamline their operations, optimize productivity, and increase engagement with customers. Gina worked at Accenture until she joined MHC in 2008, serving in multiple roles until she was named CEO in 2019. When Gina isn’t piloting the growth of MHC’s solutions and services, she is active in coaching youth sports and loves spending free time with family and friends.

Ira Brooker

Ira Brooker is a freelance writer and editor based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has been writing blogs and copy about software-as-a-service solutions for most of the past decade. Before exploring accounts payable and workflow solutions with MHC, he wrote about fields including cybersecurity, workforce management, online accessibility, audiology, retail sales, and much more. When he’s not doing business writing, he also indulges in writing fiction, journalism, arts criticism, and bar trivia.

Notice – Portions of this blog post were generated using Generative AI tools. Our writer has carefully fact-checked, edited, and added their own insights to ensure accuracy and a unique perspective.


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