What Do You Need to Know About Document Generation Software?

Ira Brooker    June 17th, 2024

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You already know there’s more to generating business documents than just getting some words and images onto a page. Your documents need to be a reflection of the branding, tone, voice, and style that make your organization special. When you’re producing documents at a fast pace or high volume, though, keeping all of those elements consistent can be a real challenge. Read on to learn more about how an automated document generation software system can keep your messaging on target while simplifying your workflow.

What Is Automated Document Generation?

Document generation tools simplify the document creation process by automating many of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that might otherwise be performed manually. Tools such as optical character recognition (OCR), interactive web forms, and multi-platform data integration make it easy to automatically pull information from a wide range of sources. Customizable templates and reusable content fragments allow you to tailor your messaging to match your audience’s preferred language, tone, and communication channels. Configurable document generator software allows even non-technical business users to make changes without the help of IT. All of these features add up to a document generation system that moves faster and more accurately.

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How does document generation automation work? Take a look at some of the key features and functionalities that keep your documents flowing quickly, smoothly, and error-free.

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What is document generation software used for? Creating any kind of documents your organization needs to produce, at whatever volume you require, for whichever audience you need to reach. Just a few examples of the documents you can automate include:

Intelligent invoice capture tools like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and artificial intelligence (AI) ensure that every invoice is correctly formatted and compatible with your ERP.

A smart invoice system allows you to customize fields to meet the needs of specific customers and industries, populate fields to speed the process for returning customers, and calculate fees for transactions, refunds, and other frequently used fields.

Clearly highlight the distribution of financial assets by industry and location by adding interactive charts and graphics, clickable links, and other dynamic elements to your customer’s fund profiles.

With support for multiple languages, smooth integration with other processes and business systems, and much faster processing times, automation makes sure shipping labels are accurate and on time.

Automating functions such as data entry, report generation, and three-way matching makes it simple to create error-free bills of lading quickly and accurately, with visibility into every stage of the process.

Automated purchase order generation allows you to centralize your purchase orders and maintain consistent branding with standard templates or personalized documents for specific recipients.

Create easily personalized packing slip templates that keep branding assets like business logos, slogans, and graphics consistent while also catering to the needs and preferences of your customers.

Interactive forms and self-service options make it easy to populate insurance documents with accurate, up-to-date information that helps customers feel seen and engaged.

Easily personalize every EOB to match important patient data and payment information while maintaining consistent language, formatting, branding, and other key elements across all documents.

A library of customizable templates and reusable content fragments makes creating an after-visit summary smooth and speedy, while instant printing and omnichannel delivery allow frictionless delivery.

Automated data entry tools with optical character recognition (OCR) can import data from PDFs, Word documents, and other formats to quickly and accurately populate any legal contract.

Interactive tool allow your customers to sort, filter, and highlight important data in real-time, and to drill down for deep analysis. Generate PDF reports quickly and easily whenever you need them.

The Benefits of Using Document Generation Software

Not only does automated document generation software significantly speed up the process of creating business documents, it also greatly reduces the risk of human errors and compliance concerns. A document creation system that relies on outdated technology and manual handling of tasks simply cannot operate as efficiently or smoothly as an updated, automated solution. Automating document generation immediately makes your communications faster, more consistent, and more accurate. A few specific benefits of automation include:

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Automated, Error-Free Processes

Manual tasks such as data entry and routing approvals have multiple human touch points, each of which represents a chance for human error. An automated document generation solution instantly pulls data directly from multiple sources, eliminating the risk of simple mistakes and making any errors easy to correct.

Consistent Branding Across Communications

For a high-volume document generator, maintaining consistency with logos, messaging, and other key branding elements can be difficult when you’re producing documents for multiple audiences. Automating document generation ensures that all required branding appears consistently across all channels, platforms, and devices.

Reliable Regulatory Compliance

Businesses of all kinds need to stay aware of not only governmental regulations that impact their communications, but also industry standards and internal policies. By reducing human touch points and creating more consistent workflows, and providing visibility into your processes, automation cuts your risk of noncompliance.

More Impactful Documents

It can be hard to get your message heard in the crowded landscape of digital communications. Automated document generation tools make it easy to make an impact. Easy-to-use software and customizable templates allow even non tech-savvy users to generate documents tailored to the specific needs and goals of multiple audiences, and even individual customers.

Enhance Security

In many legacy systems, sensitive data and communications are spread across multiple solutions and platforms. In an era of rampant cybercrime and security threats, that piecemeal approach puts you at greater risk than an automated system that consolidates data in a secure, cloud-based environment.

Lower-cost Productivity

If your organization still relies largely on manual processes, your employees are likely spending a lot of time on repetitive, tedious tasks such as data entry. Automated document generation solutions take those tasks off of their plates, allowing them to focus on more engaging and productive work while also slashing the time and money spent on easily automated busywork.

Paperless Document Processing

Not only does an automated document generation system immediately reduce or eliminate your organization’s paper use, it also reduces the costs of purchasing and maintaining paper-based equipment such as printers, copiers, and shredders. Paperless document creation also frees up physical space required for storing and archiving paper documents.

Grow at Your Own Pace with a Scalable Solution

Your document generation needs don’t stay static throughout the year, and neither should your document generation solutions. An automated software system allows you to move seamlessly from smaller-volume jobs and custom documents to high-volume batch production. That makes it easy to stay up to speed with changing demands and customer needs.

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The Features Powering Document Generation Software

How does a document generation software solution really work? Let’s take a closer look at some of the automated features that power your document generation system and help your business stand apart from the competition.

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Versatile Data Integration

Pull data smoothly from PDFs, websites, databases, cloud storage, xml, and whatever resources your business regularly depends upon and integrate that data into your document and report templates.


Complex Document Rendering

A deep library of reusable content fragments combines with data pulled from a wide range of sources to make it quick and easy to assemble complex documents that meet your audience’s specific needs.

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A centralized repository of document templates keeps all of your graphics, logos, and branding assets consolidated in a single location, allowing you to use a single template to build out hundreds of document formats.

Workflow Process icon

Automation simplifies data collection, reviews and approvals, document assembly and other key processes, making even complicated workflows smooth and seamless from design to delivery.

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Automated document generation software uses API technology to pull data from nearly any source. That data can be smoothly integrated with other documents and communications, making it simple to create and distribute a wide range of documents.

Omnichannel Communications icon

An omnichannel solution allows your organization to distribute communications via any channels that your audiences prefer, while keeping your branding and messaging consistent across all platforms.

Large Scale Document Generation Icon

Document generation automation provides easy scalability that lets you move smoothly between high-volume batch document runs and smaller, on-demand jobs, allowing you to adapt seamlessly to changing needs.

Batch and On-Demand Communications icon

Responsive smart documents offer real-time visibility into your communications process, empowering customers to control their own experiences and find answers to their questions while reducing demands on your customer service team.

Experience the Difference with MHC's Document Generation Software

As you’ve seen, automated document generation tools offer a huge advantage over outdated manual processes. Automation allows you to generate documents much faster, with less risk of errors and compliance issues and greater flexibility to tailor communications to meet your audience’s specific needs and concerns. By reducing costs, engaging your employees, and scaling easily to changing demands, automated document generation software helps to future-proof your communications all around.

Ready to see what MHC’s document generation software systems can do for your organization? Contact us today to schedule a demonstration. Our in-house experts will be in touch to discuss your specific goals and needs and design a custom solution tailored to your business.


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