Document Creation Explained: How to Create, Send, and Store Documents In One Convenient Location

MHC Marketing    August 27th, 2019 

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Most businesses create and manage thousands, or even millions, of documents every year. With such a large volume of content, manual document creation is bound to result in human error along the way.

Why do something manually that technology can automate for you?

From creating and generating documents to the way you send and store them within your system, there is a better way to meet your needs.

Document creation software allows you to create, send, and store your documents from a central location.

Let’s look into the benefits of automated document creation, why your company should implement these practices today, and what you’ll achieve from doing so. Keep reading to make the most of your organization’s document management strategy.


The first thing to determine is what you expect your organization’s documents to achieve. For instance, are you designing documents for internal communication and records? Or are you creating a receipt template to give consumers?

Take the time to be clear about your goals when it comes to document creation. It is in your best interest to include your other team leaders and employees in those discussions. They might give you valuable insight to optimize workplace operations.

Use document templates to ease the creation workflow with the assembly features of document creation software, it’s easy to organize and manage those templates. That way, you and your employees have easy access to them.

Making The Case For Automated Document Creation Software 

First, let’s look into why automation is a necessary component of running a successful business. When it comes to managing the sheer number of documents within your company, doing so manually leaves room for human error. No one is perfect and mistakes happen.

That’s why document creation software helps you make fewer mistakes during document development. It also prevents mistakes in the way documents are sent and ensures the most up to date documents are available to your customers or workforce.

Picture this. You have a document that needed revisions. You made those revisions and emailed out the new version. However, the old one is still in circulation.

Over time, some people end up using the new document but others still reference the old one. Maybe they misplaced the email or didn’t save the new version. At any rate, email is not an effective way of managing your company’s documents. Emails are too easy to overlook and lose.

To stay ahead of any market competition, optimize workplace efficiency. Be willing to make your document development process more efficient in the future by using automated document creation, which can save your organization a ton of time.

This type of software gives complete control to the users. Need to send hundreds of documents in bulk? Document creation includes assembly, a feature that enables you to build complex document packages. Do you want to edit your customer estimate form to reflect the new year? Just use your document creation software producing documents has never been easier.


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The Benefits Of Automating Your Document Creation Process

By automating the way you create, review, approve and send your documents, you save your company the time and effort it takes to manually do this task.

By having a wealth of information at your fingertips, you’ll also get information to customers faster, meaning better service and happier customers. Another consideration to make if you currently use manual processes is what to do as your business grows. If you create and send out documents manually, when you acquire more customers or employees this will lead to burnout quickly.

An automated document creation system should be scalable enough to grow with your business. As your business expands, the system will adapt to accommodate your changing business needs. Or, if you experience seasonal changes and increases in demand, it will support those without the need for extra time and costs.


Rather than relying on email communications to send documents, a centralized location for your data will keep them in one place. It also makes revision control a part of the document management cycle.

You can keep other data, like logos and images, within the system so they’re easy to access.

By leveraging a document creation system to keep this information in a single location, you mitigate the risk of having multiple versions of the same document. You also avoid having those outdated documents distributed to the public or within your organization.

Look for a system that enables you to create document templates and keep them in a centralized location. These allow you to reduce the time it takes to draft new documents from scratch.

They also ensure that your documents are standardized, consistent, and align with the look and feel of your organization. Also, when changes happen, they are automatically updated across each document.


To simplify your document creation workflow, using templates is essential. These templates define the look and the data of the document. It takes branding, formatting (whether PDF, Word or other) templates for either electronic or paper, and other factors into consideration.

Some companies rely on the IT department for this task, but that takes time away from them accomplishing other time-sensitive, critical tasks within your organization. It also costs your business more money to have an in-house IT team to create new templates and then build them as needed.

Using document creation software makes it possible for the user to develop these templates without IT involvement, which frees this department up to do other tasks and eliminates the cost of IT involvement. You’ll save both time and money!

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Once you have your templates created, you want to make sure they comply with your operational standards. With a document creation system, you get an automated review and approval workflow, which ensures that all templates will go to all necessary parties for approval before the template is available for use.

To make this task easier, a checklist is beneficial for streamlining the process and ensuring that you miss nothing in the review and approval stages. 


Not only is the way you create and approve documents automated, but the way you send them is too.

You can use document creation software to run high-volume batch jobs to negate the need to individually send out these documents. Some examples of documents that can benefit from batch processing include invoices and company reports.

You can also send out documents on-demand as needed. For example, individual statements or customer quotes can be sent as needed when requested.

Find out more about Batch and On-Demand Communications


Perhaps the most significant tip to remember when creating documents is prioritizing UX. Whether it’s yourself, an employee, or a customer, the user of your document needs to have a clear objective. This goes hand-in-hand with not putting unnecessary elements in your business documents.

You might even invest in focus groups to determine a more thorough UX of your business’s communication strategy. Optimizing your business’s documents can help profit margins stay on track for continued growth. Make sure they’re the best versions they can be.

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As you’re determining what to include in your organization’s documents, be willing to ask for help. After all, your employees and customers will be using these documents, too.

When you’re ready to start thinking about creating or updating your document template, develop a small survey. Pass it out to employees or customers to gauge their preferences and frustrations when interacting with your business. In fact, this strategy can help foster genuine connectivity with your consumers.

In addition, your employees will appreciate the chance for their voices to be heard. Seeking their feedback can foster loyalty to your organization throughout the future. That employee loyalty, in the long run, is going to be an invaluable asset.

Is there room for improvement on any of your organization’s existing document templates? With a modern document creation solution, you can update those with just a few clicks of a button.

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Make The Best Of Document Creation Software

At this point in the article, you have a thorough understanding of document creation. You recognize the value of strategic communication on every level of the workplace.

In order to optimize productivity, your employees need sensible and effective document templates. That’s where a proper document creation software system can be of benefit. Your organization needs a way to store, manage, and design its documents with ease.

It’s also worthwhile to make sure your employees are well-trained in this document management system. That way, they can continue to help improve workplace productivity throughout the future.

Speaking of a modern document creation software system, we encourage you to browse through the rest of our website. On our blog, you’ll find the latest and greatest trends in the business enterprise software industry. To start, request a demo and try out our services for yourself!


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