The Biggest Challenges in High Volume Document Production and How to Solve Them with the Right Software

Ira Brooker     October 7th, 2022

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Your organization produces a lot of documents, but your needs don’t always stay the same from week to week. Mission-critical systems and processes across all industries require reliable document production software that instantly scales as business needs dictate. Those variable needs call for a document production system that keeps your output compliant and error-free, whatever your industry.

Insurance providers must generate policy and claim forms 24×7 upon policyholder request. Utilities and telecommunications providers require rapid rendering of bulk monthly invoices along with on-demand account management forms. Customers demand banks and wealth management firms generate large volumes of monthly and annual statements—on-time and error-free.

Airlines require immediate and 100% dependable production of flight plan documents. Effective manufacturing document generation can mean the difference between meeting or missing key production deadlines. These and many other highly competitive industries demand reliable,  automated document production processes.

Let’s take a closer look at the inner workings of high volume document generation, including some specific document production challenges and how a software solution can help your organization solve them.

How Does Document Production Work?

How Does Document Production Work

Document production with MHC solutions is one of several critical components of our modular document automation software, which includes template design, document production, assembly and distribution.  Business users, without costly IT involvement, first create document templates and workflows leveraging MHC’s intuitive visual design tool. The software then aggregates and transforms data from one or more sources, either on-demand or in pre-scheduled batch runs.

Potential data sources include packaged or proprietary business applications, customer portals, databases and XML streams. If required, users leverage an embedded form to compose personalized correspondence before rendering. MHC maps the complete data to one or more defined templates, then creates and distributes communications in a variety of document, email and/or mobile formats.

High Volume Document Production Challenges
and How to Solve Them with the Right Software

Companies across all industries depend on efficient document production. In sectors like insurance, banking, or telecommunications, the challenges associated with high-volume document generation can be overwhelming. Having a robust solution in place enables businesses to relieve these pain points, but also to save time and money in the process. Let’s look at some of the challenges mentioned above and how they are overcome with document production software from MHC:

1. Scalability

Businesses in all sectors experience spikes in document demand. For instance, electric utility companies produce a high volume of documents at the end of the month, when customer invoices go out. In a similar vein, banking institutions send out monthly account statements. In other industries, business leaders have to be ready to send mission-critical paperwork at any time.


Automated High-Volume Generation

To comply with spikes in document demand, companies need solutions that deliver efficient high-volume document production. MHC’s software leverages top-of-the-line resources that follow each document from concept to delivery, including the following steps: Template Design, Production, Assembly, and Distribution. This process assures scalable production that keeps up with the organization’s changing needs. Built for performance, it handles large-scale production requirements as well as lengthy and detailed documents.

2. Robust Reliability

When working with a large number of customers who depend on timely and reliable communications, having a high-volume document production system in place is paramount. Realizing that document operations are not up to speed during high demand periods is simply not an option because it greatly damages customer loyalty and long-term engagement.


Automated Document Production

Leverage MHC’s document production software to meet the unexpected, and consistently deliver high-quality, high-volume correspondences day after day. Consult with MHC experts to exceed internal expectations and engage customers with personalized, accurate, and context-appropriate communications in real-time. Build reliable customer experience with a next-gen document production solution.

3. High-Volume Assembly

Enterprise operations routinely involve high-volume document kits or packages, such as policies, contracts, welcome kits, procedure kits. Manual assembly, processing, and storage is not only tedious but also extremely time and cost consuming. This also opens companies to various issues generated by human error, which is almost inevitable when handling a large volume of documents.


Automated Document Assembly

With MHC’s high-volume document production system, all of these steps are performed on the fly and entirely free of human error. The system renders documents based on a single data source or multiple sources. From there, it combines these documents with other assets to create complete packages. Lastly, the packages may be printed, stored as PDFs, and/or distributed via email or SMS. Whether sending one line of text to customers or preparing packages that contain thousands of pages, MHC’s system always keeps up with the demand.

4. Cross-Communication Consistency

When processing high-volume documents manually, it is extremely difficult to be consistent across operations and to respect customer preferences. Some clients require documents in paper format exclusively, some focus on digital document production, while other customers may even request a hybrid format.


IT-Agnostic Document Production

To meet customer demands and provide them with a first-class personalized experience, all while maintaining a uniform brand appearance across all channels, companies need a high-volume document production system. MHC’s software automates each step of the document development process, allowing businesses to work with templates, which are managed and organized in consistent processes.

5. Autonomy and Flexibility

There is an immense strain on IT departments where technical personnel are the only ones capable of fine-tuning a high-volume batch of documents. Having these processes dependent on certain members of the team exposes companies to instances where they are not properly staffed or equipped to comply with demands.


Intuitive Workflow Management Tools

An intuitive high-volume document production software frees the company’s IT specialists for more pressing tasks and helps managers meet customer deadlines. Business users are free to make their own edits. They build and modify their own documents as needed, all working from within the same central asset repository. Then, the finalized documents are delivered to customers according to their individual preferences.

Efficient Document Production with Automation

Interacting with your customers is one of the most important elements of running a successful business. With the advanced functionality of MHC EngageCX, customer communications management and enterprise document generation have never been easier. Understand user preferences, customize communications accordingly, and deliver those communications to customers via their preferred channels or devices. Our user-friendly visual design tool offers an easy way to build memorable communications with your valuable customers.

GROW ALONG WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS:  Account for your customers’ unique needs by using EngageCX to craft and deliver documents prioritizing convenience and impact. Gain insight into behavior with customer journey mapping and analytics.

AGILITY IN DEVELOPMENT: EngageCX is proudly built in-house, giving us the ability to seamlessly maintain technology, resolve issues, and upgrade functionality without relying on third-party solutions.  


SELF-SERVICE FOR FLEXIBILITY: You want control over your processes. Without having to engage other parties to assist. EngageCX gives you the agency to easily build, manage, and maintain your communications on your own.

UNIQUE SOLUTIONS FOR UNIQUE NEEDS: No two customers are alike. EngageCX allows you to produce and deliver communications personalized for tone, language, channel, and other preferences. 

When it comes to enterprise organizations, being able to meet high document volume demands without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency is an essential part of doing business. Automating your high volume document generation with MHC reduces human touch points and keeps your processes agile, scalable, and compliant with all relevant regulations. Contact MHC today for a free demonstration of the many ways our high volume solutions can make your document production smoother, faster, and more reliable.


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