7 Benefits of Using an Electronic Document Distribution System

MHC Team     November 10th, 2020 

If you run a business, you may feel sometimes like you’re snowed under in paperwork. Trying to shuffle forms back and forth between departments can get confusing and chaotic. And security management becomes a nightmare.

The good news is, thanks to recent technological advancements, there’s a much simpler way to handle company documents.

An electronic document distribution system can help keep your company organized and efficient. Read on to learn more about what it is and what it can do for your business.

1. Save Money with Electronic Distribution

One of the biggest benefits of using an electronic document distribution system is that it can save your company money. When you’re sending your document through inefficient distribution channels, you’re losing company time. The more time you lose, the slower you are turning around projects, and the less money you can make.

Printing paper documentation can also get expensive in a hurry. For one thing, you have to pay for and maintain an office printer, as well as paying for paper and ink. You also have to pay for shredding, recycling, or other disposal services once the document is handled.

2. Lower Delivery Costs

When you’re working with paper documentation, you have to manage delivery costs. If you’re working with secure or legal documents, you may need to pay for secure courier services. These costs can add up, taking away from your bottom line, and hiking your service prices for your clients.

When you use electronic document distribution channels, you can eliminate postage costs, mailing supply costs, and courier services. As we’ll discuss more in a moment, high-quality document distribution systems offer great enough security to manage medical, legal, and other sensitive files. You can also avoid extra costs for fax lines if you’re still using those channels.


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3. Improve Information Access

Often when you’re working with an inefficient document distribution system, your team may not have access to the files they need when they need them. They may have to check with several team members to figure out where the document they need is. Then they may have to wait for the proper document to make its way over to them.

A high-quality electronic document distribution system can help give your team access to the documents they need when they need them. Many of these systems incorporate cloud storage systems that give the right people access to the files they need at any time. You can also limit access on these files to ensure only the appropriate people can see the information they need to.

4. Improve Your Work Environment

One of the best things you can invest in as an employer is your employees’ satisfaction. Trying to print off, shuffle around, find, and deliver files throughout your workday can get very frustrating. Over time, an inefficient document distribution workflow could begin to harm morale.

When you have an electronic document distribution system in place, your team can focus on doing what you hired them to do. For one thing, this will improve your efficiency, since more company time will be devoted to productive work, rather than routine work. But your staff will also be much happier being able to spend their time on the work you hired them to do, rather than dull paperwork.

5. Maintain Compliance

Depending on the type of business you run, you may need to maintain compliance with certain standards. And no matter what sort of business you run, you’ll need to be ready for an audit at any time. Trying to keep physical paperwork in audit-ready shape can be challenging, to say the least.

An electronic document distribution system can help you maintain compliance and stay prepared for an audit at any time. Many of these systems can automatically sort documents for you and have searchable functions. You can also create automatic digital trails for an auditor to follow, making your audit process as simple as the push of a button.

6. Go Green

These days, more and more of us are becoming aware that our resources are not endless and we have to care for our planet. Physical paperwork not only uses paper and ink, it also uses power both in its production and in its disposal. If you throw it away, rather than recycling it, it will sit in landfills for years.

Electronic document distribution channels don’t use any paper or ink, helping to save trees and prevent dangerous water pollution. They don’t risk adding anything to landfills, and they use much less power than paper production. This green initiative can help your company to lower your carbon footprint, keeping your company eco-friendly.

7. Improve Document Security

Document security is highly important for nearly every type of business, no matter what industry you’re in. If you work with customers, you have access to private information that needs to be protected. With traditional document management systems, your information is only as secure as your best locks and your most trustworthy employees.

An electronic document distribution system can help keep your important documents secure. You can restrict access within your organization so that only the appropriate parties can see certain documents. You can also set up additional security to prevent any data breaches, protecting both your company and your client.

Explore the Benefits of Electronic Document Distribution Systems

Handling paperwork is a central part of running any business, but the days of physical paperwork are long past. Instead, electronic document distribution channels provide secure, convenient, affordable management options. You can reduce your costs, improve your efficiency, and keep your employees happier with a secure electronic system.

If you’d like to discover more modern solutions for business management, check out the rest of our site at MHC. We provide the smart, modern solution for a better customer experience. Contact us today and start keeping your customers active, engaged, and excited about your company.

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