The Essential Guide to Digital Customer Engagement

  Taylor Pettis    September 3rd, 2020 

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It’s 2020 and we are living in the digital age. Is your company up to speed? 70% of businesses have a digital transformation plan in place. If you’re not one of them, you’re behind the times. Customer engagement has always been a key element of any business marketing strategy. 

However, the digital age has made it easier and more important to engage with customers in positive ways. Keep reading to learn more about how digital customer engagement is crucial for your business to succeed in the digital age.

How To Boost Digital Customer Engagement

Below are the most important aspects to consider if you want to improve digital customer engagement for your organization.


The first thing you should do is take a step back and imagine how your customer would have the ideal experience on your website and/or app. Viewing your business from your customers’ shoes will allow you to create the perfect touchpoints and optimize the user experience on your platform.

Consider how your customers navigate your website and app to identify areas for improvement and where you’ll have the best chance to engage with potential customers. Keep in mind that your website and app are often the most important elements of your business’s digital presence.

How your customers experience these digital properties will influence how they perceive your business. You must pay attention to every aspect of your website including UI, UX, messaging, and more.

Your goal should be to make users’ experiences as worry-free as possible while also delivering content that makes them want to stick around. You can achieve these goals by creating relevant, valuable content for your blog, personalizing customer touchpoints, and incentivizing users to visit your digital properties.

Your digital customer engagement levels will increase when users choose to spend more time on your web properties.

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We live in a digital age, and it’s imperative that your customers be able to communicate with your business in a digital way. Phone chat has been all but replaced by live chat features.

To boost digital customer engagement, You should be using a combination of live chat and bots to solve customer problems in real-time and direct customers around your website and app.


While email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, it is still one of the most effective.

Chances are, your business uses email to interact with customers in a variety of contexts. Here are just a few types of emails that your business should be sending current and future customers:

  • Welcome and sign up emails
  • Newsletters
  • New product and service launch emails
  • Surveys and feedback requests
  • Thank you emails
  • Business transactional emails
  • Recovery emails
  • Incentives

Don’t miss the opportunity to optimize your email marketing campaign to boost digital customer engagement. To this effect, there are several things you can do.

Make sure your emails are relevant and be sure to include titles subject lines that motivate readers to open your email. You can enhance the relevance of your campaign by sending out targeted emails.


SMS or text messaging is an easy and low-cost way to engage with customers. You can use text campaigns to send visual elements, respond to customer inquiries, send reminders, updates, and information about loyalty programs.


Social media is one of the most important platforms to consider when it comes to designing a digital marketing campaign. Social media is designed for interaction and engagement and businesses can take advantage of this.

Social media platforms also offer measurement tools to track your efforts. Find out more about how infographics can be helpful for customer engagement on social media.

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Web push notifications are emerging as a rapidly growing and very effective marketing channel, even seeing better results than email marketing.

With web push notifications, customers can opt-in to receive your content. You can use this form of marketing to show customers the value of your product or service as well as send updates, trends, and other resources.

You can use mobile push alerts to apply this concept to app users. Push notifications have proven to boost app engagement and customer retention.


Video has proven to be one of the most effective forms of engagement with online customers. Videos are easier to consume than text and provide value without seeming overly promotional.

Creating a Marketing Strategy That Focuses On The Individual

If you want to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level, you need to focus on the individual customer.

Technology has allowed businesses to create unique marketing plans that target customers as the individual humans that they are. Your 2020 digital customer engagement strategy must be based on this principle.

While designing your plan, you should focus on how to make each customer touchpoint an experience that makes users feel valued.

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Measuring Customer Engagement

How do you know if your digital customer engagement strategy is working?

Customer engagement is indicated by most marketing KPIs, but there are also some other metrics to consider. Here are some of the best ways to measure the performance of your customer relationship strategy:

  • Average time visitors are spending on your site or page
  • How often they are revisiting
  • How often they are purchasing/repeat purchasing
  • Social media interaction
  • Customer referrals
  • How many form fills you are getting
  • Open rates and click-through rates
  • User feedback/survey results

Getting results from your digital customer engagement strategy is not just about the design. You have to regularly review your results and brainstorm where you can make improvements.

If your current plan isn’t getting the results you want, something has to give.

Are You Ready To Boost Your Customer Engagement?

As a business owner in the digital age, you can’t afford to have a less than stellar digital customer engagement strategy. It’s more important than ever to have an edge on your competition, especially online.

Consumers know what they want and have developed high expectations when it comes to customer service and online experiences.

Creating and managing digital user experience and customer engagement strategies can be challenging for any business owner. That’s why so many have embraced the benefits of automation software to make sure things get done right.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you meet your business goals.


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